The Best Walkie Talkie for Kids to Ensure Their Safety

Kids tend to grow up so fast that they might even urge you to give them a bit of independence and tell you they’re ready to embrace the adventurous life.


Well, if you want to give your kids a sense of freedom but at the same be right there for them just in case they need you, why don’t you equip them with a walkie talkie? This device will surely fuel your kids’ independence and help them not be afraid to get out and have some fun for the best childhood experience.

So in today's article, let me share with you some of the best walkie talkies for kids. I also included a buying guide that will help you decide which device will surely meet your requirements.

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Retevis RT-388 Kids Walkie Talkies Rechargeable FRS Toy Gift 22 Channel Walkie Talkies for Kids (Pink,1 Pair)

Don’t you hate it when you have to constantly buy batteries for your kids’ walkie talkie? The thing with children is that they always tend to forget to turn their devices off, so you might want to opt for something that is rechargeable. And take note, purchasing batteries over and over is absolutely an added cost that might go unnoticed.

Fortunately, Retevis Kids Walkie Talkies has been specially designed for kids and is also rechargeable. In addition to its rechargeable battery, plug and charging cable are also included in the package. Plus, you can choose from its different color schemes, there's vibrant pink, light blue, and pixelated camo print.

Another interesting feature of this unit is the keypad that helps prevent any preset setting from being accidentally changed. Its LCD screen also comes with backlit, so it will be easy to use even when you’re in darker areas. What’s even great is that it has a built-in flashlight in it.

And there’s nothing you have to worry about as it is made to be durable to be able to withstand accidental falls or drops. I also like how it allows you to choose among 10 different call tones. Also, you can use your headphone with this device for hands-free operation.


  • It’s a fully rechargeable walkie talkie
  • Everything that you will possibly need comes in a single purchase
  • It comes with a built-in LED torch which is very handy in dark environment
  • It has a keypad lock feature to prevent personalized settings from being accidentally changed
  • It comes with a belt clip.


  • It has a shorter range of up to 9000 feet.
Little Pretender Walkie Talkies for Kids, 2 Mile Range, 3 Channels, Built in Flash Light

What makes Little Pretender Walkie Talkies For Kids stand out is its incredible range of 2 miles, making it perfect for long-range uses, most especially if you’re one of the families who love the great outdoors. Its antenna comes with excellent transmitter-receiver and has really clear sending or receiving.

This walkie talkie offers three channels that make communication with different frequencies possible and is perfect for wireless communication. But what I like most is it's on/off button that is easy to use. Moreover, it has an LCD screen that indicates different frequencies.

Another remarkable feature of this walkie talkie is its PTT or push to talk button that you will conveniently find on its side, beside the on/off button. I’m sure you kids will find this very easy to use, plus it has belt clip, so your kids can keep it easy close and never miss any contact with you. Other helpful features of this device are its small flashlight and its SOS calls.

If you’ve used cheaper types of walkie talkies before, I’m sure you’ve noticed how annoying their speakers are; you will hear a small hissing sound and also have static that makes it hard to understand what the other party is saying.

But that's not the case with this device, it has a speaker that is loud and clear enough you’ll easily understand the other party. Its microphone, on the other hand, works really well too. It detects audio sound really well, so the person on the receiving end will hear it clearly.

But what makes it even great is that it's pretty easy to use. You can even just hand it to your five-year-old kid, and I bet he will be able to figure out how it works.


  • Its speaker delivers crystal-clear sound
  • It's a durable device yet lightweight enough to be carried around
  • It comes with an impressive 2 miles range
  • It also has a belt clip that makes it easy to transport
  • It will conveniently fit into your kids' small hands.


  • There are some users that say they noticed delays on its push-to-talk buttons
  • It does not have an extensive battery life.
FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkies, 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Radio, 4-Mile Range Two Way Radios with Flashlight and LCD Screen, and Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys and Girls

FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkies has been absolutely designed with kids in mind. It boasts a camouflage design, the LCD screens are illuminated, and its modern controls are button-based.

Moreover, it has a maximum range of four miles and 22 channel device along 38 privacy codes that significantly cut down outside interference and make sure your privacy is well-protected. It even has a squelch feature that filters out unnecessary static and noise.

But that’s not all, it also comes with a built-in flashlight, and most of all, it has a heavy-duty built that is resistant to falls or drops. This walkie talkie is also equipped with advanced features such as custom call tones, VOX hands-free calling as well as headphone support and external mic. It is powered with 3 AAA batteries, but it also helps that its package includes rechargeable batteries.

Though it may be smaller compared to most other walkie-talkies, yet it feels sturdier. It also comes at a hefty price, but if you'll consider its overall build quality, versatility and the number of features it comes with, I must say it's worth its price.


  • It has durable built that is made of eco-friendly materials and is kid-friendly
  • It delivers optimal transmission range
  • It comes with 22 channels with privacy codes
  • It comes in an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold
  • It has adjustable volume control
  • It’s compatible with all the standard FRS/GMRS radios.


