The Best Freeze Dried Food For Kayaking And Hiking

Best Freeze Dried Food

Even the most trained paddlers and hikers get exhausted. All of us can agree on that. The more distant you traverse and overcome, the more energy that you have to spend. Of course, in these instances, there's a need for constant replenishment. Otherwise, completing the journey can be close to impossible already.


There are various food and beverages that can help you regain your lost strength due to kayaking and other outdoor activities. But for me, having the best freeze dried food are the ones that can give you the necessary boost that you need. Aside from that, they are very convenient to carry because they are not susceptible to spoilage. Even if the trip continues for several days, this amenity will not rot.

In this guide, I will be showing you some of the most recommended freeze dried food in the market today. These are incredibly nutritious and give you all the tastiness that you deserve. Get them now!

Prep Basics Freeze-Dried Beef | 100% Real | Emergency Food Supply | 1,950 Total Calories | 234 Total Grams Protein | Up to 30 Year Shelf Life | No. 10 Can

An excellent option for a freeze dried food that I can recommend to you is the Prep Basics Freeze-Dried Beef. The first thing that you are going to love about this dried food is its taste. For me, the way it goes to my palette is too natural. It is delectable and palpable! Because this one is pre-cooked already, there's no need for you to bring any cooking utensils. Just open it up and munch it!

Of course, this food can be considered versatile. It can be used in a variety of recipes such as sandwiches, soups, and other delicacies. But primarily, this food is made for outdoor activities and emergency situations. It doesn't rot and has a long shelf life. You can bring this on any extended trips.

Aside from being tasty, the Prep Basics Freeze-Dried Beef is packed with nutrients as well. Specifically, it is made to boost the protein and calorie levels in your body. These are your building blocks for energy. You can survive any rigorous predicaments with this replenishment!


  • Great for outdoor activities and emergencies
  • Boosts your calorie and protein level
  • Comes in large servings
  • Can be used to make other recipes
  • No need to cook.


  • No known issues.
Nutristore Freeze Dried Beef Dices | Premium Quality | USDA Inspected | Amazing Taste | Perfect for Camping | Survival Food

Another premium quality freeze dried food that you should check out is the Nutristore Freeze Dried Beef Dices. This one has a premium quality, as it is was approved and certified by the USDA. You can guarantee that there are no harmful elements that are present on this food item. It used high-quality meat so that you can enjoy both of its taste and nutritional content.

Again, this freeze dried food is ideal for camping and other outdoor endeavors. It doesn't need any cooking because it is pre-cooked already. Despite that, I can ascertain that this is tasty and delectable. It doesn't taste artificial, which is my pet peeve when it comes to processed food.

You can also use the Nutristore Freeze Dried Beef Dices as an ingredient to other cooking recipes. If you want to create delicious meals while you are camping, you can always include this one in the mixture. Moreover, it has been indicated by its manufacturer that it has a shelf-life of 25 years. Well, that's impressive, right?


  • Provides up to 80 large servings
  • Delicious freeze beef that can suit anyone's preferences
  • Doesn't come with harmful additives
  • Can be used in other recipes
  • It has a long shelf-life.


  • No known issues.
Peak Refuel | Freeze Dried Backpacking and Camping Food | Amazing Taste | High Protein | Quick Prep | Lightweight

Even if your budget is tight, there's no need for you to compromise. There's still a cost-efficient freeze dried food that can give you an extra push during your kayaking and camping activities. This is where the Peak Refuel Freeze Dried Food. Unlike the first two options that I gave, this one is contained in sachets, which makes them more comfortable to bring on any outdoor activities.

Of course, the taste was not sacrificed on this item. It is still a delectable food without hints of being processed or artificial. There were no harmful additives that were included in the making of this food either. Meanwhile, the nutritional value of the Peak Refuel was not compromised. It still has the essential components that can give you energy.

This food has a fresh texture like it just has been made in your house. Well, it should be the case since the food is made from real meat. Only natural processing was involved in this food, so I guess getting extra packs of it in your next camping should never be a bad choice.


  • USDA-approved freeze food
  • Comes with an all-natural texture
  • Available in different flavors
  • Ergonomic packaging makes it an excellent amenity for outdoor trips
  • Provides the necessary nutritional requirements of the body.


  • You are still required to mix extra seasoning on this food.
Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef

Once in a while, we all deserve a premium freeze food in our outdoor activities. Either way, we really love to munch on those delectable treats while we are gathered around the campfire. The Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef is one good example of a delicious backpacking meal that can suit such qualifications. This one has an authentic flavor and has been pre-cooked for a lesser hassle in preparation.

All the ingredients that are used on this product are natural. They just have been frozen but never really processed. Therefore, you can expect that there are no harmful chemicals that were used on this. Meanwhile, this item is available in different packaging. You can get those that are contained in cans or those that are in sachets.

