The Best Crab Bait And Bait Cages In 2022

Some kayakers that I know are into crabbing. Whenever they land on the shore, they make sure that they can have time to hunt and catch this tasty crustacean.

However, crabbing is not as simple as it sounds. Many of you who have tried this leisure will agree that it has a degree of difficulty. After all, crabs are elusive. You need to make sure that once present, you have a trap waiting for them. This is where the best crab bait cages come into play.


Aside from the bait, it is necessary that you have a cage or trap whenever you are crabbing. This simple amenity guarantees sure these sneaky creatures can't escape at all. Furthermore, their ergonomics will allow you to integrate the bait to them to maximize the catch. Surely enough, with these cages, crabbing would be a lot easier.

In this guide, I am going to show you some of the most used crab bait cages in the market today. See them now!

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KUFA Vinyl Coated Wire Bait Cage (Size:8"x6"x4") 27-092


Promar Wire Bait Cage


3. South Bend Crab Trap Bait Cage - Budget-Friendly Pick

South Bend Crab Trap Bait Cage


4. Drasry Crab Trap Bait - Premium Option

Drasry Crab Trap Bait Lobster Crawfish Shrimp Portable Folded Cast Net Collapsible Fishing Traps Nets Fishing Accessories Black 23.6" x 11.8" (60cm x 30cm)


Protoco Bait Box


KUFA Vinyl Coated Wire Bait Cage (Size:8"x6"x4") 27-092

You can see a lot of crab cages today. But if you want the best from the start, then I do recommend that you check out the KUFA Vinyl Coated Wire Bait Cage. This one features durable construction. The strong claws of crabs won't be able to cut it off. Because of this feature alone, many professional and leisure crabbers are using it to optimize their catches.

This metal cage has been vinyl coated to add resistance against rust and corrosion. Based on my experience, this cage doesn't warp or bend either. It remains intact and robust, which is really admirable.

The ergonomics of this bait box is pretty simple as well. You don't need to fuss yourself on how you can use it. Just find the place where you are going to hunt and strap this item there. After that, include your favorite crab bait so that you can lure the crabs inside!


  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Made to last long
  • Features a hassle-free usage
  • Lightweight and doesn't consume too much space
  • Works with lobsters as well.


  • No known issues.
Promar Wire Bait Cage

The Promar Wire Bait Cage is another excellent option for boxing crabs and other crustaceans. But compared to the first bait cage that I have listed here, this one has a slimmer construction. Therefore, its carrying capacity is somewhat limited. However, if you are crabbing for leisure purposes, then this one is more than enough already. It is also rugged enough to withstand corrosion and rust, too.

The entire box is coated from a vinyl wire. The latter ensures that it won't get damaged from the persistent attacks of crabs. Furthermore, it is noticeable that the holes of this cage are small enough to let those baby crabs escape. In this way, you are preserving their natural cycle and habit. It prevents you from endangering them at all!

Of course, this cage can hold different types of baits. It is an effective means of luring crabs and other nearby crustaceans. Because of its restrictive design, the cage can really ensure that all your catches won't be able to escape. The opening has a secure closure so that accidental dislodges won't happen at all.


  • Allows small and baby crabs to escape
  • Light and compact design
  • Ideal for leisure purposes
  • Locks securely in place to prevent accidental openings
  • Build to withstand the fierce attacks of crabs.


  • Some feel that this cage is quite flimsier than its other counterparts.
South Bend Crab Trap Bait Cage

The South Bend Crab Trap Bait Cage is another excellent option for crabbing. This budget-friendly crab box can certainly deliver what it has promised. I can say that this unit is particularly spacious. Therefore, it can fit adult-size crabs and lobsters with ease. Of course, the squared holes are there to ensure that all young crabs won't be caught in the trap.

The durability of this bait cage is impressive. When used properly, it can last long in service. The metal parts are covered with a vinyl coating so that it can resist various types of damages. None of the parts seem flimsy, so I can guarantee that this one would never fail any enthusiastic crabbers. Despite its price, this one has been tailored to perform well in both leisure and commercial applications.

Just like other cages, this one is capable of holding different types of baits and traps. You can put different lures here because of its ergonomic structure. Setting this one up is pretty easy too. You don't need time before you can complete the installation of this rig in your hunting ground.


  • Made to be durable and rugged
  • Features a large for easy access
  • Can accommodate different types of baits and lures
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant design
  • Simple and hassle-free installation.


  • The rubber latch is not long lasting.
Drasry Crab Trap Bait Lobster Crawfish Shrimp Portable Folded Cast Net Collapsible Fishing Traps Nets Fishing Accessories Black 23.6" x 11.8" (60cm x 30cm)

The Drasry Crab Trap Bait is definitely a lovable option, especially if you are serious in making large hauls. Compared to the first cages and traps that I featured here, this one has a unique construction. Specifically, it is a circular spring cage that is tailored from galvanized steel wire. Meanwhile, it also comes with a hand-woven polyethylene mesh that provides additional durability and sturdiness.

What I like about this crab bait trap is that it can be used on both saltwater and freshwater crabbing. It gives me a sense of versatility that I can hunt anywhere I want. Due to its design and construction, it is seemingly impossible for this item to get damaged easily. It can endure struggling crabs and their efforts to break free.

