The Best CB Radio That Makes Sure You Will Have A Safe Drive

Best CB Radio

If I mention CB radio or a Citizens Band Radio, you might think of it as a tool used for emergency services. But with today’s technology, uses of CB radio have also become far more widespread. In fact, it’s being used as an alternative to different various communication devices.


Just like long range walkie talkie in a lot of ways, these complex radios have the capabilities that far surpass what you can expect from your regular radios. You might say that it is not as multipurpose and handy as your mobile phones, but you can still use them for either medium or long-range communication and the most important of all, to call for help.

So for today’s article, let me share with you some of the best CB radios you will find in the market. Please keep on reading below.

Uniden PRO510XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio. Compact Design. Backlit LCD Display. Public Address. ANL Switch and 7 Watts of Audio Output. Unique PLL Circuit. S/RF LED Meter.

If you’re just a new CB radio user, then I highly recommend you opt for Uniden PRO510XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio. It does not come with the complete set of features you will find in most professional CB radios but it is much cheaper and is equipped with all of the basic features that are helpful enough.

First of all, its layout is user-friendly. It is equipped with big up and down buttons so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road just to change frequencies.

This is actually an incredible radio. It comes with 40 channels which can improve the way you can communicate while you’re in the middle of the road. In addition to that, this radio also comes with instant channel 9 function that allows you to set the radio to this emergency channel and you can quickly do it by just pushing a button.

Moreover, operating and reaching the channel display is straightforward too. It has a backlit LCD display so you can operate it even during the night. Another impressive feature of this CB radio is its Public Address function.

It comes with an external speaker jack where you can quickly hook the PA jack. Other features This CB radio also has volume control and squelch control.

This device is also pretty easy to set up. In fact, you will no longer have to spend on a mechanic just to install this unit and it will likely take 15 minutes to do it. It also helps that all the mounting hardware you’ll need is already included in the package.


  • It can send out clear and strong signals
  • It has a simple installation that you no longer have to ask for a mechanic to install the device
  • It comes in a minimalist design; it has lesser buttons and knobs than most CB radios
  • It comes at an affordable price, making it ideal for beginners
  • Its built-in speakers are of good quality.


  • It does not have an RF gain knob that allows you to decrease noise
  • It made of plastic rather than steel.
Cobra 29LX Professional CB Radio - NOAA Weather Channels and Emergency Alert System, Selectible 4-Color LCD, Auto-Scan, Alarm and Radio Check

This is one of the most state-of-the-art CB radio models you will find in the market. It has an impressive 13 miles range and you will reach through all the 40 CB radio channels. Moreover, this radio comes with 10 NOAA weather channels that will allow you to listen as well as add alerts just in case there will be changes in the weather condition.

It also features active channel scanning that will help you quickly narrow down all the 40 channels and tune in to your chosen channels. But what’s even great is that you can store up to 10 channels you’d like to monitor regularly. I like this feature as it will even make it easier to access your favorite channel as you no longer have to run a full scan.

What’s more?

Another noteworthy feature of this CB radio is its huge colored LCD display that you can customize. You choose among the four color choices and you can adjust its display lighting so it will be easy for you to read whatever light condition you’re in.

The LCD display will also allow you to determine the battery power, frequency level, transmission level and even the time. And this device's speaker really delivers an amazing sound.

I also like that it comes with Radio Check Diagnostic feature that allows you to test important functions like RF power, antenna condition, and battery voltage. This features allow hassle-free troubleshooting and fixing any glitches before you hit the road.


  • There are plenty of features built-in to it just to boost its audio quality
  • Its color display can be customized so you can easily read the screen
  • Mounting it is pretty easy
  • It comes with Radio Check Diagnostic feature so troubleshooting is a breeze.


  • It’s a bit oversized so it might be inconvenient to place in smaller spaces.
Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio

There are so many things I like about Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio. First of all, it's a two-in-one CB radio, this means that in addition to being a CB radio it can also be transformed into a mobile radio so you can stay on the grid even if you are away from your car.

Moreover, this radio also offers 40 separate channels that can maximize your chances of communicating through the radio. But don't worry, there's no need to go through these channels manual, this radio can run through automatically onto these active channels. And to make things even more convenient, you can even save up to five of your desired channels to make sure you can monitor them regularly in a much faster way.

Don’t you just hate it when there’s so much background noise that it compromises the sound quality while you’re using a CB radio? Then I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that this radio also offers squelch-control, this eliminates any background noise. But that’s not all, it also has Automatic Noise Limiter to improve the reception of weak signals.

