The Best Trolling Motor Battery Of 2022: A Simple Buyer’s Guide

A trolling motor is something that you have to prefer if you want your boat to have a smooth and peaceful glide. They are not the main source of propulsion but definitely, it helps eliminate the typical drag that is present on outboard motors.

We can all agree on the fact that a trolling motor is a significant upgrade for your boat engine. But at the same time, all of us should realize that the best trolling motor battery is also a necessary component that we have to look upon.


You see, if you are using an electric trolling motor, a powerful and long-lasting battery should come into play. Otherwise, you won't be able to use the trolling motor for extended periods. For those who are using fishing kayaks or recreational kayaks would require the service of enduring power sources.

In this particular guide, I will show to you some of the most optimal choices you have for the top-rated trolling motor batteries. Let's get started!

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Right from the start, the Deep Cycle Marine Battery is the very option that I want to introduce to your first. This particular battery is all-powerful. It can run your trolling motor for extended periods without even failing. It also comes with a reserved lifespan of 120 minutes so that it would really serve your purpose.

This battery is rated at 12 volts with 750 cold cranking amps. It can provide consistent power regardless of any condition. It can start even amidst bad weather conditions. You don't have to worry of this battery got soaked in the water. Thanks to its fully sealed design, any elements can't get inside it. Of course, you can always expect the durability of this rig.

The battery also provides resistance to vibration and impact. Even if the water gets rocky, you can guarantee that the battery won't succumb to any damages. Furthermore, you can mount this battery on any position.


  • Highly rugged and durable design
  • Operates even in unfavorable weather conditions
  • Outer shell prevents water from coming in
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long-lasting performance.


  • No known issues.
VMAXTANKS MR107-85 12V 85AH Marine AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery ideal for boats and 30lb-55lb thrust Minn Kota, Newport Vessels, Cobra, Sevylor and other trolling motors. BCI Group 24

The VMAXTANKS MR107-85 is a high-powered battery. This one can support large trolling motors for extended periods. It has a long lifespan and doesn't succumb to the potential damages that can be caused by water. The tank-like shell of this battery ensures that all the internal components of the battery are safe from harm. You will be impressed by its durability.

The performance of the VMAXTANKS MR107-85 is unquestionable as well. It has an electrolyte suspension system that integrates the absorbent matt technology (AGM) system. With the combination of these two, electrolytes are effectively contained--leaving no waste. Moreover, it ensures that no silica and other residues will be discharged that can cause harm to you and your surroundings.

This battery also features heavy-duty lead-tin alloys on its construction. It enables an extra mile of service and performance to the battery regardless if you are going to use it on cyclic and float applications. Moreover, its functionality still persists even after multiple discharges.


  • Maintenance-free performance
  • Lifespan is rated to reach up to ten years
  • Rugged and waterproof construction
  • Resistant to shock and vibrations
  • An ideal choice in powering large trolling motors.


  • Heavy and bulky.
Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery - DCM0035 replacement battery

If you are looking for an option that doesn't break your bank account, you should check out this Interstate battery. One of the most notable features that you can find this battery is its compact size. Not all boats and motors require a large battery. Therefore, this battery should work on these particular applications. Furthermore, this 35Ah battery is capable of delivering constant performance and is even capable of lasting for an entire day.

Just like the VMAX battery, the Interstate DCM0035 features the inclusion of absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology. It strengthens its construction at the same time, improves its overall performance. It can also charge quicker than most of its counterparts. This could be understandable due to the small capacity of this battery. Of course, the battery ensures that it requires no or little maintenance. Once installed on your boat, you can just leave it be.


  • Can be mounted at different angles in the boat
  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Comes with a thick and rugged plastic case
  • Features the AGM technology to eliminate maintenance
  • Fast-charging battery.


  • Doesn't have the power to operate larger trolling motors.
VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Battery for boats and 40-100lb minn kota, minnkota, cobra, sevylor and other trolling motor (12V 100AH, GROUP 27 Marine Deep Cycle AGM Battery)

Another splendid option that you can take for a trolling motor battery is the VMAX MR127. This particular battery, aside from being durable, is also proven to work on bad conditions. It also offers a maintenance-free performance, which should give you lessen your downtime and boating expenditures. This battery has 12-volt 100Ah rating for guaranteed compatibility and longevity of its operation.

The quality of this battery lies in the innovative design of its plates. There are special treatments that have been induced while the battery is being constructed. As a result, it gained extra strength and reliability that exceeds the plates that are being used on other marine batteries. It also uses the proprietary Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) in between the plates to enhance the flow of electricity. At the same time, it also improved the resistance of the VMAX MR127 on vibrations and impacts.

It has been noted as well that the AGM absorbs the electrolyte residues of the battery. Therefore, it can be concluded that this option poses no hazards and spills.


  • Offers clean and residue-free output
  • Optimizes the flow of electricity without compromising its lifespan
  • Sealed in a tight tank for guaranteed durability
  • Capable of recovering after deep discharges
  • Maintenance-free.


  • No known issues.
Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery UB121000 Group 27

You should not also discard the quality of the UB121000 Deep Cycle battery. It is one of the batteries that I have tried in various trolling motors that didn't fail to impress me. The construction of this battery is rugged and simple. There are not quirky installation methods required before it starts working. It can be mounted easily, too, thanks to its "regulated" size. I can say that it is lighter than many other deep cycle marine batteries.

