Will Saltwater Fishing Lures Catch Freshwater Bass?

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Will Saltwater Fishing Lures Catch Freshwater Bass?


Will saltwater fishing lures catch freshwater bass?

How do Salt Strong’s proprietary lures perform in freshwater scenarios?

You’d be surprised at how versatile these lures really are!

Check this out!!

Using Saltwater Fishing Lures In Freshwater [VIDEO]

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The short answer is…YES!!!

Saltwater lures will definitely succeed in catching largemouth bass in freshwater lakes and ponds.

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All told, a hungry fish will strike something near them if it looks enough like a baitfish or a shrimp.

Salt Strong lures are no exception as they will successfully catch fish in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

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Do you have any questions about using saltwater fishing lures to catch freshwater bass?

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I wish you would show the retrieve mechanics of the pole, basically the speed of reeling in and the twitching of the pole. I notice this is lacking in many of the Saltstrong videos.

No surprise. I’ve caught flounder and other saltwater fish on bass lures. If it gets their attention, they impulse strike, hunger or instinct, both always present.

I did this yesterday for the first time using FRED


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