The Best Marine Radio That Will Make Sure Of Your Safety In The Deep Sea

I guess you’ll agree with me when I say that the deep sea is a treacherous companion; so in addition to some safer sailing tips, it will also make sense that you bring with you whatever it is that can help you when you get on the water and this includes a marine radio.


It may not be a magical compass, but it’s definitely a useful tool that will help you communicate just in case there will be an emergency in the sea or any body of water. So for this article today, let me share with you some of the best marine radio you will find in the market. I also included a handy buyer's guide that will walk you through the important features that you need to consider.

If you want to know what made it to the list, then please keep on reading below.

Uniden MHS126 Handheld Submersible 2-Way 6W VHF Marine Radio. IPX8/JIS8 WaterProof, Floats for Easy Retrieval. All USA/International and Canadian Marine Channels. N.O.A.A. Weather Channels with Weather Alert.

This handheld marine radio cost only around $100 yet comes with incredible features that assure your safety while you're onboard. It's actually a high-quality radio that is extremely compact. It's also even very lightweight as it only weighs about 1.6 lbs.

It’s also a submersible device and comes in IPX8 and JIS8 rating, this means you will be able to submerge it up to five feet for up to 30 minutes. In addition to being submersible, it also comes in a floating design so it will not sink just in case you will accidentally drop it into the water’s surface.

Anyway, this radio will allow you to access all of the USA, Canadian and other international marine channels. It also features quick access to channel 9 or channel 16. Moreover, it will also provide you with all the NOAA weather channels so you will receive weather alerts just in case there will be a change in the weather condition in your vicinity.

But that's not all …..

This marine radio also has a variable output that allows you to improve its range. Other interesting features Uniden MHS126 are its capability to monitor two to three channels at the same time, battery-saving mode as well as a memory scan mode. It also has a light built into it that you can use as an emergency SOS strobe or as a flashlight in the even you will find yourself in a dark environment.

I also like that this radio uses a lithium-ion battery which can last up to 11 hours of usage. Plus, an AC adapter with charging cradle, DC charger along with accessory battery tray are already included on its package. You will also receive a belt clip and a strap.


  • It comes with a floating design
  • It’s a submersible unit with IPX8 and JIS8 rating
  • It gives you access to all USA, Canadian and other international marine channels
  • It has a huge LCD screen that makes everything easy to read.


  • The belt clip is a little flimsy.
ICOM IC-M93D Marine VHF Handheld Radio with GPS & DSC, 5W

This handheld devices comes belongs to the pricey department, but it offers more functionality such as GPS and DSC. There are actually so many reasons why I like ICOM IC-M93D Marine VHF Handheld Radio. For instance, it comes in an ultra-slim body, thanks to its flat keypad. As a result, it will just comfortably fit in your palm or you can just conveniently tuck it inside your pocket.

This marine radio is also very easy to use, it comes with huge 2.3-inch LCD that is highly visible along with a spontaneous user interface that comes with straightforward functionality. Another thing I like about this marine radio, is that it works with various channels like the USA, Canadian and other international channels, this also includes weather channels to keep you well-informed about the latest weather condition.

But what makes this marine radio stand out is that it comes with dedicated DSC receiver that allows you to listen on channel 70 at all times. In addition to that, you also have the choice to use dual up to triple channel watch. You can also set your favorite channels. It also helps that this radio comes with rear button so you can quickly make DSC distress calls.

And to make it more convenient, this radio comes with floating design. This means it will just float once it falls into the water’s surface. A flash function will even be activated so you can easily see it.


  • It comes with lithium-ion battery that delivers up to nine hours of operation
  • It’s a waterproof radio with IPX& rating, this means it can be submerge up to three feet of water
  • It comes with dual to triple watch function.


  • Its menu is a bit complicated to use.
Cobra MRHH350FLT Floating VHF Long Range Marine Radio, Tri-Watch, Burp Feature

This is a versatile marine radio that works as a long-range two-way radio and will allow you to enjoy loud and conversations at all times. Cobra MRHH350FLT is pretty powerful and is not only floatable but can also be submerged under water without its performance being affected. You can just press a button and it will create a loud noise so the water will be shot out of its speakers.

This is also a lightweight device, though it is not as compact as other models, you will not find difficulty handling this radio. There are still so many remarkable features this marine radio comes with. Like for instance its durable battery that can last long, especially if you’re using it at low output power.

Its microphone also has a noise-canceling feature. It's also possible to program a boundless number of channels which you can scan to learn about any conversations in progress. I also like how easy to use this radio, its LCD screen comes with a nice backlit. You will be able to see on its display the present weather condition, including the signal level and the weather alert icon.

