The Best Fishing Kayak Under 600 On 2022

Best Fishing Kayak Under 600

There are numerous types of fishing kayaks out there. But sometimes, you want them to be within the means of your budget. To be blunt, not all of us have the spare change to get those high-end kayaks. But that's completely okay. Kayaking and fishing can be enjoyed even with the limited means that you have.


I have scoured the market for the best fishing kayak under 600 and was surprised that there were a lot of choices to choose from. There were several kayaks under this price category that display some excellent features that can be useful to anglers. There's no point in doubting on them because I have tried some of them already.

If you want a fishing kayak that will not strain your pocket, then the following selection should suit you. It is time that you check them out and see which one of them you think can give you a successful day in the waters. Let's get started.

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 9 Foot Angler and Recreational Sit On Top Light Weight Fishing Kayak with Paddle and Seat and 2 Flush Rod Holders and Built in Storage

The first one that I want to introduce is the Skipjack 90 of Vibe Kayaks. It is pretty easy for me to recommend this one because I don't have qualms about its quality. The mere fact that is created by Vibe Kayaks is already an assurance that this boat can really provide anglers a fine fishing platform. It has a portable and compact construction for easy transport. The small size also allows maneuverability so that you can fish wherever you want.

The kayak is made to be tough. It has a durable construction which is resistant to abrasion, impact, and other potential harms that you might encounter in the water. Its hull also has a decent defense against the harmful UV rays. When it comes to convenience, you can really trust the Skipjack 90. It comes with adjustable footrest and seat so that you can feel comfortable throughout an entire day of fishing. Whether you are tall or small, this boat will never make you feel uncomfortable.

It is also good to note that this fishing kayak has impressive stability. It can tread through different bodies of waters, regardless of the condition. It has a remarkable buoyancy, too. The flat body enables you to stand on it if the water condition is good. You can utilize its rod holders so that you can maximize your haul in a single fishing session!


  • Durable and rugged built
  • Compact and portable; easy to transport
  • Can carry up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Includes fishing rod holders and accessory mounts for fishfinders and GPS
  • Impressive stability across different water conditions.


  • No known issues.
Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

Are you looking for a sturdy fishing kayak? Them I would instantly recommend that you check out the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100. For its price, it is surprisingly robust and rugged. Even if you hit on rocks and other solid and sharp objects, its structural integrity will not be affected. It is suitable for those kayakers who tend to fish on rocky and shallow terrains. The high-density polyethylene construction of this kayak is almost impervious to UV rays, too.

But of course, this vessel is not just about toughness. Otherwise, it would not be great at all. The Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 features a footrest with multiple adjustment positions to cater your posture and convenience. The backrest of the seat is on the right height. It will never feel too short or tall. You can sit and recline to the padded seat without minding any nuisances. You just have to focus on your fishing.

There are three rod holders present on this fishing kayak. It will give you the benefit of being able to wield different fishing rods at the same time. There are cord straps that are located in the front and rear of the kayak. You can use this to lock up your fishing gear and coolers in place. There is also waterproof storage positioned in the middle of the boat.


  • UV and impact-resistant construction
  • Extremely stable because of its flat hull bottom
  • Comes with multiple cargo compartments
  • Offers comfortable sitting placement for anglers
  • Can be transported easily due to the presence of T-handles on its hull.


  • Not completely leak-proof as it claims to be.
Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Getting the Sevylor Coleman Colorado could be a brilliant idea, especially if you are just looking for an inflatable kayak for fishing. Definitely, this unit is among the best inflatable kayaks today. It has a plentiful of ergonomics that make it extremely useful in various water applications. From touring down to recreation and fishing, this kayak is extremely reliable. Of course, for fishing purposes, the Sevylor Colorado offers optimal benefits to any anglers.

Right from the start, this kayak ensures that it will not get damaged easily. It is among those inflatable kayaks that dispel the idea that inflatables are no good. Specifically, this vessel is using an 18-gauge PVC on its construction to ensure that it can maintain durability. Aside from that, it has a 1000 denier tarpaulin bottom and another 840 denier nylon cover. With these components around, this vessel became resistant against punctures and other types of damages.

Buoyancy is also one of the finest qualities of this boat. This is due to the fact that it comes with multiple air chambers. These air chambers also ensure that the boat will keep on floating even if one chamber gets damaged. Meanwhile, the Airtight system of this boat guarantees a leakproof performance. If you have a Sevylor trolling motor, you can attach to this kayak. Such a feature improves your fishing capability.


  • Puncture-proof and abrasion-resistant construction
  • Can accommodate Sevylor trolling motors
  • Comes with a plethora of rod holders
  • Multiple air chambers ensure that the kayak remains buoyant all the time
  • Can be inflated and deflated quickly.


  • Stability is an issue, especially when there are strong winds
  • Tend to catch a lot of water.
Emotion Stealth Angler Fishing Kayak, Sandstone, 11'

Kayaks like the Emotion Stealth are definitely a good catch. Whenever you have the opportunity that you can get them, do so. After all, these are excellent fishing amenities that can improve your overall kayaking experience. This boat was made to satisfy anglers. It has impressive stability that is almost second to none. You can use this as a standing platform whenever you want to have a good test with your fishing rods. It also has excellent tracking, which allows you to traverse distances swiftly.

