5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards Of 2022

best stand up paddle board

The smaller the watercraft is, the better.

It seems that this is the most prevalent thinking these days. While it is true that having a motor-operated, fully-complete boat is indeed a dream of many, there's still a lot who don't mind if they only have a kayak or stand up paddleboard. For them, these vessels are as good and fun as those standard vessels.


Speaking of, I know that most of you here are interested in getting the best stand up paddle board. It has a simple design, yet it is indeed enjoyable to ride, especially if you are looking for a thrill. For the most part, investing in these paddle boards are not that difficult thing to do. Aside from being simple, they are not that costly either. Of course, these SUPs can also be used for other applications such as fishing.

In here, I will show you some of the most exceptional SUPs that you can get today. Check them and see why they are hailed the best!

TOWER Inflatable 10’4” Stand Up Paddle Board - (6 Inches Thick) - Universal SUP Wide Stance - Premium SUP Bundle (Pump & Adjustable Paddle Included) - Non-Slip Deck - Youth and Adult

The toughness and ergonomics of the TOWER Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is one of the reasons why it is a favorite of many SUP enthusiasts. With a length of 10 feet and width of 32 inches, there's no doubt that this inflatable SUP can handle all types of paddlers out there. Stability and balance are among its key features. Based on my experience with this SUP, standing and moving around on its deck is not a problem.

Maneuverability is also one of the things that you can appreciate about the TOWER Inflatable SUP. There is a large fin attached to the bottom of the boat, which allows it to possess exceptional speed, steering, and handling. Because of these perks, anyone can use this SUP. From experienced paddlers down to the children, the TOWER Stand Up Paddle will always remain suitable.

When it comes to construction, you can rely on this SUP. It is made from a military-grade PVC, which is almost impervious to punctures and tears. Meanwhile, the Drop-Stitch design employed on this paddleboard further optimizes its durability. You'll never see any cracks and dings on the board. Essentially, the usability of this SUP is one of the reasons why getting in for your next water adventure is a good idea.


  • Made to be durable; can remain rigid regardless of the external conditions
  • Offers impressive levels of maneuverability and handling
  • Ideal for both amateurs and advanced paddlers
  • Spacious and slip-proof deck
  • Possesses stability and balance.


  • No known issues.
SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) with Premium SUP Accessories & Carry Bag | Wide Stance, Bottom Fin for Paddling, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck | Youth & Adult Standing Boat

The SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is considered as one of the finest SUPs these days. Despite having an inflatable construction, this item is downright rugged and durable. You can take it on oceans, rivers, and lakes without the fear that it will get punctured. The base of this SUP is 30 inches wide, which makes it extremely spacious and well-balanced. It can guarantee you of its utmost stability. Meanwhile, the length of this kayak is 10 feet long.

When it comes to maneuverability, there's nothing bad I can say about this inflatable stand-up paddleboard. It has a bottom that features triple panel fins. The latter enables this SUP to glide and swerve efficiently. The fins also improved its speed and steer. Even if you are new to the use of these paddleboards, you can expect that this unit will never make you feel burdened.

Don't worry about slipping out from this SUP. The surface has a non-slip coating so that even if it is wet, you will never slide out from its deck. It lessens the chances of falling, drowning, or other forms of accidents. It is one of the reasons why I can definitely recommend this SUP to children and amateurs. And since it has an inflatable construction, its portability should never be doubted. Deflate it, and you can just store it in a compact storage bag.


  • Provides stability and balance to its users
  • Highly spacious deck so you will not feel too cramped
  • Surprisingly durable and rugged
  • Offers superior maneuverability and speed
  • Can be used in different water applications.


  • Doesn't offer quick inflation.
Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Stand up Paddle Board Kit

You don't need to spend too much just to get an extraordinary paddleboard. Even in the entry-level market, you can always find a fantastic SUP. While finding is difficult, the process is still worthwhile.