  • It sounds tend to go vague over time.
Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies 22 Channel FRS Toy for Kids Uhf FRS 2 Way Radio Toy(Red, 2 Pack)

Next, we have another incredible walkie talkie from Retevis. It’s lightweight and small enough for your kids to comfortably hold and what’s even better is that it’s remarkably affordable. But despite its budget-friendly price, it is packed with incredible features.

For instance, it comes with easy talk feature; thanks to its VOX function that makes it possible for your kid to communicate using this device a lot easier. Moreover, it also features SQUELCH factor 1-6, this means that all of the sounds that will be transmitted through this device will be crystal clear.

Moreover, this walkie talkie comes with the essential 22 channels, and you can even use it to scan different channels as well as accordingly set it up, so your kids will be able to use it even more easily. There are also five buttons along with PTT, making it much hassle-free to operate.

But that’s not all, this is also a durable device; rest assured it will last through the years that will come. And just like its cousin Retevis RT-388 Kids Walkie Talkies, you can also choose among different colors. There's Black, Blue, Red, and Silvery.


  • It comes in a colorful and compact design making it perfect for kids
  • It features hands-free voice-operated operation
  • Its LCD screen comes with backlight making it easy to read even in a dark environment
  • It comes with two power settings.


  • Its batteries tend to run out very fast and request to be replaced regularly.
Walkie Talkies for Kids - Vox Box Kids Walkie Talkies for Boys or Girls, Voice Activated Long Range Outdoor Toys Walkie Talkie Set

This is one of the finest walkie talkies your kids can use both indoors and outdoors for endless adventures. This is a two-way radio that comes with plenty of channels. Your kids will be to access to 22 different channels. Plus, there are also 99 sub-channels, so you kids will never have any problem looking for private channels.

It also has voice activation feature that makes it possible for your kids for hands-free operation. They can just simply transmit on the Vox Box two-way just by speaking.

But the best of all is that it has a kid-friendly interface; your kids will have no problems accessing the buttons as they were all clearly labeled. Its LCD screens are illuminated, and it even comes with an LED electric lamp, making it probably one of the greatest outdoor toys you can give to your kids, even to your teenagers.


  • It’s a dependable walkie talkie that some adults might even find them helpful
  • It comes with 22 channels that have 99 sub-channels
  • It has a flashlight built into it and has LED-lighted screens
  • It’s easy to use for small kids.


  • It has a shorter battery life.

Best Walkie Talkies For Kids: Buyer’s Guide

Best Walkie Talkies For Kids: Buyer’s Guide

You might think that a walkie talkie is just a simple toy, so purchasing one is an easy task to do. But let me remind you that there are thousands of walkie talkies in the market, and all of them are claiming to be the best one, making it difficult to choose a device that will meet you and your kids’ needs.

So how do you know you’re purchasing the best walkie talkie for kids? Well, let me walk you through some of the most important features you need to seriously consider.

1. Easy to use

Fortunately, walkie talkies are already a simple device. It’s not like your regular mobile phone that comes with several applications. But still, you need to check how easy it is to use for your young kids.

For instance, it’s recommended for it to have large buttons as well as clear and simple functionality. There should be no complicated features.

2. Durability

The thing with kids is that they don’t have the capacity yet to differentiate devices with toys, so they might not be easy with the walkie talkie you’ll give them. They will likely toss them, throw them, slam them or even walk on them. So make sure you consider a walkie talkie that is durable enough to withstand all these pressures.

It should be built with heavy-duty materials or even covered with a material that is unbreakable to make sure it will not pull to pieces when dropped.

3. Range

Not all walkie talkies were made to be the same, each comes with a range of distance. It’s highly recommended to opt for long-range walkie talkie as a shorter range might not be useable in certain environments like in the city which is heavily obstructed.

4. Channel

Walkie talkies come with 2 to 22 channels. Most advanced units generally have 22 channels. It’s best to opt for walkie talkie with more channels as this will minimize disturbance you will from other radios within your range.

5. Weight and Size

You also need to make sure that the device will fit the little hands of your kids. It’s recommended to choose a small and compact walkie talkie that will suit the hands of your children. They should be able to fully grasp the device’s entire body or else it might accidentally slip, and that might damage or break the walkie talkie.

In addition to that, the device should also be lightweight too. Of course, you don’t want to burden the young ones with heavy and bulky devices.

6. Battery Life

Remember your kids love and enjoy playing for a long period of time. So to be safe, make sure that the walkie talkie comes with long battery life. It should at least last three to nine hours.

But another thing you need to take note is that various walkie talkie uses different kinds of batteries. No matter what your choice is, it should be durable and child-friendly.


So that’s it! I hope this article will be able to help you find the best walkie talkie for kids. I’m sure they will enjoy this inexpensive communication option and even learn a lot from it too; in fact, a walkie talkie is even said to help build kids’ independence.

Anyway, you might also want to read other articles from this blog like the best walkie talkie for cruise ship which is a very important device to make sure you will be making memorable memories by keeping in touch with your family while you’re on-board.

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