Storage is not an issue when it comes to this kayak. Both the front and rear portions of this kayak can be used as storage spaces for every item that is within your kayaking checklist. There are waterproof hatches here, too, if in case you have some sensitive items in your baggage. There are three fishing rod mounts that you can utilize with this kayak. Meanwhile, transporting this kayak is not a problem due to the carry handles integrated on the hull.

You can remain comfortable while you are with this kayak. The seat has been configured properly so that your body won't strain while sitting on it. The backrest has been padded for additional comfort and support. A seat itself is padded, too. With this kayak, you will never suffer from unwanted inconveniences. Meanwhile, the foot brace ensures that your feet will be positioned properly while you are on this kayak.


  • The seat features ergonomically designed padding system
  • Features high-density polyethylene construction for durability
  • Comes with a number of fishing rod mounts
  • Hull is equipped with carrying handles for better transport convenience
  • Highly stable and features excellent tracking.


  • No known issues.
Intex Excursion Pro Kayak, Professional Series Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Another kayak that is worthy of being mentioned is the Intex Excursion Pro. Despite being an inflatable kayak, the Excursion Pro provides a set of powerful features for fishing. Its construction alone proves that it is excellent for all-day fishing applications.

The laminate PVC material with a polyester core made this kayak ultra-tough and durable. It is highly resistant to punctures and even the harmful effects of UV rays. It can also resist abrasion because of its highly protected bottom.

Inflating and deflating this kayak should never be a problem. There are high-pressure spring valves on its body that optimizes the pumping of air. There are detachable skews that you can see on the bottom part of the boat. With these components, the kayak became a versatile tool. You can use it for fishing on shallow and deep waters.

Meanwhile, the bucket seats of this boat are adjustable. The backrests of the seats have an appropriate height, too. Because of that, you will never have any problems sitting here for extended periods.

Hands-free fishing is entirely possible with the Intex Excursion Pro. After all, it has multiple fishing rods that optimizes your yields while you are fishing. Stability seems not to be an issue. It does not wobble or drift too much unless you are in areas where there is a strong gust of wind. Storages spaces were made able by this kayak. All your must-have utilities can be carried by this boat.


  • Offers a good balance between stability and tracking
  • Resists punctures, abrasion, and UV rays
  • Multiple options for storage space
  • Comes with comfortable seats
  • Ensures that it can be inflated and deflated quickly.


  • Doesn't have a high weight capacity.
SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba SS 12-Foot Sit-in Kayak

Sure enough, I cannot just exclude the Sun Dolphin Aruba SS in this list. After all, Sun Dolphin is still one of my favorite kayak manufacturers. Their Sun Dolphin Aruba SS could be one of their most-known opuses.

It is a multi-functional watercraft that can be used for a variety of applications. It can be utilized for touring and recreation. Because of its semi-narrow construction, you can even use it for a simple race. But of course, among all of its uses, it is fishing that this kayak proves to be useful.

Tracking and stability are among the selling points of this kayak. These features are great, especially if you are fishing in large lakes or oceans. They enable you to fish wherever you want without experiencing too many difficulties. The sit-in design of this kayak will not hinder you on your fishing. You can still get bountiful catches here! Flush mounts and rod holders are integrated on its hull to ensure that you can maximize your fishing experience.

Despite its size, this kayak is quite easy to carry. It is lightweight and can be carried through its carry handles. It can also fit on SUVs and trucks when there are mounting brackets available.

Of course, I have to emphasize that the Sun Dolphin Aruba SS is a tough kayak. Manufacturers of this vessel use high-density polyethylene to make it impervious to impact and abrasion. The hull also has resistance to UV rays. Therefore, even if you will use it on hot conditions, its quality will not degrade.


  • Offers stability and tracking
  • Comes with flush mounts and rod holders for hands-free fishing
  • Provides ample space on the cockpit for storage
  • Surprisingly comfortable to use
  • Ultra-rugged construction.


  • The seat is not padded.

Check this video to know more about fishing while in a kayak:

Bottom Line

With a fishing kayak, anglers can definitely enjoy their weekends or free periods on the water. Compared to boats, kayaks are generally cheaper. They may not be big, but they are more than enough to ensure that you can have a successful catch. Right now, it is already apparent that more and more people are using kayaks to pursue their fishing hobbies. It is quite exciting to see that these kayaks are gaining more grounds in the market.

However, if you don't have any budget to spare for high-end fishing kayaks, I do recommend that you try the kayaks that I have included in this list. Any of them can be considered as the best fishing kayak under 600 because of their generous pricing. Without spending too much, these kayaks can give you several perks that you would not expect from kayaks that are on this price category. These handpicked kayaks will surely surprise you with their capability!

That's it for now. For questions about kayaking and fishing, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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