Which is better Zinsser or Kilz? 26 answers you need to know!

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Picking a great primer is one of the critical parts in accomplishing smooth, wonderful, durable paintwork.

Primer seals the surface, so your drywall doesn’t drink in many a layer of costly paint, and it can assist you with accomplishing an impeccable completion for any task,

regardless of whether you’re restoring furniture, repainting cupboards, or painting open air woodwork.

When applied to two unique walls on a similar space, two coats each, Original Kilz Primer permitted more seep through, while Zinsser gave better coverage.

Nonetheless, Kilz Premium is a high-concealing recipe, with a more white, thicker consistency for amazing opacity.

1.What is Zinsser paint used for?

From mold and buildup to stains and insurance, Zinsser makes it simple to determine basic issues in the home or on business projects.

Proficient quality, quick-drying recipes make critical thinking basic.

2.What does Zinsser primer do?

Incredible for use on every inside surface and spot priming on outside surfaces.

It is detailed to seal, prime, and block out stains on recently painted or new work. You can apply any oil or latex paint over it.

Experts love B-I-N since it dries quicker than some other preliminary.

It fixes as quickly as it dries, making it ideal for kitchen cabinets repainting, doors, and trim work.

3.Is Zinsser paint any good?

Zinsser Allcoat incredible stuff, various coats on in a day. It covers well and dries incredibly.

The white isn’t the awesome inclusion, however, the dark consistently performs well.

It has the special reward of being a primer, undercoat, and topcoat in one,

so you just normally need one item rather than product.

It offers protection to all open-air surfaces including wood, metal, workmanship, plastic, cement, and cladding which is the reason it’s normal a staple thing in such countless expert decorators center pack.

It is additionally mold resistant and flaunts an amazingly enduring finish at 15 years

4.Is Zinsser a good primer?

If you need an adaptable primer that is reasonable for both inside and outside use, then, at that point Zinsser Bulls-Eye is your most ideal decision.


This primer offers you multi-surface client capacity on wood, metal, and plastic, with a solid bond that is both climates safe and hearty.

5.How long should Zinsser primer dry before painting?

Dry Time – At typical temperatures Zinsser primer Bulls Eye 1-2-3 will dry to contact quickly and can be recoated following 60 minutes.

Topcoat inside 30 days.

Lower temperatures, higher stickiness, and the expansion of color will drag out the dry and fix the season of the item.

Full attachment and hardness create in 7 days.

Most of the time, latex primers don’t take over an hour to dry out. In any case, you should stand by three to four hours before applying a layer of paint.

Then again, oil-based primers will require a more extended chance to dry out.

You should allow it 24 hours to ensure that it’s totally prepared for another coat.

6.Which Zinsser is best for water stains?

Zinsser additionally fabricates a shower paint to cover smudges, Zinsser Primer Stain Killer Aerosol, ideal for circumstances where you have a little fix or fixes of water smudges.

No requirement for a brush, simply splash the water stain, stand by until dry and apply a subsequent coat.

Not suggested for large areas.

7. Is Zinsser primer really thick?

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 has a thick consistency. Honestly, a few groups don’t care for this trademark since they feel that the primer is harder to brush out.

This is valid. Nonetheless, its substantial body is actually why most people like it.

In the event of primer a more unpleasant surface, like high thickness urethane or plywood, Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 fills in the surface giving a smooth, uniform surface for the finish coat.

The outcome is a more pleasant appearance because the primer shrouds surface defects, which in any case may be more prominent.

8.Is Zinsser BIN watery?

You need to realize it is watery and brings some consideration to set out a decent completion.

Continuously paint once again into a wet edge, and work quickly. It dries rapidly.


Whenever utilized appropriately and applied well there could be no greater primer

9.Can you use Zinsser BIN on MDF?

Yes Indeed, go over with a fine grating to eliminate the nibs the apply your glossy silk sanding again between coats, may require 3 coats being first time painted, however.

When applied to two unique walls in a similar space, two coats each, Original Kilz Primer permitted more seep through, while Zinsser gave better coverage.

In any case, Kilz Premium is a high-concealing recipe, with a more white, thicker consistency for amazing opacity.

10.What Zinsser primer should I use for MDF?

For smooth surfaces at home #1 is Zinsser Bin white pigmented shellac primer.

It sticks to about anything, can be top-coated with anything, magnificent for fixing tannin from seeping into the paint, and it dries super quick,

can as a rule be sanded in a little while

11.Can I paint over Zinsser shellac?

Any oil or latex paint can be applied over it.

Experts love B-I-N since it dries quicker than some other primer.

It fixes as quickly as it dries, making it ideal for kitchen cabinets repainting, doors, and trim work.

12.Can I apply Zinsser shellac with a foam roller?

To the extent, the application process goes,

we utilize a modest brush or an old brush that, Can be thrown.

Never utilize pleasant Zibra brushes, likewise prefer to move it’s anything but a 4″ roller, so can discard the roller when finished.

Simply remember, on the off chance that you utilize a foam roller, it can begin to self-destruct after a ton of utilization, because of the synthetic compounds in Shellac.

If you are chipping away at a little undertaking, a froth roller is fine! In case you’re chipping away at a bigger project I suggest a microfiber roller.

13.What type of Kilz primer should I use?

To begin, evaluate the sort of surface you will paint.

If you just moved into another house or finished an expansion and you’re painting new drywall,

KILZ PVA Drywall Primer or KILZ 1 Standard Interior Primer are both made for the work.

All things considered, KILZ Adhesion Interior/Exterior Primer is a great decision.

14.How many coats of Kilz do I need?

On pretty much every wall surface, at any rate, one layer of groundwork will be required. The sort of primer.