No preparations are necessary before you can relish the deliciousness of these frozen goods. Just add water, and you are already good to go. It cuts the time that you need to cook food. Of course, not all of us do want to bring cooking utensils while exploring Mother Nature. Another good thing about this product is that it displays all the nutritional contents present.


  • Hassle-free and no-preparation required
  • Only used natural ingredients
  • Preservatives and harmful fillers are not present
  • Can be used in different outdoor and emergencies
  • Rich in healthy contents.


  • Comes with a lot of salt.
Summit Savory Chicken - Paleo Meals to Go - Freeze Dried, Lightweight, Paleo Meals for Backpacking, Camping, and on the Go

Are you a fan of the Paleo diet? Then you shouldn't miss the Wild Zora Summit Savory Chicken! This is a frozen Paleo meal that packs a lot of nutritional content and taste. If you want something that doesn't have a lot of salt and other natural preservatives, you should try one! It is a wholesome choice that even your young ones can eat. It is USDA-approved, too!

Because it has a compact packaging, there's no need to fuss over its storage. It requires minimal space only so that you can carry it. Of course, it is not heavy or bulky either, so it is really an ideal backpacking or kayaking amenity. Furthermore, it is perfectly sealed to prevent spoilage and other potential harm to the food.

You don't need to cook this one. Just add hot water, and you can already eat the contents of this meal. It has a pleasant and natural taste that will never make your mouth feel awful. And since it is a cost-friendly choice, hoarding it will never be a problem!


  • One of the healthiest frozen foods out there
  • Flavor has been drastically improved
  • The container has been efficiently sealed
  • Doesn't contain any chemicals
  • Compact and backpack-friendly.


  • Shelf life is not that long.

Why You Should Choose The Best Freeze Dried Food?

Why You Should Choose The Best Freeze Dried Food?

There are multiple methods on how you can preserve food. Actually, most of these can be practiced at home, such as pickling. But over time, we have realized that freezing your goods can produce more shelf life and nutritional efficiency.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will really need to sustain your energy throughout the entire expedition. In this predicament, what you need is fresh food because they still have their full nutritional contents contained. But of course, unless you are willing to cook and that there is an available supply of fresh ingredients, having a freshly cooked recipe is not that easy.

The best route that you have now are these freeze food and replenishments. Because the preservation process involves freezing, you can expect that there are no or minimal preservatives that have been used. Furthermore, this technique enabled the nutrients inside the ingredients to be kept intact. Freeze dried foods are different from dehydrated and frozen foods. Only the water has been removed on the foodstuff, allowing it to retain its taste and nutrients.

Here are some other benefits of freeze dried foods:


One should know that it is much more convenient to bring freeze dried food because they are lightweight. There's no way that they are heavy! You can bring them to any outdoor excursions that they have. You will never be burdened by them at all!

Long Lasting

Unlike fresh and perishable ingredients, you will never have to worry that freeze dried food will get spoiled. They have been made to last long. In fact, some can last for up to years, which is really amazing. Even if you stay in the wild for days or weeks, these freeze dried foods will never make you worry about your replenishments!

It is also a good thing that these food items have been carefully packed and sealed. No moisture or other spoil-causing elements can penetrate their packaging. After all, the original intention of these dried foods is for emergency purposes. They can certainly last long without quality degradation.

Convenient Storage

Of course, storage is one of the key advantages of freeze dried foods. Aside from being lightweight, they are rarely bulky and space consuming. They don't require special storage containers at all. You are not required to put them in coolers either. As long as they are in room temperature, these food items should be fine. Ideally, you need to keep them out from the grasp of extreme heat and moisture. That's how you can keep them at their best.


Another thing that I like about these freeze dried foods is their variation. You are not left with one option alone. You will always have a selection where you can choose from. Regardless of your preferences, there is something out there that can satisfy you. For instance, in the previous section, I have shown a freeze dried food that is for those that are doing the Paleo diet.

Because you are not stuck with meat alone, there are a lot of recipes that you can try as well. Another good aspect about these freeze dried foods is that you can mix them with other recipes. You can make a sandwich or meals out of them. If you are a good cook, the options are virtually limitless. At this point, it is recommended that you can set a campfire. In this way, you will be able to cook conveniently.

Furthermore, you have to take into account that some of these freeze dried food requires hot water before you can eat them. I mean, most of these are pre-cooked already, and by any means, you can eat them anytime. But to maximize their flavor and taste, adding some water can do the magic.

Bottom Line

Regardless of your outdoor activity, it is crucial that you can secure your food source. They are the ones that can replenish and extend your survivability for the entire trip. Because of the absence of convenient technological amenities, you will be forced to do things manually while you are in the wild. Of course, doing these errands will consume a considerable amount of your strength and endurance.

Fortunately, there is the best freeze dried food that you can rely on. Aside from being cost-efficient, these food items are healthy and can provide the nutritional value that you need so that you can keep on hustling. They are easy to carry, too! Including them in your kayaking checklist will always be a great idea.

That's it for now. If you have other questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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