The Best Baitcaster Combo That’s Worth Your Money

Best Baitcaster Combo

Searching and buying the right fishing gear can often be a daunting task even if you’re already an experienced angler – how much more if you’re just new to the world of fishing. There are plenty of different parts you need to purchase, like the best fishing rod, what reel you should pair it with, etc.

Plus, you need to consider whether they will fit and work together and how compatible they really are. Of course, you don’t want to come home only to find out that your rod and reel do not match.


Is this starting to give you a headache? What if I tell you that this does not have to be this complicated? Well, with the baitcaster combo, you will spend less time and money to have a good pair of rod and reel.

Anyway, I've listed down below some of the best baitcaster combos you can find in the market today, so you can easily choose one that will suit your fishing needs. Please keep on reading.

Lew's Fishing Laser MG Baitcast Combo

Lew's Fishing Laser MG is a good example of a reliable and well-built baitcaster. To begin with, its zero-reverse one-way clutch bearing composed with eight stainless steel double-shielded ball bearings that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and will provide consistent performance. It also features adjustable magnetic brake system, so rest assured you will be getting nothing but the best cast and fewer chances of backlash to occur.

Its reel also has a sturdy ‘Rulon' drag system that can deliver up to 15 lbs of stopping power. In addition to that, it also comes with an adjustable magnetic control system that you can easily access since it is conveniently positioned right next to the handle and it will only take a simple movement to adjust.

Moreover, its rod blank is built with heavy-duty graphite so it is sensitive enough and is also sturdy and resistant to corrosion. It also uses stainless steel guides with stainless steel inserts, including a dual-grip EVA foam handle that is really lightweight and comfortable to the hands without compromising the grip power. But what makes it unique is that the rod comes with an exclusive skeletal graphite reel seat.

Overall, I can really say that this baitcaster combo is a great value for its price. The combo is actually composed of a one-piece, medium-heavy rod that is available in three different lengths; there’s 6’6”, 6’10”, and 7’.


  • The rod has excellent action and sensitivity
  • It is highly recommended for swimbaits as well as crankbaits
  • It comes with a drag system that can be easily adjusted
  • It has the same performance with high-end combos but a lesser price.


  • It only generates medium-heavy power.
Berkley Big Game Baitcast Combo

Next, we have a baitcasting combo from Berkely which has been popularly used for big game species. Berkley is one of the most trusted names in the world of fishing gears. They are known to engineer fishing gears to help anglers catch more fish and use the highest quality materials.

Anyway, this baitcasting rod and reel combo are available in two different variations, there a 6’6” length with medium power while the other one is a 7’ with medium-heavy power. Both has its own advantages but one thing is for sure, they were built for maximum power and strength.

A sturdy fiberglass blank has been used for its rod while the guide frames use corrosion-resistant stainless steel and include aluminum oxide inserts. And to make things convenient, the rod comes with a hook keeper and has a full EVA foam handle so it's comfortable to hold.

Its reel, on the other hand, has been built by prioritizing strength and sensitivity using a full graphite body as well as aluminum handles. It also features a Berkley patented Trilene Big Fishing Game line pre-spooled on its lightweight, aluminum spool. It can also provide up to 18 lbs stopping power on its drag system. And with its six ball bearing, along with one roller, the reel definitely deliver smooth operation.


  • It’s a sturdy and dependable baitcaster combo
  • Its rod construction is pretty impressive
  • It has an ergonomic handle so your hands will not easily get tired even for extended use
  • It can catch big game species without any difficulty.


  • Its users noticed that it is less sensitive compared to other rods
  • Its reel does not have a magnetic brake.
Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo

Don’t get turned off with its name, there’s actually nothing ugly about Ugly Stik-GX2 Combo. In fact, it makes the best combination of features to make sure you will have a good catch.

Well, if you’ve already been fishing for quite some time, I’m sure you already have a one or two Ugly Stik fishing gear in our tackle arsenal. This reputable brand has been in the market ever since the year 1976 and they are now unbeatable in the competition with their high-quality, durable and sturdy fishing gear at an affordable price.

For instance, the 6’6” rod of this baitcaster combo offers varying power options while its GX2 line is built with a sensitive yet heavy-duty combination of fiberglass and graphite. Fiberglass gives the line a reliable strength, so can handle even the toughest game species without any difficulty while graphite is a remarkable material sensitive enough to alert you with small bites from tiny fishes.

But what’s even more amazing is that the reel is made of full graphite too, which makes the rod even more sensitive. In addition to that, the guides are made of stainless steel too, adding durability and fights against any corrosive elements.

Another thing I like about this equipment is that it features EVA foam grips that make sure it will never slip out of your hands while you're reeling your catch. Plus, it has an eye-catching and modern look, with its black matte finish along with the red and silver accents.


  • Its rod is made of graphite and offers impressive durability
  • Its reel offers a great balance between speed and power
  • Its rod has sturdy line guides that never get chip.


  • It belongs to the heavy side, a lot of users said they feel exhausted holding it all day.
Lew's Mach Crush

Here’s another baitcaster combo from Lew. What makes Mach Crush stand out is that it is packed with incredible features to make sure it delivers an efficient fishing performance. First of all, it’s reliable and sturdy. It features a Super Low Profile graphite frame rod that has side plates to make sure it’s heavy-duty yet light enough.

