The Best Cabin Tent You Need To Buy For Your Family This 2022

Best Cabin Tents

Do you love spending time outdoors with your family? Well, that's great! There are so many benefits of spending time outdoors with your family than you can ever imagine. It will not only help you create incredible summer memories with your family, but it will also help you truly connect with nature. Plus, you get to take a ton of Vitamin D which can be great for your health.


But before you take your phone and reserve a campsite, make sure you have a big shelter with you that can accommodate your entire family, like the best cabin tent. A cabin tent can provide you with enough space for a good night’s sleep and the right protection to make sure nothing will ruin your fun adventure.

And today in this post, I will be sharing with you my top picks of cabin tents so you can easily decide which is one is best for your needs. Please keep on reading below.

CORE 9P Instant Cabin Tent

Don’t you just hate it when you go camping with your family or a group of friends and the fun paused for a while just to pitch a number of tents, maybe four to five different ones, just for your entire group to have a temporary shelter? Well, that’s not going to be the case with CORE 9P Instant Cabin Tent.

This amazing tent can comfortably accommodate up to nine people. Isn’t this going to be a more exciting boding ahead, what do you think?

And the best part?

Despite its massive size, this tent will not take plenty of your time and effort to set up; you can just actually do it within minutes. Well, it will not be named ‘instant cabin tent’ just for nothing.

The design of this tent has also been well thought of. Since it is often used by bigger groups, it means the tent can easily get hot inside since there will be several warm bodies. So CORE made sure this will never happen by using breathable fabric so there will be excellent ventilation inside. Even the tent’s floor and its mesh windows guarantee proper air flow.

That’s not all, this tent also features H2O technology that makes sure the water will never penetrate the tent.


  • This tent has a massive size which is 14 feet by 9 feet
  • It features room dividers to give you the privacy you need
  • It is made of a breathable fabric
  • It’s a stable cabin tent that can withstand gusts of wind.


  • Its poles are not that sturdy; some customers even reported snapping of poles.
Coleman 8-Person Tent | Instant Family Tent

Here’s another tent that can accommodate your whole group. This tent allows eight people to comfortably sleep inside one tent. Its spacious interior is really pretty impressive that it can even fit two queen-sized airbeds.

This tent with six feet and seven-inch center height is actually composed of two separate rooms; you can use the first room for sleeping while the other one can serve as a common area. But what’s even great is that you can easily remove the divider in between the rooms and transform it into a single room tent.

And if you’re worried it might get warm inside the tent, don’t fret! Lack of ventilation is the less thing you’ll have to think about. The tent has two doors and as much as seven windows to make sure the tent is kept cool, especially during summer.

It also has pre-attached poles, so it will only take minutes set this tent up; all you have to do is to unfold the tent, extend the poles and keep it secured. And when the fun is over, you can easily fit the tent into its own carry bag.


  • It’s equipped with large doors so you can get in and out tent without difficulty
  • There are screens to its entry points so bugs will never get inside your tent
  • It comes in a waterproof design
  • You will not feel uncomfortably confined inside.


  • The tent pegs are not sturdy enough to withstand strong winds.
Eureka! Copper Canyon Three-Season Camping Tent

Eureka! Copper Canyon Tentk is available in 4-person, 6-person, 8-person, and 12-person capacity choices, you can choose one that will fit your whole family or group of friends. It’s a spacious and comfortable tent with a center point of seven feet tall that will allow tall people to walk around freely. And to give you the privacy you need, there's a roll-up divider, so you can make two rooms inside the tent.

It also has a durable construction, using steel and fiberglass frames combined with thick polyester walls making this tent weather and wind resistant. I also like that it comes with multiple storage pockets which allows you to keep your things organized inside your tent. You can also even hang your lightweight objects on the walls. There’s even a zippered power port that can be very handy so you can easily run a power cord and bring electricity into your tent.

This tent also has excellent water-resistant features. There are also big windows and the ceiling has upper ventilation. But here’s the catch, you will have to close the window when the rain pours and this can limit the air flow.


  • It has an easy and simple set up
  • It is made of sturdy materials
  • Mesh layers are added to its room for better air circulation
  • You can easily enter and get out of the tent
  • It has a durable construction.