After all, getting an affordable yet exceptional SUP is something that you can't experience every day. Fortunately, I stumbled on such kind of treasure. Of course, it is in the form of the Vilano Journey.

The Vilano Journey has all features to satisfy its users. The durability and rigidity of this inflatable boat is quite similar to hard boards. It is ultra-tough and can resist damage caused by the elements. The combination of the Korean Drop-Stitch and military-grade PVC proves that this SUP is built to last. It is a high-quality investment that will give valuable returns.

When it comes to stability, the Vilano does not lag in the competition. The wide base and lengthy body ensure that you can stand on it. Whether the waters are choppy or calm, this paddleboard can navigate them all. This SUP is also portable. Once deflated, it becomes so compact that you can place it anywhere your vehicle. Other ergonomic features like extra accessories and bungee cords for storage are included in this unit.


  • Can be transported easily because of its inflatable and compact construction
  • Built to last long
  • Comes with diamond grooves on its deck to provide traction
  • Accessories like D-rings and bungee cords are included in the setup
  • Offers a decent level of maneuverability and stability.


  • The pump that comes with it is quite horrible.
ISLE Explorer | Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board | 6” Thick iSUP and Bundle Accessory Pack | Durable and Lightweight | Stable Wide Stance | Up to 300 lb Capacity

The ISLE Explorer is designed to tackle all water conditions. It is suitable for adventurers who are seeking for thrill, excitement, or simply leisure. It has a wide and long body, which ensures that it can support different users with ease. It is extremely stable, but it can go fast speed. The nose of the paddleboard is pointed, which means that it can traverse great distances effortlessly.

You don't need to become an expert paddler before you can maximize the use of the ISLE Explorer. It features, and ergonomics are pretty straightforward. Once the kayak has been inflated, you can already take it on the water for some paddling session.

The construction of this SUP features the use of a military-grade PVC. It has exceptional structural strength and durability. You can take it on rocky coastlines and rivers without worrying that it will get damaged.

Keep in mind that the ISLE Explorer has a thickness of around 6 inches. It is a useful design in keeping your gears and goods dry while you are floating in the water. Surely, the buoyancy of this paddleboard has impressed me. Even if it is carrying head loads, it doesn't sink too much in the water. Bungee systems are present on the front and back of the SUP. These are the areas where you can store all the amenities that you need.


  • Offers impressive buoyancy even when lifting heavy loads
  • Durable and rugged construction; built to last long
  • Can travel on high speeds, especially if you are good in handling SUPs already
  • Comes with ample deck space for storage
  • Highly stable across different weather and water conditions.


  • No known issues.
THURSO SURF Waterwalker All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP 10'/10'6/11' Two Layer Deluxe Package Includes Carbon Shaft Paddle/2+1 Quick Lock Fins/Leash/Pump/Roller Backpack

The Waterwalker of the THURSO SURF is definitely an excellent option to try, especially if you are looking for an ergonomically designed paddleboard. What you can get from this unit is a myriad of features that can make paddling a lot of fun and convenient.

Based on its design, it is essential to highlight that this item showcases the combination of the modern touring board and the traditional all-rounder. Therefore, if you are looking for versatility, this SUP is the perfect choice for you.

Stability and tracking are two things that you should expect from this paddleboard. It can provide impressive balance and buoyancy for anglers. Even if you stand and move around, the board will never feel that it is going to topple you. It is great for beginners and professional paddlers because of its simplicity. Meanwhile, there are fins on the bottom of this SUP that improves its maneuverability and handling.

You can free yourself from worrying that this paddleboard is not tough. Right from the start, this unit is considered to be one of the toughest inflatable SUPs in the market today. It offers a double layer construction with the inclusion of a military-grade PVC coating on the sides and deck.

Furthermore, the tarpaulin deck has two layers of PVC coating that has been bonded with a Drop-Stitch core. This complex design ensures that this SUP will not wear, tear, or get punctured.