U-shape 32mm spool with a solid brass main gear along with crankshaft has also been added to this combo which is absolutely outstanding. It also features ten-bearing system on its stainless steel which guarantees excellent performance. In addition to that, it also comes with a double-shielded bearing with Zero Reverse feature, so the game you'll catch will never be able to escape.

Another interesting feature of this combo is its double-anodized spool along with the carbon drag system as well as superb tension adjustment feature which is very easy to configure. And to make sure the reel and spool will work efficiently, Multi-Setting Brake has been added.

I must say this baitcaster combo never lacks reliability when it comes to its performance. Its rod is even well-built using IM8 graphite with Nanotechnology and also features SoftTouch skeletal body with Dri-Tac grips for progressively better results.


  • It has an incredible set of features like SoftTouch, Dri-Tac grips and so much more
  • Its reel offers exceptionally smooth performance
  • It comes with a multi-setting brake system to externally and internally adjust the brake
  • The reel comes with 10+1 bearing system.


  • It’s a bit frustrating how the rod tends to frequently break the line.
LEW'S FISHING American Hero Baitcast Combo, Fishing Gear, Fishing Rod, Baitcasting Rod, Casting Rod, Baitcaster, AH1SH610MH

If you’re an experienced angler and you’re looking for a way to increase your casting accuracy, then look no further, Lew's American Hero Baitcast Combo is going to be your best friend. Well, it’s not difficult to see why a lot of experienced anglers love this rod and reel combo.

First of all, it comes with 6’10” medium heavy one-piece rod that is well-built using multilayer IM6 graphite to make sure its structure is durable and sensitive. Other features that come with the rod are the EVA foam split-grips for a comfortable grip even if you’re fighting with huge struggling fish, stainless steel guides that are rust and corrosion resistant as well as Lew’s own No Foul hook keeper.

On the other hand, the baitcasting reel of this combo comes with a graphite composite frame as well as for the side plates. The spool is also made of anodized aluminum spool while the crankshaft and main gear are made of solid brass.

This is a pretty lightweight rod and reel combo too, weighing only 7.2 ounces, yet delivers remarkable performance. It features four stainless steel ball bearings that add smoothness to its operation. It also features zero-reverse clutch bearing that reduces the risk of backlash, this means you will have the bigger chance of landing big game species.

I also like its fully adjustable drag system that provides up to 15 lbs. of drag power while its custom paddle knobs found on its aluminum handle are built for comfort, so you can last fishing all through the day.


  • It’s suitable for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Its rod is durable, sensitive and extremely light
  • Its braking system is pretty impressive
  • It guarantees smooth and precise retrievals.


  • There are no starting holes so it can be challenging to make spooling.

Best Baitcaster Combo: Buyer’s Guide

Best Baitcaster Combo: Buyer’s Guide

But before you go out and purchase any of the baitcaster combo mentioned above, there are still some important factors you need to keep in mind before making a purchase. Keep on reading below as I walk you through the most vital features you need to find in a good baitcaster combo.

Length of the rod

Long rod vs. short rod, which one is best for you? Well, if you’re a beginner or haven’t fished much, it’s highly recommended that you choose a rod that is fairly short. This is because it’s easier to maneuver and it will not easily tire you out.

It also helps make casting more accurate; however, the only downside of a short rod is that it does not have the best casting distance.

Action and power of the rod

Generally, a rod that comes with medium or medium-heavy power, as well as medium-fast action, can be a good starting point and also has a decent performance.

Frame material

Pay attention to the material of the frame too. The most common material used are graphite, aluminum and other composite materials and each has its own benefits. Graphite, for instance, is more budget-friendly and lighter however it is not as durable as Aluminum.

Ball bearings

Make sure that the ball bearings are sealed or shielded, this will protect the roller against any damaging element or anything that will move within the reel.


Don't ignore the material used in the handle too. It would be best if it's ergonomic and wrapped with soft rubber so it will be comfortable for your hands.


So there you have it, the best baitcaster combo you can invest today so you will have a productive fishing adventure this weekend. If you haven’t tried baitcasing yet, don’t worry! Learning how to cast a baitcaster is really easy. There’s no doubt why this style of angling is well loved by most advanced anglers.

Anyway, there are still a lot of tools that can help you enjoy a rewarding fishing. For instance, you might also want to check out the best fish finder which is a very helpful and great fishing tool that can absolutely benefit your fishing trips.

Well, that's it for now! If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

Fishing is fun. As long as you have the right amenities, things would be good on your part. Now, one of the most important aspects of fishing is having the right fishing rod. And mind you, there are specific rods for specific fishing applications. Now, if you want to know the best catfish rods, fly fishing rods, ice fishing rods, baitcasting rods, spinning rods, surf fishing rods, saltwater fishing rods, drop shot rods, crankbait rods, bass fishing rods, jerk bait rods, walleye rods, and jigging rods, I have them for you. Just check each of them and see what suits you! Of course, I also listed the best fishing rods in the market, just in case you are curious about them.

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