  • It has thin floors that sharp objects might pierce into it
  • The zippers are a bit flimsy.
Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

There are plenty of campers all over the world that has been praising this two-room tent. It has enough space for six persons and the other variation could fit up to ten persons, making it perfect for large group camping adventures. This is one of the roomiest and most comfortable tents available. It’s standing at six feet and eight inches tall so there’s no need for your talk friends to hunch over while walking around.

The best feature of this tent is how it makes sure you are well protected. In addition to its rainfly, this tent features Coleman’s patented WeatherTec system that welded floors and inverted seams to make sure everything inside the tent will be kept dry. The frames are also windproof while the floors are waterproof, even its zipper was built with weather resistant material.

Pitching this tent is also relatively easy and straightforward; you will finish it in more or less 15 minutes and you can do it by yourself or with help by one of your friends. Once you're done setting it up, you'll love how it makes everything convenient. For instance, there's a hinged front door so you will not have any difficulty getting inside the tent and it has room divider that can provide extra privacy.

It will also less likely to get warm inside since there’s good airflow on its screed roof and big windows. It also has E-Port so you can conveniently run an extension cord and bring electrical power inside the tent.

But that's not all, there's a separated screened room where you can hang out without any bugs pestering you and to keep you protected against mosquitos. It can also serve as an extra sleeping area, especially during warmer nights.


  • It comes with a carry bag making it easy to transport
  • It features welded floor and inverted seams so the water will never penetrate the tent
  • There are plenty of pockets where you can keep your essentials
  • It can be installed within minutes.


  • There’s no floor on its outdoor lounging area.
Kodiak Canvas 12x9 Canvas Cabin Tent, Tan, One Size

Lastly, we have here a huge tent from Kodiak Canvas, which is a popular brand for being innovative and for providing excellent solutions in the field of camping. Kodiak Canvas 12x9 Canvas Cabin Tent, on the other hand, has been famous in the market for being a high-quality and sturdy tent, in addition to its efficient D-shape and its neat Tan color.

Kodiak Canvas used 100% cotton duct canvas for the tent’s single-wall construction which has been known for being a high-quality, water-repellent and breathable material. The canvas is even durable and reliable, it can definitely keep you protected against any harsh elements in the outdoors.

Moreover, this tent also offers perfect ventilation. There are huge side windows that offer plenty of ventilation. They also added a huge front door as well as an entry point on the side of the tent that does not only provide better airflow but also makes it convenient for you to get in and out of the tent.

So how about its durability? Well, this tent aces that too. It used rugged rubber floor so you don't have to worry about placing your tent under rocks or grounds with sharp branches. It also features welded corner braces that guarantee the tent will be long-lasting.

The ceiling of the tent is also 7.5 feet tall, which is the tallest among the tents in this list, making it a great tent for your tall friends. And when you want to enjoy the fresh air, you can place your chair under its small side awning.


  • The tent stays cool even during warmer weather
  • It’s a very tall tent with a height of 7.5 feet, the tallest in this list
  • Its equipped with a see-through screen that allows you to enjoy the view outside without any bugs bothering you
  • It has a heavy-duty floor.


  • Its installation process is not straightforward.

Best Cabin Tent Buying Guide You Shouldn’t Ignore

Best Cabin Tent Buying Guide You Shouldn’t Ignore

Being unprepared can make camping challenging, so make sure you read up some tips for camping with kids and you have a cabin tent that meets your requirements.

So I've listed down below some tips on how you can make sure you are investing in the best cabin tent.


First of all, you need to know the number of people the tent can comfortably accommodate. It should match the people you are planning to bring with you.

Take note that an individual requires 25 inches by 90 inches of floor space. Multiply this with the number of people in your group and that’s the space you need for your tent.


The more people inside the tent, the more it tends to get warmer. This is why it's very important for your tent to have proper airflow. So I highly recommend you choose a tent with a number of windows for better airflow and circulation.


It would also be best for your tent to have more than one entry and exit point so your group will not have any difficulty getting in and out of the tent. There should also be ample storage pockets so you can keep things organized.


Your tent should also be durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors. It should not be susceptible to rains and strong winds. It would also be best to choose a tent with screened doors and windows so you can have a bug-free experience in the wild.


So there you have it, the best cabin tent you will find in the market today. I hope this article will be able to help you find one that can keep up with you in creating wonderful memories with your family. You can also read my highly recommended waterproof tents that guarantees you will stay safe and dry outdoors.

If you still have any more questions, let me know in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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