Will an IKEA cabinet be able to handle the weight of an LG wall oven?

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    my oven melted the coating on my cabinets

    Comments (28)For any future readers, be cautious using contact cement on thermofoil cabinets. I learned the hard way with contact cement, apparently the cement has solvents in it that will make foil curl into itself thus worsening the problem. Afterwards I called my dad, who spent 30+ years working at Borden/Elmer’s glue, and he told me to use plain white glue. Eventually the white glue has to be reapplied but it won‘t wreck the foil. If the curling is beyond repair (as in the pic by the oven), then I don’t think white glue will help at all. But the white glue does help, if the thermofoil has only curled up in small areas….See More

    Ikea kitchen sale – 20% in gift cards or money back

    Comments (368)For those that might still be following this thread, it should be noted that IKEA has been running this sale again, for a bit, and the current one expires Sunday Aug 14th. Also poking around in the online catalog last week, I noticed that the Kitchen Island Assembly kits have been "re-continued". The "Assembly kit for kitchen islands" – http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00298411/ and the "Support bracket for kitchen island" – http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00298406/ are back! Even if you don’t buy them, grab the instructions. As for my kitchen… I am finally hanging cabinets on one wall. I hope to accelerate my progress now that 3/4 of the old floor is gone, and we have half the subfloor prepped. Clearly things that should have been done earlier, as we are now way outside the return time-frame for any problems….See More

    Ikea Kitchen Decisions

    Comments (19)I’m very late to the thread and OP probably did the reno already. If you haven’t reno’ed yet, I would move the refrigerator & pantry to the south wall making it 24" deep vs what looks like 15"; centre the stove on the former 9’0 fridge wall (thereby eliminating the blind cabinet corner and bend); the sink/DW grouping will need to be at least 9" less (from 9’+1′ structural wall(?) to 8’+1′ structural wall) to make up for the added depth in fridge/pantry wall but IMO you’ll get more efficient kitchen with 3 distinct zones: fridge/pantry, cooking, cleaning/prep. Get as wide cabinets as you can especially if you plan to use drawers, because you lose at least 3" width for each cabinet to accomodate the hardware/drawer clearances. ie. 8′ base cabinet grouping behind sink/DW: original – 24" + 24" + 24" + 24" = lose 12"+ of usuable space to clearances option 1 – 36" + 24" + 36" = lose 9"+ of usuable space to clearances option 2 – 30" + 36" + 30" = lose 9"+ of usuable space to clearances EDIT: Just noticed I could enlarge the pic and see graph….See More

    IKEA kitchen final layout options

    Comments (26)I am really not a fan of the diagonal upper corner cabinet, especially in your prep space next to the cooktop. If you are handy at all (you did mention building a shelf), or will have a competent and agreeable installer helping you, you might consider doing this (using cabinets sized for your space): https://www.ikeahackers.net/2014/04/kitchen-upper-corner-cabinet.html Also strongly recommend using drawers instead of base cupboards wherever possible. If you can spare the counter space, then using a tall cabinet/drawer combo in the left corner can both hold a microwave and provide a bit more pantry. That is a tight space on your sink wall — 144". What size sink base are you planning? Use the smallest that can accept a sink size that fits your needs. Also you could consider putting the trash pullout in the sink cabinet which is often wasted space. I am seeing some slide in induction ranges for anywhere from $1500 to $1800, if you are willing to shop to find a closeout or scratched unit that is acceptable to you. Just tossing that out there re the oven issue. ETA: I had no choice but to use two 9" cabinets in my kitchen and have been able to make use of them – the lower is a pullout for spices, the upper is where I keep my tea/coffee (they are both next to the stove)…See More

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