5 Best Ice Fishing Boots That Will Help You Keep Your Feet Warm

Best Ice Fishing Boots

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you’ll have to put your fishing rods to rest. How about trying out ice fishing? It’s absolutely one of the most exciting you’ll ever experience.

But before you grab your keys and drive through the nearest ice fishing spot near you, I have to warn you about frostbite which is going to be your number one problem in cold environments. Luckily, today’s technology gives us ice fishing boots that will keep your feet warm and dry at all times.


But that's not all, the best ice fishing boots will also allow you to safely walk on icy, slippery surfaces and gives you an excellent level of traction all throughout your journey. So for today's article, I will be sharing with you five of the most amazing ice fishing boots you will find in the market. I also included a valuable guide to further help you make the best decision.

Are you excited? Then please keep on reading below.

Guide Gear Giant Timber II Men'sInsulated Waterproof Hunting Boots, 1,400-gram, Mossy Oak

Don’t you just hate it when your feet get frozen in the middle of an exciting ice fishing? Well, you will no longer have to go through that annoying experience with a pair of boots that could warm your feel throughout your expedition.

First on our list is this waterproof hunting boots by Guide Gear. There may be plenty of ice fishing boots that will claim to be waterproof but they can never match this pair. It guarantees to keep your feet comfortably warm and dry, thanks to its rugged nylon, treated leather, reinforced rubber, breathable membranes as well as Thinsulate insulation that makes this a great weather boot to combat the cold.

Another thing I like about this boots is how it will keep your feet felt like they are being cushioned in soft, puffy clouds, giving you the ultimate comfort you desire when you're ice fishing. Moreover, this pair of boots come with an extra 24 gusseted detachable padded tongue to make sure that water, insects or other debris will never get into your boots.

The soles of these boots are pretty impressive too, they are very thick and gives additional protection and extra grip wherever you are.


  • It is made of exceptional materials to make sure water will never get into your feet
  • It provides ultimate comfort all through your journey
  • It comes with a detachable padded tongue that keeps water, insects and other debris away
  • It has really thick soles to make sure your feet are well protected.


  • The boots are heavy and tend to feel stiff.
Kamik Men's Canuck Cold Weather Boot

Here's another incredible piece that is highly recommended for the harsh winter. What makes this pair of boots stand out is its impressive knee-high design; this means it does not only protect your feet but also your entire lower leg. It actually measures 14 inches from your arch and is specially designed to help you confidently journey into the deep snow and the cold weather up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

These boots are pretty durable too. It is made of exceptional 1000D waterproof textured nylon fabric as well as heavy-duty rubber soles with excellent traction yet flexible enough, so it won’t feel stiff in your feet. These soles are waterproof too and will keep your feet as warm and dry as possible by getting rid of dampness.

Moreover, these boots come with detachable 8mm Zylex liner that has been innovatively designed so you can adjust its warmness and make it more comfortable according to what you prefer. Another thing I like about this product is the adjustable draw collar. There are D-string laces that you can toggle closer to your ankle and adjust accordingly, so it will fit your feet and keep the warmth inside.

Overall, this pair of boots can definitely be your best friend when ice fishing. There's no doubt to that, especially that Kamik has been known to be keeping feet warm and dry for more than 100 years already. This family-owned brand is from Canada, which really knows a thing or two when it comes to cold weather.


  • It comes with removable liner so it is easier to clean
  • Its tread is slip-resistant
  • It’s lightweight and does not feel stiff
  • Putting these boots on is very easy.


  • The boots sizes run very largely. If you have smaller feet, you might want to purchase additional inserts to downsize the shoe size.
Baffin Men's Wolf Snow Boot

Next, we have the Wolf Snow Boot from Baffin which I must say is an excellent pair. Its design and construction were well thought of, so it will withstand wherever in the world you decide to go for ice fishing and at the same time lightweight enough, so you will never get behind your peers.

First of all, it uses 900D upper to make sure your feet will be well protected against the harsh weather, but its most interesting feature is its seven layers of detachable liner or Baffin’s patented Thermaplush which will give this product the ability to endure a temperature of up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to that, an adaptable Eva foam has been added to its midsoles, so your feet will stay warm and breathe through its open cell system.

When it comes to its insulation, these boots have another patented feature which is the B-Tek. It’s a hollow fiber with four channels and it plays a vital role by locking air inside to preserve heat. But if you’re afraid your feet will begin to moist due to the insulation, don't fret! These boots have an amazing management system for moisture which is compose of polyester material that absorbs moisture well.

