Where Should Fire Extinguishers Be Stored On A Boat?

Where Should Fire Extinguishers Be Stored On A Boat?

Fire is unusual when it comes to marine vessels like boats. But don't ever think that it doesn't take place. Even if you are traveling throughout the midst of an ocean or a lake, incidents like fire are not a far-fetched idea.

Because of this, boat owners and operators are required to purchase and install fire extinguishers. In fact, it is the U.S Coast Guard that mandates this policy. But the question is this: where should fire extinguishers be stored on a boat? You see, it is a crucial aspect that every owner should know. If you can't heed this rule, your boat won't be able to travel. You are also risking each and every water adventure that you have.


As you should know, fire extinguishers are as essential as your other fishing amenities such as a fish finder. The proper installation of it means that you can quickly access it in times of emergency. Let's discuss this matter on the following sections.

Where Should Fire Extinguishers Be Stored On A Boat?

Contrary to popular belief, a fire extinguisher cannot be placed anywhere in the boat. Don't ever believe if someone tells you that. It is risky and puts the fire extinguisher at an insufficient rate. You cannot reach them immediately when emergencies arise. Moreover, placing the fire extinguisher in appropriate positions will cause harm and damages.

If there are unexpected boat inspections, the absence of properly mounted fire extinguishers can amount to fees and other legal sanctions. You don't want to get into this problem, so you need to comply, whether you want it or not.

So where should you place the fire extinguishers? Well, the first consideration is accessibility. Specifically, you need to place the fire extinguisher in areas where you can see and grab it immediately. The place should have minimal clutter as well. Obstructions will limit your access to this amenity. And that's not a good thing.

Of course, the area should be free from physical objects that can cause damage to it. The fire extinguisher should also be away and protected from the elements. Extreme heat and cold can damage the container and the chemicals within the extinguisher. Here are some of the ideal locations for fire extinguisher storage:

  • Kitchen
  • Cabin
  • Hull
  • Bilge.

Take note that any areas in your boat where there is no physical deterrence can be ideal storage for a fire extinguisher. Meanwhile, those who are still undecided where they should put the fire extinguisher the boat should take heed to the following considerations:

1. The location of the flammable liquids. Gas and oil can easily ignite, especially if there are the presence of kindling materials and temperatures. It would be great if the fire extinguisher is placed near them. In that way, you can immediately respond if a fire breaks out.

2. The location of the kitchen. The kitchen of the boat contains a lot of flammable materials. The stove and the burner alone are enough proofs that this part of your boat should be guarded at all time. You should also consider the electronics there, as they can quickly suffer from the flames, too.

3. The recreational area. All the places in your boat where people always gather should have a fire extinguisher. Whether it is on the cabin or your personal quarters, as long as there are consistent human activities there, a fire extinguisher is necessary. Always remember that human lives are important than any of your belongings.

4. The placement of the gas tank. You should also be wary of the position or location of your gas tank. While it is true that gas tanks have safety features, you still have to exercise caution. Wherever your gas tank is, place a fire extinguisher there. It is the only way you can keep your company safe from potential accidents.

How to Mount a Fire Extinguisher On A Boat?

How to Mount a Fire Extinguisher On A Boat?

Another thing that you should know is the proper and safe mounting of a fire extinguisher. It is entirely wrong if you just let the fire extinguisher without the appropriate mounting system. It could get damaged if the waters get turbulent. It will be toppled, slammed, and flipped if you won't secure it.

A fire extinguisher should have a distance of three feet to all of the objects in your boat. In this way, you can take it immediately whenever you need it. Always remember that access is one of the crucial considerations here.

When mounting a fire extinguisher, it should not be upright. Instead, it should be on an angle. Doing this will prevent the chemicals and substances from sinking in the bottom of the container.

Getting a proper fire extinguisher mount is also necessary here. Placing the item on the floor will create a lot of risks. Always remember that you are riding on a boat. You can never get a moment where everything doesn't move. Your fire extinguisher will roll away if you let it sit on the flooring of the boat. There's a good chance that it will fall on the waters.

Right now, brackets and mounts are the most appropriate amenities that can lock the fire extinguisher in place. Make sure that these items can accommodate the size and type of your fire extinguisher. You should also check if the wall or platform of your boat can support them as well. It is the only way you can ensure that you won't waste money at all.


Where should fire extinguishers be stored on a boat? Right now, you have already learned the answer to this question. I already expect that you will be able to secure your fire extinguishers properly. Whenever there are inspections or emergencies, you will be able to access them without any hassle.

Also, don't forget that you have to replace the fire extinguisher for every two to three years. The quality of the chemicals will gradually subside as time passes by. While others think that this investment is too much, always think that a fire extinguisher can serve as the thin line between life and death.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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