Where do sharks live ?

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Where do sharks live ?

Sharks live in the waters of the whole world, in every ocean, and even in some rivers and lakes.

Sharks surprisingly well adapted to their environment.

They reached this harmony with the sea millions of years ago, and as far as can be judged, precisely because their adaptation already in prehistoric times was so perfect, they have hardly changed to the present day in their main features, although the differences between individual species have become much sharper .

These fish millions of years ago firmly took their place in the water area of the globe and it is now even impossible to imagine the consequences of the ecological catastrophe associated with their disappearance.

The surface of the Earth is covered with water by 72%, and more than 2/3 of the salt water. The average depth of the sea is approximately 2,800 m.

They extend from extremely low coastal zones, with a depth of water over several hundred meters above the continental shelf, to the deep-sea zone of the sea.

As on land, where there are mountains, valleys, plains, forested areas or deserts, a wide variety of habitats can be found in the seas – meadows of seaweed, coral reefs, pebbles, canyons.

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