The Best Rash Guard On 2022 For Water and Outdoor Sports

Best Rash Guard

The best rash guard is something that every outdoor enthusiast would want, especially if they delve on the waters. You see, this gear is as essential as a wetsuit or a drysuit if the application is appropriate. A rash guard can give ample protection to your body without sacrificing your mobility or comfort.

Sure, I think you will agree with me that a rash guard is not the most protective water gear that you can get today. However, it can always prevent your skin from getting irritated by being exposed in the sun for a long time. Furthermore, it does not bulk too much, which makes things comfortable on your part. Regardless of the water sport, you want to delve, rash guards are always welcomed.


Of course, kayakers can also wear rash guards. If the journey is not that tough, this particular outdoor clothing should fit perfectly on occasion. Just imagine being able to paddle freely without being restricted by anything.

However, I do believe that not all rash guards have the same built and quality. Some are just entirely stepping up in the competition. If you are looking for the most ergonomic rash guards today, the following section can help you out.

O'Neill Men's Basic Skins UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard

O'Neill Men's Basic Skins is probably one of the finest rash guards that you can get today. It is something that you would really want, especially if you are looking for something that provides the optimal convenience while you are treading the waters. This item offers a UPF 50+ UV protection so that your skin won't get irritated and burned while you are basked under the sun. Don't ever be fooled by its clean design because this gear is as rugged as it gets.

You can wear this rash guard in any water-related activities like surfing, swimming, and the general paddle sports. If you simply want to lie down on the beach and dawdle, this item is good for you. The construction of this rash guard features the combination of polyester and spandex. It is tough but flexible at the same time. Seam placement is strategic so that your entire upper body has enough rash protection.


  • Adequate ultraviolet protection
  • Minimizes the chances of getting rashes and irritation
  • Comfortable when worn
  • Strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and ruggedness
  • Form-fitting design for a guaranteed fit.


  • No known issues.
Quiksilver Men's Performer Long Sleeve Surf Tee Rashguard

The Performer Rashguard of Quiksilver is a thing of beauty. This one is actually designed to complement a wetsuit if in case you don't feel that you are not properly insulated yet. It gives optimal warmth to your body, which is excellent for exploring the waters in cold conditions. This rash guard has a four-way stretch that guarantees a perfect fit to your body. It doesn't ride up or shift at all even if you are fully drenched in the water.

The style of the Performer Rashguard is appealing as well. It provides a good value to those who value the aesthetics of their gear. Of course, the durability of this gear is outstanding as well. Specifically, it is tailored from the combination of elastane and polyester. Meanwhile, it also provides a UPF 50 ultraviolet protection. While worn, this gear protects you from various elements. It doesn't compromise you at all.


  • Made to be rugged and durable
  • Provides a perfect fit to its wearer
  • Ensures insulation while being worn
  • Flat-lock stitching offers a quick-drying feature to the rash guard
  • Highly comfortable even on extended uses.


  • It is a small rashguard.
Hyperflex Wetsuits Men's Polyolefin S/S Rash Guard

The rash guard from Hyperflex is an excellent option for those who are looking for an extra layer for their wetsuit or drysuit. The short sleeve design is proof that this rash guard is meant to be an augmentation for full suits. However, that doesn't mean that you can't wear this alone. If the weather isn't that hot, this gear should be able to give you comfort and flexibility without the chances of chafing.

This particular gear is made from authentic polyolefin. When compared to polyester and other synthetic materials, the polyolefin is not that stretchable. However, it is still rugged, so it is just a trade-off that anyone can accept. If you are not going to use it on other flexing activities, this gear should feel comfortable. It can also wick off moisture, which is a good thing if you are sweating too much while you are not in the water.


  • The short sleeve design makes it breathable
  • Features bacterial and odor protection
  • Ideal add-on for full wetsuits
  • Provides superior insulation
  • Can resist abrasion and tears.


  • No specific UPF protection
  • Feels heavier compared to other units.
Mens Rash Guard Long Sleeve Surf Shirt Swimsuit - Quick Dry Sun Protection Clothing UPF 30+

For those that are willing to spend more for their rash guard, the Platinum Sun Men's Rash Guard should be a suitable choice. You see, this item is tailored from lycra-spandex, which is a rugged and flexible material. It is a premium made that makes this rash guard a unique option among all the choices you have today. It also comes with a silicone line to imbue an anti-glide feature. A flatlock stitch also improves the overall comfort and convenience that you can feel when wearing this gear. Right from the get-go, this rash guard can prevent irritation and rashes as well.

What’s more?

The ultraviolet protection of this rash guard is slightly lower than the ones that we have featured. Specifically, it has a UPF rating of 30. It is not that bad, but under extreme heat, it might not come insufficient. Meanwhile, it has been told that the fabrics that have been used on this tool possess antibacterial properties. It can be worn without any fear that your sweat can turn into odor or some nasty stuff. Perfect for kayaking, swimming, and surfing, the Platinum Sun Rash Guard is indeed a versatile choice.