This CB radio also comes with the most important channel of them all, the channel 9 or the channel you can use in the event you need help for emergency situations. In addition to that, there’s also channel 19 that you can tune in so you’ll be informed of the road or weather conditions to make sure you’ll have a safe road trip along. Of course, NOAA can also be immediately accessed. All the most significant channels are made available within your reach.

Other features I like about this product is its display with backlit that makes everything easy to read; you will have no trouble operating the radio even in dimly lit areas. It is also equipped with a lock on feature so the settings of the radio will be locked and secured.


  • It features squelch control as well as Automatic Noise Limiter to make sure sound quality will be as clear as possible
  • It has instant access to NOAA, including channel 9 and 19
  • You can save up to five channels for quick monitoring.


  • You can’t hook it with speakers, this means you can’t amplify the sound.
Uniden BEARCAT 880 CB Radio with 40 Channels and Large Easy-to-Read 7-Color LCD Display with Backlighting, Backlit Control Knobs/Buttons, NOAA Weather Alert, PA/CB Switch, and Wireless Mic Compatible

If you have used a Uniden radio before, then I’m sure you already know that it’s one of the best. We have here Uniden BEARCAT 880 CB Radio which combines a great deal of ruggedness, power, and functional features.

First of all, it will give you access to every FCC approved channels. Plus, several buttons and knobs have been added to make sure you’ll have the clearest signal possible during reception and transmission.

Another thing this CB radio boasts is its dedicated button which will give you easy access to channel 9 and channel 19. In addition to that, there's also one switch you can use to link CB radio to Public Address system. And to make it even more convenient, the package comes with 6/4 pin mic adapter as well as a pretty long mic cord you can use just in case you want to upgrade into a high-end microphone.

Even so, its existing microphone comes with noise-canceling function so there will be clear and crisp communication. But what’s even great is that this CB radio can be paired with wireless microphone, giving you much more freedom.

Another interesting feature of Uniden BEARCAT 880 CB Radio is its wide backlit display with seven color choices available. And don’t you just hate it when the display is just too bright that it can get uncomfortable especially in dark areas or during the night? Well, you will be glad to know that this CB radio has a dim function so you can control its brightness to your preference.


  • It comes in a sleek and modern look
  • All of its controls are backlit so it is easy to use
  • It comes with 6/4-pin mic adapter that can cater to different microphone
  • You can use a wireless microphone, giving you more freedom.


  • It makes ‘beep’ sound whenever you’re using its controls; some users find it annoying and there’s no way to turn this off.
Galaxy-DX-959 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio with Frequency Counter

Last but not least is the Galaxy-DX-959 CB Radio. Though it may be a little pricey, it offers durable hardware and plenty of helpful features. In fact, it has the ability to use not only AM but as well as SSB modes. But what’s even great is that its format is friendly to drivers; the menu features are very easy to adjust even if you’re on the go.

I also like its LED-backlit display that makes everything very easy to read, it is very handy, especially during the night. On its primary display, you will see the present channel you're on, while you will see a five-digit frequency counter on the second display. Plus, it has a dimming option that will help avoid any distractions.

Other interesting features you will find in this CB radio, is the Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) circuit that will help you increase the signal distance. Moreover, it also comes with variable talkback feature so you can adjust the gain and volume of your voice.


  • It features variable dimmer control
  • It comes with Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) to minimize noise
  • It has a meter with scales that are easy to read and help you determine the power output an incoming signal.


  • Its power supply emits a noise that is loud enough to hear.

Best CB Radio: Buyer’s Guide

Best CB Radio: Buyer’s Guide

To help you further understand what the best CB radio out there is, there are different factors and features you need to consider first.

Instant Emergency Channels and Weather Channel

First of all, it should have a dedicated button to easily access to both channel 9 and channel 19 which are designated as emergency channels. Moreover, it should also have access to NOAA weather frequencies and alert you when there's a change in weather.

Backlit Display

Make sure everything is easy to read regardless of the light condition you're in. It should have a dimming feature which is very handy when you're driving during the night.

Squelch Control

Squelch control feature is important as it mutes the background noise when your signal is not satisfactorily strong and paves way for stronger signals near you.


The size of the CB is something that you should keep in mind. You have to make sure that it will fit in your radio compartment or else it will only be inconvenient.


So there you have it, the list of the best CB radio you will find in the market. I hope this article will help you find the right product that will suit your preferences especially that the market today is already filled with hundreds of choices of CB radio and they are all claiming to be the best one, making things a little tricky.

Anyway, if you still have any more questions, feel free to leave it in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. There are also plenty of other radio communications reviews you might want to read before you go shopping, like the best long-range two-way radios that you can bring for your next outdoor adventure.

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