This battery is also maintenance-free. It doesn't spill any residues, which is something that we want for our batteries. Meanwhile, the charging time of this unit is somehow speedy. It is still an efficient deep cycle battery contrary to what other people are saying. Once this battery runs, it can give you a sense of confidence that it will never surrender while you are aboard your boat.


  • Features a simple installation on boats
  • Drastically reduced discharges
  • Perfect for operating mid-size and small-size trolling motors
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Rugged construction.


  • Lifespan is not that great.

Deep Cycle Batteries and Dual Purpose Batteries: Which Should You Use For Your Trolling Motor?

Deep Cycle Batteries and Dual Purpose Batteries: Which Should You Use For Your Trolling Motor?

One of the qualifications in choosing the best trolling motor battery is consistency. Specifically, the power source that you should get can perform continuously. It is necessary since the trolling motor won't operate if there's no electricity nearby. On applications like boating and fishing, such a requirement proves to be pivotal.

There are two options that you can take here: deep cycle batteries and dual-purpose batteries. Both of these two power sources are designed to discharge a portion of their overall capacity the more you use them. It is quite the opposite of a starting battery, which only discharges once. This feature is ideal for starting car engines but not for powering trolling motors.

Dual Purpose Battery

A dual-purpose battery can be used for deep cycling and starting. That's the very root of its name. It can be used for various land and marine engines without any problems. Moreover, it can also operate a variety of 12-volt devices.

The performance of a dual-purpose battery is relatively decent. But you cannot expect that they can match those batteries that are meant for cranking or deep cycling alone. There are no compromises taken in the construction of these batteries, which makes them impeccable. However, if you just want to get a single battery to operate outboard motors, inboard motors, and trolling motors, a dual-purpose battery should be a good choice.

Deep Cycle Battery

On the flipside, a deep cycle battery has a specific role and ergonomics. Just like what I have mentioned, they will discharge their capacity gradually after continuous usage. Because of this nature, it is already a given that they can last longer compared to dual-purpose batteries. Even if these two are both used to power a trolling motor, you will realize that a deep cycle battery can outlast a dual purpose battery.

Therefore, a deep cycle battery is a highly recommended option if you are just going to power your trolling motor alone. However, if you are looking for something that can support various motors of your boat at the same time, a dual-purpose battery should be the right choice.

How To Choose The Best Trolling Motor Battery?

Generally, you would want a battery that can have a long-lasting performance. You don't want a battery that would die while you are on boating. Furthermore, you should seek something that is rugged and durable--something that can survive the water. Of course, capacity is also an essential factor that you have to take a look as well.

Meanwhile, here are some other specific things that you have to learn about trolling motor batteries.

Amp Hours

If you are using deep cycle batteries, you have probably heard about the term amp hours. Specifically, these deep cycle batteries are rated through this. "Ampere hours" is a unit that gauges the number of charges that are contained in the battery. It usually measures that charge needed for a one amp of current to be discharged in one hour.

To make things simpler, the amp hours is an indicator of the overall capacity of the battery. It speaks of how much electricity it can contain. The larger the amp hour rating, the higher the storage capacity the battery has. Of course, this is the very measure that dictates the number of hours that a particular battery can operate a trolling motor. In choosing a trolling motor battery, this factor should be considered at all times.

On the flipside, this unit is not that applicable to dual-purpose batteries. It is for that reason that it is quite challenging to measure the number of hours they can support a trolling motor.

If the ratings are not provided, just remember these tips:

  • Small deep cycle batteries usually have 25Ah to 50Ah rating
  • Large deep cycle batteries usually range from 50Ah to 100Ah rating.

This video can help you understand battery capacity:


As you have seen in the previous section, most of the batteries that I have featured are created under the 12-volt specification. That is seemingly the standard of the industry today, as you can't find 24-volt batteries anyway.

However, most of the trolling motors today are rated 24 volts. Therefore, what you need to do is to get two 12-volt battery to operate a 24-volt trolling motor. If the demand is greater, the more the battery that you need.

Design and Maintenance

You might want to choose a trolling motor battery that features the AGM technology (absorbent glass mat). The latter improves the overall performance of the power source. It makes the battery durable and rugged. Furthermore, it prevents spills and residues. As a result, maintenance is no longer required once this system is present on the battery. But of course, I still do suggest that you do conduct regular maintenance to check its status from time to time.

Trolling motor batteries have to be contained in thick and rugged cases. They should be able to insulate the battery and protect it from the elements. Impacts and vibrations can also compromise the quality of the integrity of the battery.

Bottom Line

Using a trolling motor is essential for a more comfortable experience in the water. For those who are seeking to have a fine time fishing or riding their boats, trolling motors can really fulfill their wishes. But then again, the performance of these motors is dependent on the power sources that they have.

You always have to seek the best trolling motor battery. This is the only component that can ensure that your motor won't die out of a sudden while you are afloat. Yes. You can still paddle back to the shore or the river bank if the engines of your vessel are out of commission already. However, the hassle that this predicament is quite unbearable. At the end of the day, you will just want to secure the stability of the motor.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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