Youngbloods from Youtube, where are they located/filming?

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Back to Brodies location, it kind of does matter. I think it would be genuine for him to answer it as hes been asked so often. Secondly without the location there would be no new boat, no jetski, prob no hot GF. Hes using the resource but not sharing where it is, I just find that a bit fake, why hide it? Its not KFCs special herbs and spices haha. Looking at where he launches and so many trucks I cant imagine would be hard to find out.
Personally I want to know because of the marine life, my other half is a Dr in Marine Biology and Id love to go check it out from an ecology perspective. I do like his ethics on not approaching whales etc, although its illegal anyway.
The only thing I dont like is using icons of Playboy Pets to sell your videos and become a millionaire. Most successful people in the ocean Genre do though sadly. To me she is unimportant in the context of the video outside she is really cool herself.
Is there any way we can narrow down where it is? He clearly lives in a town, but Broome is the only town im familiar with on the west coast……..
I made my money out of property, but I have thought about doing a youtube secondary, or more so 3rd income at the mo, so I can give up the IT, seriously an Office is bad for your health. Wouldnt it be good if we could all make a living making videos of what we love doing.
I see one guy I watch at the mo just does gambling machines and he has over 1m subs haha. I enjoy so many things it would be hard for me to narrow it down to one thing so thats why Id consider doing a more broad channel, Adrenalin Jukies Journey © 🙂

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