Meanwhile, the outsole of these boots was built using the remarkable Polar Rubber which provides great traction against the ice as well as arch support you need to linger outdoors for as long as you want.

Other features of these boots that’s worthy to mention are the two buckles. You will find on top as well as midfoot which provides a more accurate fit together with the snow collar that can be secured using the drawstring, so the snow will never get inside your boots.


  • It has excellent grip for its outsole to provide great traction
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable to the feet
  • It has an efficient management system for moisture
  • It is made of high-quality and durable materials.


  • Though it is water-resistant, it’s not waterproof.
Sorel Men's Conquest Boot

Be it ice fishing or any other adventures you might want to experience during winter, this pair of boots is definitely something that you’ll need. It is built to endure whatever circumstances you might encounter while ice fishing.

It’s actually built with real leather on its upper area while rubber was used for its soles. When it comes to the boots' grip, this one here features the remarkable, multi-directional tread, so there will be supreme grip as well as excellent traction on the ice or other slippery conditions. The seams of these two materials are superbly sealed, making the boots waterproof.

The sole has also be insulated using 400 grams of Thinsulate which allows these boots to deliver the perfect warmth and dryness all throughout the day and provides you with legendary performance. It, in fact, can hold insulation to as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another interesting feature of these boots is its comfortable footbed made of EVA which provides extra thermal protection against extreme cold. You can also remove these if you needed to reduce the boots’ weight. There’s also a gaiter bootie built-in to it along with drawstring and barrel lock snow collar.


  • These boots can endure the cold up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It has a detachable footbed that adds comfort and extra warmth
  • It has integrated gaiter bootie to make sure snow will never get into your boots
  • It has durable built that provides lasting support.


  • Tightening the laces can be a little tricky
  • It’s also quite heavy.
Lacrosse Hunt Pac Extreme 10'' Boot 2000gm Leather

Lastly, we have here ice fishing boots that feel just like your regular shoes but without compromising comfort and of course, protection. Unlike most of the ice fishing boots I've mentioned above, this one does not come with long upper; this means walking can be a little more comfortable and you no longer have to worry when it comes to shifting.

I’m sure you’ll also enjoy these boots’ performance, especially that it has been designed to keep your feet as dry and warm as possible. This pair is actually built using 100% waterproof leather as well as high-quality 1000D nylon. It also features 2000 grams insulation, which I must say really perform well.

Another thing I like about these boots is the reinforced heel along with the toe cap, so your feel will also be protected against the harsh terrain. What's even great is that there's also additional grip on the outsole of the heel and toe. This will help you not easily slip when you're climbing on the icy or snowy ground.

Overall, this pair of boots is absolutely among the best you will find in the market even if it runs a little narrow on the toe part.


  • It is built with durable rubber and leather
  • It comes in a 100% waterproof design
  • It comes with a reinforced heel including its toe cap
  • There’s additional grip on the outsole of its heel and toe.


  • It feels a little bulky sometimes.

Best Ice Fishing Boots: Buyer’s Guide

Best Ice Fishing Boots: Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have five of the best ice fishing boots, it will be pretty normal to still find it tricky to select which one would suit you best.

So as promised, here’s the buyer’s guide that will walk you through some of the best features you need to consider in order to make the best choice.


First and foremost, you need to consider the boots' insulation. After all, the reason why we're buying one is that we want to keep our feet warm. So make sure your boots can handle the cold than your regular boots can do or has a temperature rating of at least -25 degree Fahrenheit.


No matter how warm your boots can be, it will be useless if it's not waterproof or at least water resistant. It should also be as secure as possible so no water or snow will get inside.

Not only that, but it should also be able to withstand moisture to make sure will be as dry as possible.


Of course, you have to make sure your boots can catch up with your adventures. It should be made of high-quality and long-lasting materials. Leather is highly recommended as it will last longer and is much stronger than rubber.


With the best ice fishing boots, you can be sure that you will have the best experience outdoors no matter how icy cold and slipper it will be under your feet. It will provide you the stability, comfort, and protection you need to make sure you'll go home with a bountiful catch. Take note that environments with low-temperature are much more difficult to endure compared to dry ones.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article and you learned something new today. If you still have any more question, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section below. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your portable fish finder and enjoy the cold temperatures outside.

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