  • Provides excellent stability and tracking
  • Ensures durability and material strength on its construction
  • Comes with a myriad of accessories for a better paddling experience
  • Capable of lifting heavy loads without losing its buoyancy
  • Offers generous deck space.


  • You need to pump hard so that you can inflate it fully.

How To Choose the Best Stand Up Paddle Board

How To Choose the Best Stand Up Paddle Board

The art of choosing the best SUP is just the same as selecting the best touring kayak or best kayak for kids. Extensive consideration has to be done to ensure that you can get the right one for your needs. Of course, the process sounds easy at first. But once you are selecting already, you'll realize that it is quite exhausting. There are hundreds of paddle boards out there. It is quite easy to get confused.

Surely, getting the best from the start is possible. And I do recommend that all of you should gun for that. You don't want to waste your money and time in a paddleboard that has poor qualities.

Here are some of the essential considerations whenever you are choosing for a stand-up paddleboard.


The hull, or the body of the SUP, is quite important for every paddleboard out there. Explicitly, it can indicate how a SUP can perform when it is already in the water. A majority of these paddle boards have displacement hulls or planing hull. However, you can always spot some hybrids out there. Keep in mind that the shape of the hull is always an important factor that you need to keep an eye.

  • The planing hull is substantially flat and broad. It is akin to the shape of a surfboard. The design of this hull is for it to ride on the surface of the water without breaking too much surface tension. Ideally, a good planing hull should be able to provide a SUP with maximum maneuverability. When it comes to application, the planing hull is perfect for leisure, surfing, whitewater, and even SUP yoga.
  • Meanwhile, a displacement hull is quite the opposite of a planing hull. This one has a pointed nose on its front. This design is quite similar to canoes and kayaks. With this construction, the SUP can easily cut through the water--slicing it to the sides so that the vessel can move effortlessly. In short, when it comes to speed and tracking, SUPs with displacement hull is an excellent choice. However, a displacement hull has already sacrificed its maneuverability because of its given length.

You can use a SUP with such kind of hull for fitness paddling, racing, and touring.

Is it your first time to ride on a paddle board? Here is a quick guide on how you can navigate it:

Solid or Inflatable

While it is true that all of the SUPs that I have featured here are inflatable, it is essential that you know its striking differences between a solid unit. In this way, you can decide if having a solid SUP or inflatable SUP will work best for you.

Solid SUP

Solid SUPs are typically crafted from different materials. However, the basic includes an EPS foam as its core. The core is then wrapped with epoxy and fiberglass. Despite being tough, these solid SUPs are surprisingly lightweight.

  • The performance of a solid SUP is definitely unquestionable. They can travel fast and smoothly when they are on the water. Perhaps this is the slight advantage that solid SUPs hold over their inflatable counterparts. If you really want to paddle fast, then you must get a solid unit.
  • The shape of these solid SUPs are defined and distinct as well. Since there's no need for you to inflate them first, you can already see their form. Of course, such will help you determine if the paddleboard is good for you or not.
  • Furthermore, solid SUPs are highly stable. I am not saying that inflatable SUPs are flimsy and wobbly. In fact, based on the units that I featured here, I can easily say that they match the stability of most solid paddle boards out there. However, the rigidity of solid SUPs guarantees that they will never trip you over.
Inflatable SUPs

An inflatable SUP is tailored through the use of PVC exteriors. Often, the construction of these iSUPs features the drop-stitch mechanism. The latter allows the creation of an air core. Unlike solid SUPs, you need to do some pumping before you can use these inflatables. Fortunately, this little work is compensated by its portability. Once deflated, these inflatables can be folded compactly. You don't need to worry about their storage.

Bottom Line

Having the best stand up paddle board is quite a convenient thing, considering that it can provide instant enjoyment in the waters. Unlike boats and kayaks, these SUPs can be deployed immediately. They are not that difficult to transport, too, especially if you are using an inflatable unit. With them around, exploring any bodies of water would really be fun!

That's it for now. If you have questions about SUPs, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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