Don't ever think that this crab bait is not as ergonomic as the other options that I have listed here. The accessibility of this crap trap is quite apparent. Of course, this feature works two ways. First, it allows you to get your haul. Second, it enables quick entry of the crabs. Furthermore, this amenity can also prevent the user from getting bitten by their catches.


  • Large capacity crab bait trap
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Can protect the user from the pinches of the crab
  • Can be used in catching in a variety of marine creatures
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • No known issues.
Protoco Bait Box

The Protoco Bait Box is a brightly colored crab cage that you should check out as well. This is an effective crabbing amenity that can maximize your catching potential. It is made from highly durable materials that can don't deteriorate while being exposed to different elements. Accordingly, if the cut is durability, the Protoco Bait Box will overthrow the competition.

Many commercial and sport crabbers will recommend the quality of this particular crab bait box. It has an ergonomic design so that anyone can use it, regardless if they are amateurs. All the parts are secure and can prevent the escape of giant crabs. Of course, babies can still get out from this box, but that's completely understandable. The closure system is secure, and the door is large enough to quickly take out all of your catches.


  • Highly visible even in dim conditions
  • Made to last long in service
  • Can trap large and burly crabs and lobsters because of its spacious construction
  • Large opening enables quick access to the trap
  • Can be installed.


  • Painting job requires improvement.

What Are The Best Crab Bait That You Should Use?

What Are The Best Crab Bait That You Should Use?

You see, it doesn't really matter if you have exceptional crabbing gears. As long as you don't know the temperament of crabs, there's no way you can catch them. I learned that through experience. Waiting an entire day for crabs to come out is a bitter predicament that I want to forget. Of course, you will realize that this job is not for the faint-hearted either.

Fortunately, you can always skip getting stuck in this situation. Catching crabs would a lot be easier if you know what makes them tick. You have to identify what catches their attention. After all, crabs are simple creatures. They will follow their impulses and appetite, as part of their instinctive nature.

Crabs are easy to lure because they are scavengers. They have a variety of meal preferences in their menu, so there's no need to buy specialized baits for them. But of course, this doesn't automatically mean that they will eat anything they come across.

You have to understand that crabs have heightened sense of smell. They don't use their visual capability to scavenge for food. Instead, they are using their extremely sensitive nose to search for food and replenishment. At this point, you should realize that the best bait that you can use for crabs are those that have a strong or attractive smell.

So what are they?

Here are some of them:

Chicken Neck

One of the best lures that you can use in your bait cage or box is a chicken neck. Many crabbers are using this particular food because it is cheap and easy to find. Crabs love chicken neck because it comes with a pleasant scent. Furthermore, it is tasty and bony, which is a preference for crabs.

Using chicken necks for luring these crabs is pretty straightforward. You have to tie them inside the trap or cage. After that, you have to wait for the crabs to come in. Another good thing about these chicken necks is that they are sturdy. They don't melt or degrade even if they are exposed in the elements. There are some instances where these chicken necks can last on the field for up to ten days.

It would be great if you integrate other human food to these chicken necks. Ideally, you can use for cheese, hot dogs, and bacon in the equation because they increase the intensity of the scent. They have an oily smell that these crabs will never be able to resist.

Here is an example of an effective use of chicken necks in crabbing:


Some crab hunters out there are using fish in luring out these crabs. Most of the time, these are professional anglers who will immediately utilize whatever that is near to them. Specifically, dead or frozen fish works well for crabs. After all, they have this particular scent that can attract hiding crustaceans.

Many prefer frozen fish because they don't decompose quickly. It will be a waste and time and effort if you are dealing with a bait that easily crumbles. The more intact the fish, the more scent it can produce. There's more room for crabs to gather because the bait is still affixed in your trap.

If you prefer using live fish, then I do recommend that you use mackerel. This particular fish is easy to spot and catch, especially if you are in the vast ocean.

The best way to keep the bait untouched is by putting it in a can. Punch holes to an unused can and insert the bait there. After that, you attach the can inside the trap. In this way, the crabs won't be able to scavenge the bait. And because there are holes, you can guarantee that the smell will still reach the sensitive senses of these crabs.


There are commercial anglers who are using eels as their primary crab bait. But because eels are challenging to catch and acquire, it is on the least of the preference of ordinary crabbers. However, I can ascertain that eels are effective because of their pungent smell.

Eels are being cut into tiny pieces before they are attached to the bait cages. Just insert the eel to some fish hooks, and you are good to go. You can guarantee that crabs will be lured to your trap.

Eels are pretty useful and durable because of their sturdiness. Crabs can't tear them easily.

Bottom Line

Catching crabs can be a source of excellent leisure. During a kayaking trip, this particular activity can be done. As long as you have the best crab bait, you will be able to seize as many crustaceans that you want.

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But of course, let me tell you that the quality of your bait cages does matter here. If they are flimsy or too difficult to access, having a good catch would be difficult. That's the very reason why introduced those cages and boxes in the prior section of this guide. I want to make sure that you can get the most of your time while you are crabbing. Any of those can help you get as many crabs as you want!

That's it for now. If you have questions that are related to fishing and kayaking in general, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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