The Best Wetsuit For Kayaking On 2022

Kayaking is still a great sport. But to fully enjoy it, you need to have all the essential gears first. It is the very reason why I have created a checklist for kayaking and other boating activities.

Equipping the proper clothes while paddling can bring convenience on your part. Of course, some paddlers opt to just wear their casual tees and shorts because they feel comfortable about it. But in the long run, this set of garments will cause nuisance and risk on their part. Meanwhile, wearing the best wetsuit for kayaking ultimately gives you ample protection against the elements while you are on the boat.


Mobility is another reason why wetsuits are great. Even if they cover your body, they don't hamper your flexibility. You can still do extreme locomotives without feeling that you are being inhibited at all.

However, I have to tell you that not all wetsuits are made the same. Some are tailored for specific body frame and built. Others are made to accommodate women and children while some guarantees that they are a one-size-fits-all design. So how can you choose the right wetsuit for you? Well, I am going to tackle that on the next sections. But for now, let's explore first the top-rated selections for kayaking wetsuits.

NRS 3.0 Farmer John Wetsuit

Despite having a land-based name, the Farmer John Wetsuit of the NRS is definitely a top-gun in the kayaking community. It is an ultra-flexible and rugged gear that can ensure the optimal protection and convenience of its user. This wetsuit is made from high-grade neoprene that guarantees its durability at all times. It also has a super stretchable property so that you can move your muscles and ligaments without any problems.

All of the seams of this wetsuit have been sealed as well for better insulation. It also helps in keeping the cold water out from your body. In cold times, you can benefit from the heat-reflecting titanium laminate adhesive. This one generates extra warmth so that you don't feel breezy and chilly while in the waters. Meanwhile, the front zipper of the wetsuit allows quick entry and exit to the gear.


  • Ideal for both cold and warm conditions
  • Rugged construction for extensive uses
  • Flexible neoprene material ensures mobility
  • Keeps the water out from your body
  • Can fit different body sizes.


  • No known issues.
Mens Sharkskin Chillproof 1PC Full Wetsuit

It has been noted that the Sharkskin Chillproof Full Wetsuit is designed for aquatic purposes. However, it is still usable for kayaking, especially if you are going to take quick dives in the vast oceans or stretching rivers. This one, just like the first wetsuit, features a rugged design. It is tailored through the combination of three composite materials for maximum durability and durability. It can prevent the entry of water and wind, which should guarantee your convenience.

Overall, the Sharkskin Chillproof Full Wetsuit can protect the body from different elements. It can keep the heat and the cold out. It can even deflect attacks from different aquatic stingers. Again, that's a testament to the rigidity of this wetsuit. Since it is a versatile wetsuit, you can use it on both cold and hot conditions. For kayakers, it simply means that this wetsuit can improve their versatility.


  • Features excellent buoyancy on the water
  • Comes with odor-resistant and anti-microbial properties
  • Machine-washable synthetic constructions
  • Can be worn in different temperatures
  • Flexible and rugged design.


  • Sizing issues
  • Accessibility is quite difficult.
Stohlquist Men's Rapid John Wetsuit

The wetsuit tailored by the Stohlquist is an excellent choice for those who are trying to remain frugal. However, I can testify that this suit can make them comfortable and protected at all times. This item is crafted from a 3mm neoprene material, which elevates its durability and resistance against wear-and-tear. Of course, it is also stretchable so that you can paddle freely without any problems. The arm holes are wide so that paddlers can grind without inhibition.

The blind-stitched and glued seams of this gear have been a blessing so far. It gave its users the warmth that they need whenever dealing with cold temperatures. There is also relief zipper integrated on the suit that they can use if they feel that they are being squeezed. Meanwhile, the Supratex knees and seat of this gear gave it extra rigidity and defense against abrasion. If you are going to rapids, such a feature is indeed beneficial.


  • Fitting is available for both men and women
  • Flexible and comfortable to the skin
  • Decent durability for long-lasting use
  • Front zipper ensures quick accessibility
  • Abrasion resistant neoprene construction.


  • Some find it too tight.
Lavacore Full Men's Wetsuit - Full Submersion Body Exposure Suit

The Lavacore is a full wetsuit for every tough guy out there! This one is perfect for adventures where being submerged in the water is always a possibility. This water-resistant suit has an outer layer that has a quick-drying feature. Meanwhile, its middle layer has anti-wind properties. It deflects the entry of wind in your body to prevent any chilly effects while you are speeding up in your kayak. In cold conditions, the kayak can make you warm.

The inner fleece of this wetsuit is for your sanitation. It serves as a regulator of odor and bacteria that are produced by your sweat and encounters with nature. The Lavacore is a 4-way stretch wetsuit. Aside from guaranteed flexibility, the wetsuit is exceptionally comfortable to wear, too. I also love the breathability of this gear. It doesn't choke you out even if the temperature is hot.


  • Waterproof and windproof wetsuit
  • Doesn't get torn easily
  • Stretchable and flexible design
  • Neutral buoyancy optimizes the ability of the user to stay afloat
  • Can either keep you cold or warm.


