You can buy this huge sunfish at a supermarket in Japan

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What looks like an alien laid out for experimentation is actually a sunfish up for sale at a supermarket in Japan. The sign next to it reads, “OK to touch, OK to photograph,” which gives us the impression that dozens of grubby little fingers have been run all up and down the body of that sunfish. That gray blob of a fish needed all the help it could get to appeal to people’s empty stomachs, and the addition of finger germs isn’t doing it any favors.

Most commenters wondered if sunfish are even edible, others guessed that it would taste like chicken. One commenter claimed to have actually tried the faceless fish and revealed that although you can eat it, it doesn’t taste good. At any rate, 9,800 yen (US$91) seems like a lot of money, even for such a large fish, considering you’ll have to have a car big enough to carry it and the knife skills to fillet it. Seriously, how are you going to get that thing home?? Just look at that random package of oyster mushrooms hanging out next to the sunfish; that thing is huge! Where did it even come from? Did a random fisherman show up to the supermarket and sell off his largest catch of the day? And how long has that thing been sitting out in the open for? Oh supermarket sunfish, won’t you please reveal your secrets!

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