They may have outstanding amongst other paint thoughts for their garage walls however neglecting to utilize primer ensures a helpless final product.

Zinzer or kilz outside. 2 coats. Let dry totally.

Paint with quality paint.

15.Why is kilz not recommended for flooring?

kilz not suggested flooring.

Because of gravity and why is expected explicitly pet smells, smoke scent sealer for a superior for kilz, not the ground surface is the reason.

They utilized in little canines were smokers inside magnificent murkiness which item suggested for the deck is the reason kilz, not just an ideal surface.

kilz great notes with cleanser and fills in as a simple and why not for your use on. So it is not recommended for flooring.

16.Is kilz water or oil-based?

KILZ Premium is a prevalent quality, quick-drying, water-based primer, sealer, and stain blocker that gives phenomenal grip and a buildup safe covering.

It’s ideal for use in dampness inclined regions and blocks out most stains brought about by water, tannin, ink, pencil, felt marker, and oil.

17.Can I use Kilz as a primer?

Kilz paint is a primer and stain-blocker that is utilized to conceal dim paint and stains.

Applications can go from priming an interior wall to concealing spray painting on a structure.

It very well may be applied to most surfaces, including wood, block, drywall, and painted metal.

18.Do you have to sand before using Kilz primer?

Yes, Sand the door surface. Sanding your surface well, before preparing and painting, is the correct method to do it.

Sanding will make a smooth surface that will help your paint look incredible.

You can sand kilz when it’s dry.No drawn-out stand-by time.

Spray on, it should be dried in minutes, except if you sprayed such a lot of that it pooled.

19.Should I use Kilz before painting?

Yes, If you need brilliant paint grip and for your tones to show up in their most genuine tint – the appropriate response is yes.

Primer likewise makes your paintwork strong, and that is particularly significant in high-traffic regions like kitchens.

You frequently discover cabinets in kitchens, restrooms, and pantries, and these spaces of the house are liable to fluctuate temperatures and humidity levels that can make paint strip.

For these spaces, a Primer like KILZ Mold and Mildew dries with a buildup safe preliminary completion that secures and broadens the existence of your paint.

20.Can you use Kilz 2 as a final coat?

No you should not use it as a final coat You will only need one coat will do, you can coat with any other desired topcoat.

Use on inside and outside surfaces including woodwork, drywall, plaster, framing, paneling, masonry, painted metal, and appropriately pre-arranged reflexive surfaces.

Use under or over water-based or oil-based paints. Not suggested on deck.

21.Does Kilz paint kill mold?

It will prevent mold on the surface of the premier.

Likewise extraordinary over wood, incorporating when managing rust.

The motivation behind a primer is to set up the contact surface for the shading layer covering paint.

Stains like colored pencil marks, left-over shape and mold flaws (after cleaning), water-based splotches, smoke smudge, and blood would all be able to be covered with a decent primer.

22.What happens if you paint over mold?

If you paint over mold, it will return in its unique structure or the type of chipping, foamed, or broken paint.

Over the long haul, this could cost more than it would have been to get from remediation benefits in any case.

At the point when you decide to not cover up mold, you are picking is safe and quality.

23.Can you use Kilz on hardwood floors?

If the subfloor is truly uneven and it can’t be fixed by screwing it down into the floor joists the installer will probably lay the hardwood over a minor lopsided subfloor. Kilz is the answer.

24.Can I use water based paint over Kilz oil based primer?

You can utilize oil base primer and paint over it with latex or oil based paint.

Then, at that point, I would propose utilizing oil based primer or Kilz to make preparations or whatever you are painting.

Then, at that point, you can utilize either oil based or latex paint to add tone.

Oil based paint won’t stick to latex paint, as latex will not to oil based.

25.What kind of primer should I use?

  • BEST MULTI-PURPOSE PAINT PRIMER: Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer.
  • BEST PAINT PRIMER FOR INTERIOR WALLS: KILZ General Purpose Interior Latex Primer/Sealer.
  • BEST PAINT PRIMER FOR CABINETS: KILZ Original Multi-Surface Stain-Blocking Interior Oil-Based Primer/Sealer.

26.Which is better Kilz or Zinsser?

The two brands supply house owners and project workers with a wide scope of different choices.

When looking at Kilz versus Zinsser, the two alternatives come out genuinely even as far as form obstruction.

Top primers are intended to impede form and keep it from grabbing hold on the furniture pieces, woodwork, cupboards, or dividers you’re painting.

So in case you’re searching for a form safe primers, Zinsser and Kilz both have you canvassed in that regard.

Zinsser Kilz
Product Variety Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Interior/Exterior Water-Based Primer Kilz Premium High-Hide Stain-Blocking Interior/Exterior Primer
B-I-N Shellac-Based Primer dhesion Primer variety
Zinsser 123 Primer Kilz Premium Primer.
Adhesion powerful adhesion abilities. adhesion abilities.
Bleed-through, odor, and consistency allowed less bleed-through allowed more bleed-through
better coverage normal coverage
Mold resistance and usage same same


It seems like Kilz primers have a great deal of work to would in the event that they like to play on a similar field as Zinsser.

Zinsser’s thick, solid coatings are known for requiring fewer covers, less prep work, and being grippy on harder surfaces.

That by itself is reason enough to confide in their image and try them out if you haven’t as of now.

Except if you have a project that requires utilizing primer layers or in case you’re OK with extra prep work, you presumably will not have any desire to utilize Kilz. Zinsser is only that amount more flexible.

So, any preliminary is superior to no groundwork by any means. So if you can’t jump on Zinsser, it’s okay to pick Kilz.

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