  • No known issues.
O'Neill Men's Epic 4/3mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

The O'Neill Men's Epic Full Wetsuit is an excellent option for those who are willing to spend a little more for their kayaking gears. It is a value-driven option, as it can be used in various water applications. It can be used for surfing, diving, and a plethora of paddle sports, which should include kayaking. Furthermore, it possesses the perfect balance between flexibility and strength. Even though it has a tight fit, it will certainly feel light and unrestricted.

Unlike other wetsuits that I have listed here, the Epic Full Wetsuit has its zippered entrance placed at the back. Many outdoor enthusiasts believe that it is a better design than the frontal one when it comes to accessibility. The neoprene material used on this gear is soft and stretchable. It doesn't make you feel itchy or irritated, regardless if the weather is hot or cold. All seams are stitched as well so that water will not pass through.


  • Comes with a wind-resistant function
  • Versatile wetsuit for any water sport applications
  • All seams are adequately stitched to prevent water entry
  • Soft and stretchable design to optimize body movement
  • Zipper entry is large for better accessibility.


  • Sizing is quite small.

Choosing The Best Wetsuit For Kayaking

Choosing The Best Wetsuit For Kayaking

As it has been stated earlier, not all wetsuits have the same construction. These gears are not tailored to have the same designs or ergonomics. However, that's not something that should scare or disappoint you. In fact, it is these variations that make the selection process unique and interesting. It gives you the option to find the best wetsuit that can meet your requirements.

Over the years that I have been kayaking, I have encountered multiple instances where people asked me how do I choose my suits. Of course, I do mix things sometimes. I do mind the external conditions after all. In some days, I will go with a drysuit. In other days, I wear wetsuits. Of course, there are a lot of times too where I just bare myself with a PFD or a life vest. Things are really interesting indeed.

For wetsuits, I do know that some qualifications have to be met so that the gear is worth to be worn. For me, here are the things that you should check out whenever you want to buy a new wetsuit for your next kayaking trip.


The majority of the wetsuits today are tailored from neoprene. The latter is a type of synthetic rubber that provides elasticity and rigidity. This material is also notable for its insulating capacity. Specifically, it keeps a layer of warm air between it and your skin. In this way, you can feel warm whenever the conditions are cold. Take into account that not all neoprene materials are the same.

For instance, a pure neoprene is naturally stiffer than synthetic or hybrid neoprene. Neoprene that has been integrated with nylon or lycra is said to be more flexible than of a pure neoprene. Many paddlers and divers opt for these hybrids as they don't inhibit their flexibility and mobility in the water. The more flexible the neoprene, the easier for its wearer to move.

Also, there are some wetsuits have inner layers of fleece. The latter improves the comfort that you can feel while wearing the gear. Furthermore, in some models, an inner fleece regulates odor and bacterial growth.


Not all wetsuits have the same kind of thickness although they appear to be the same. Thickness is to be taken into account at all times, as it can determine how flexible you can move while wearing the gear. In the same manner, the thickness might also indicate the level of protectiveness that the wetsuit can offer.

Most of the time, the thickness of a wetsuit is gauged in millimeters. If the material used in the construction of the suit is neoprene, it will be measured in millimeters. A wetsuit is considered to be thin if it has a thickness of fewer than three millimeters. Given that specification, it is expected that the suit possesses extreme flexibility. They are suitable for warm weather conditions (e.g. tropical climates). They can also protect your from different elements such as the wind and sun.

Meanwhile, wetsuits that have a measurement of four millimeters or greater are considered to be thick. If you are kayaking on cold waters, these are the suits that you should get. Although they lack flexibility, they can give your body the warmth that it needs to survive the adventure. I think that is a good trade already. After all, there is no need for you to exert too much effort in paddling on frigid environments.

Of course, if you are going to paddle on icy environments, let me remind you that wetsuits are not sufficient anymore. What you need is a drysuit, which can completely wrap you with adequate insulation.


It is notable that wetsuits have different designs. Specifically, this usually falls on the type of cut that has been made to the suit. In the market today, the wetsuit can have a bottom or top cut. Of course, full suits are still an option too. It has to be taken into account that steamers are the best choice if you want to accommodate a tall body.

However, many paddlers and kayakers still prefer farmer-john wetsuits. The latter is characterized by the absence of long legs and sleeves. Because of this design, the flexibility and locomotion of their body are not hampered. Meanwhile, if you are going to paddle through a steamer, there are chances of armpit chafing to take place. Usually, this happens when the wet suit is not fitted correctly or if you are doing an extended paddling trip.


The best wetsuit for kayaking is definitely a must-have for kayakers who are going to drench themselves in the water while they are paddling. This gear provides them with enough level of protection and comfort so that they can stay cool and warm--depending on the condition.

However, you have to remember wetsuits are not enough anymore if you are going to explore icy terrains. Their thickness is not enough to provide the kind of insulation and comfort that you need to survive such environments.

The selection that I made here are some of the top choices that you have for a wetsuit. If you want the best from the get-go, these units should be able to satisfy you.

That's it for now. If you have questions, kindly tell me on the comment section below.

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