Wiring Harness Installation; Wiring To A Fuse Block – Garmin Fishfinder 160 Blue Owner’s Manual [Page 13]

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Wiring Harness Installation

The Fishfinder 160 Blue comes with a wiring harness that connects

the unit to power and the transducer with one easy-to-remove connection.

Make sure the wiring harness will reach the unit before beginning


If it is necessary to extend the power/data wires, use a wire of compa-

rable size and keep your extension as short as possible. If the transducer

lead is too short, DO NOT cut the transducer lead to lengthen the cable.

This will void the warranty. Transducer extension cables are available in 10′

or 20′ lengths from your GARMIN dealer.

Wiring to a Fuse Block

If your boat has an electrical system, it may be possible to wire the unit

directly to an unused holder on your current fuse block. If you are using the

boat’ s fuse block, remove the in-line fuse holder supplied with the unit.

Installing the Wiring Harness:

1. Determine the polarity of the fuse holder using a Test Light or Volt Meter.

2. Install the Red (+) wire on the Positive Fuse Holder Terminal.

3. Install the Black (-) wire on the Negative Fuse Holder Terminal.

4. Install a 2 amp fuse in the Fuse Holder.

During a typical installation, only the Red and Black wires are used. The

Blue wire supplies NMEA data, and doesn’t have to be connected for normal

operation of the unit. The Yellow (alarm) wire is not used, because the Fishfi nder

160 Blue does not support external alarms.

Installing the Wiring Harness

Install 2-Amp Fuse

Continued on page 6


10-18 Volt Boat Supply


Boat Ground

Fishfi nder 160 Blue


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