  • Comes with a quick-drying feature
  • Sublimated printing prevents the color of the rash guard from wearing off
  • Fabrics are layered with antibacterial properties
  • The rash guard doesn't ride up
  • Ensures that you won't skin won't get irritated.


  • Ultraviolet protection is lower than other rash guards here.
Cressi WOMEN'S LONG SLEEVE RASH GUARD, Adult Rash Guard for Swimming, Surfing, Diving - Cressi: Quality Since 1946

Cressi has been a popular choice for sea adventurers. It is a brand that has been manufacturing exceptional rash guards throughout the years. They offer a myriad of options that you can try. For women, this particular Cressi long sleeve should be a suitable option. It is tailored for surfing and snorkeling, but you can always use it for paddling sports and diving activities. It is still a versatile rash guard!

There is a fact that the very core of this rash guard is its protective capability. Specifically, it is made to protect your skin from being exposed to harmful elements, whether you are in or out of the water. It has a UV protection of SPF 40, which is relatively decent already. The combination of spandex and nylon made the fabrics of this gear flexible. It can accommodate to any fit. However, let me remind you that it does run small. If you are quite big, this rash guard is not for you.


  • Sufficient protection against the elements
  • Cool and doesn't cause nuisances while being worn
  • The stretchable design allows it to have a good fit
  • Can be used on various water sports
  • Can provide insulation.


  • It is a small size rash guard.

How To Choose The Best Rash Guard For A Perfect Game

How To Choose The Best Rash Guard For A Perfect Game

Honestly, choosing the perfect rash guard is quite tricky. Unlike other outdoor equipment, rash guards do look like the same. If you are not that keen and observant, you'll assume that all of them are just the same.

When I was still a neophyte in the world of kayaking and water sport, I didn't bother much with the quality of rash guards. I just thought that it didn't matter what kind of rash guard would I pick. However, there was this one adventure where my rash guard got ripped because I was grinding my body explosively. It was then that I realized that the fabrics used in my rash guard have poor construction.

Now, let me remind you that there are essential factors that you have to consider whenever you are choosing a rash guard. The better your selection is, the more convenient and protected you can feel while you are out in the waters already.

The Fit of the Rash Guard

A rash guard can either be fit or loose. It just depends on the activity that you are going to engage in. For instance, intensive activities like surfing and swimming cause a loose rash guard to become a nuisance. While you are moving your body, a loose rash guard tends to move, too. Of course, that discourages fluid locomotion. Therefore, it would be best if you will wear a rash guard that fits your body well. In this way, resistance is minimal.

For other outdoor activities like running and biking, loose rash guards are necessary. They allow the breezy feeling to come into your body. If you are into these sports, you might need to opt for these less snugly rash guards.

For now, a rash guard that has a four-way stretch is quite beneficial. It ensures that the rash guard can adequately conform to your body, regardless of your size. Furthermore, rash guards that have ergonomic contours and cuts are those that can provide unrestricted flexibility and support.

Sleeve Length

One of the most apparent differences between rash guards is the sleeve length. You can efficiently classify a rash guard based on the length of the sleeves that it has. Of course, each of these sleeve sizes is made for specific applications. The most common ones are the following:

  • Sleeveless (tank rash guards)
  • Short Sleeve
  • Full sleeve.

Choosing a full sleeve rash guard is great for conditions that are frigid or freezing. They can keep you warm, especially if you are wearing an extra layer of clothing or garment. Of course, you can also use it in warm conditions. The heat of the sun can be painful and harmful to exposed skin. Perhaps it is the very reason why a lot of people opt long sleeve rash guards because of their given versatility.

Sports like surfing and swimming will require you to have ample protection in your armpit area. In this case, you would want a long sleeve or a short sleeve rash guard to work with you. Tank tops are quite an exception. They can actually be used in various applications if you don't mind exposing your skin or leaving your armpit unprotected. If the weather is moderate friendly, then showing your muscles would be acceptable.


Rash guards, especially those that have a close fitting, are always in contact with your skin. Therefore, it is necessary that the seams are consistently flat to the material of the rash guard. Always remember that raised seams will tend to chafe. Of course, that discards the original purpose of having a rash guard.

Because of this, it is utterly essential that your rash guard has flat stitching. In this way, your gear will remain comfortable to the skin. It has been observed as well that low-profile seams and accurate stitching lower the chances of skin rashes and irritation.


Regardless of the water sport and activity that you want to do, it is completely crucial that you have the best rash guard with you. It is a basic amenity that you should put in your checklist. It gives the right kind of protection to your body without sacrificing the comfort that you feel.

The rash guards that I have featured here are some of the top options in the market today. If you don't want to delve too much time searching for a good rash guard, then the selection that I have made should satisfy you. Of course, you can always refer to my guide if you want to do the picking by yourself. Just remember that a good rash guard can make the difference in your adventure.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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