And what’s even great is that all the important accessories you will likely need are already included on its package.


  • It comes with a floating design
  • It allows you to program boundless numbers of channels that you can scan later on
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • It provides weather alerts in the event of extreme weather condition
  • It offers great reception.


  • It’s bulkier compared to other models
  • It’s also not very user-friendly.
Uniden MHS75 Waterproof Handheld 2-Way VHF Marine Radio, Submersible, Selectable 1/2.5/5 Watt Transmit Power. All USA/International and Canadian Marine Channels - Color Black

Lastly, we have here an affordable handheld marine radio that comes with features you will normally find in most expensive and high-end models. For instance, this marine radio is not only waterproof but is also submersible. But that’s not all, it has comes with a floating design so you can quickly fish it out from water surface just in case you’ll accidentally drop it. Plus, its battery life is pretty impressive; it can last up to 12 hours.

Another interesting feature of Uniden MHS75 Waterproof Handheld 2-Way VHF Marine Radio is that Canadian, United States along with other international channels has already been pre-programed so you will always be updated of what's the latest marine activity out there.

This handheld marine radio also makes it possible to track of a maximum of two hailing or distress calls at the same time. There’s also a channel that makes it possible for you to be updated with the weather condition changes.

This radio is also rated with JIS8 and IPX8 standard, rest assured it will be able to survive being submerged under water for as long as 30 minutes. And just in case it will accidentally fall on deep water, you don’t have to fret as you will be able to easily fish it out as it will just float.


  • Clip-on charger, as well as Li-ON rechargeable battery, are included in the package
  • It’s built to be waterproof and comes in a floating design
  • It’s LCD display has a backlight so everything is easy to read
  • It has an impressive battery life that can last up to 12 hours.


  • It’s a little fragile so you will have to handle it carefully.
Standard Horizon GX1700W Standard Explorer GPS VHF Marine Radio - White

If you’re one fanatic of water adventures, then let me say you’ve just found the best friend you need to bring along with you to ensure your safety. This is the Standard Horizon GX1700W Standard Explorer GPS VHF Marine Radio and it will allow you to access to 12 channels on GPS that has been built into its front panel; this means you no longer have to link the GPS to the DSC through wiring.

I'm sure you'll also like its handy options that will allow you to enjoy switching position sharing, waypoint navigation to another and even up to 100 waypoints as well as DSC calling, plus you can even navigate to DSC and at the same time be able to make distress calls in the most hassle-free way.

Another thing I like about this radio is its ease of mounting. It can be mounted in whatever position you like. I also like its rear case which is very thin and compact enough; in fact, it only has almost half the depth of your regular marine radios.

This rear case design will give you the flexibility you need as an angler. It makes flush mounting possible, allowing you to save some dash space and giving you even more freedom to choose for a location you like to mount your radio.


  • The channel names are customizable
  • It has soft keys that are programmable too
  • It features all scanning functions like Priority Scan, Dual Watch, and Programmable Scan
  • It has a large LCD that measures three inches.


  • It has a compass-like display but it does not indicate the direction of the received signal.

Best Marine Radio: Buyer’s Guide

Best Marine Radio: Buyer’s Guide

But make sure you read this buyer's guide first before you go out and buy one. Let me walk you through some of the most important features you need to consider.

Power and Range

Both are important in making sure you will be able to transmit and receive signals that you'll need. The power output of your radio translates into the range it's capable to reach. This means the bigger the power output you have, the better range you will get.

Battery Life

What’s the use of long-range marine radio during emergencies if it has run out of power? So make sure you have enough battery life to meet your individual needs.

Waterproof and Floating Design

The thing with marine radio is that its usage involves being surrounded by a body of water. So what happens when you accidentally drop your marine radio while you’re on board? This is why you have to make that it is not just water resistant but waterproof instead.

It should have the best ratings which are the IPX7 as well as the IPX8 which can provide waterproofing of up to three feet depth of water. In addition to that, your marine radio should also come in floating design, this means it should only float on the water’s surface so you can easily fish it out when you drop it.

Weather Alerts

It should also come with NOAA weather alerts which is a nationwide service that will alert you in case there’s an extreme weather condition in your vicinity.


Whatever water adventure you’re planning to do, be it fishing, kayaking or a fun ride in the cruise ship, make sure you're equipped with the best marine radio. This is going to be the best and most reliable way to communicate and ask for assistance during an emergency.

Anyway, I hope this article will be able to guide you in purchasing the best device that will meet your requirements. If you still have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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