What You Didn’t Know About Faucet Covers

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What You Didn’t Know About Faucet Covers

Can you imagine the hassle of repairing a broken pipeline during winter? It sounds like a terrible way to spend your day. Many people don’t think about the importance of keeping their faucets protected until the cold weather sets in. The cold causes unprotected pipelines to leak, break, and burst open, creating a huge mess inside your house.

Outdoor faucet covers have become a quick and easy solution for protecting your faucets and pipelines from freezing and other outdoor threats. These popular covers have saved many homeowners from the hassle of constantly replacing and repairing their faucets.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about this great product and why you must have it in your home!

How Do Faucet Covers Work?

Outdoor faucet coverings are made of Styrofoam or similar materials that help to keep your outside spigot from freezing down to a few degrees below zero.

The faucet covers trap the heat that escapes from the pipes and is dissipated to the outside spout. The cover is insulating, so no heat escapes, keeping the water freezing. As a result, there’s no growing or shattering of the fixture or pipes.

Types Of Faucet Covers

There are two types of popular and functional faucet covers. Feel free to choose the one that fits your spigots the best:

  • Rigid thermal foam: It’s a cone-shaped net fitted over the spigot that may be tightened to create a seal.
  • Flexible insulated bags: It’s similar to putting a sock over your faucet, but this one is capable of isolating the cold from it and protecting it.

When & How Can You Use Them?

Faucet covers not only come in handy for winter, but you can also use them in any scenario in which you’d like to protect your faucets:

Avoid Drafts In Your House

Drafts in the house can result in higher power costs. When looking for drafts in the home, people don’t consider where the fixture is attached to the house to see a draught. This may be fixed with covers for the fixture.

Prevent Pests From Nesting

When it gets cold outside, many tiny animals like to go into places where they are certain to be warm. One of them is in the faucet. The last thing you want is an animal building a nest inside your home. This might cause blockage in the hose and pipes and other damage.

Avoid Water From Accidently Running

The outdoor faucet protector can also be used as a childproof mechanism to prevent kids from turning the water on accidentally. As a result, you may save a lot of money and reduce the water waste in your home.

Avoid Any Intruders

Some covers include a lock, which is helpful if you’re concerned about your neighbors or the construction crew next door using your water. This also helps you keep track of your water bill and ensure that nobody but you is using the water from your faucet.

Prevent & Avoid Disasters

When your pipes freeze to the point of breaking, you’ll have a lot of damage done to the walls, flooring, and ceilings This will take a considerable amount out of your bank account to repair. Spigot covers can help prevent pipeline freezing and breaking.

Find The Best Faucet Protectors

If you’re looking for the best faucet protectors, Fix & Feed hardware store is your go-to.

Our Frost King faucet protector is a cone-shaped cover that can easily be installed in just 3 steps and prevents your fixtures and pipes from freezing and causing bigger damage to your home.

We are equipped with knowledgeable staff to help locate what you need and with the best prices in the market, providing you with an experience that saves you money, time, and stress. Whether it’s materials for your next contract or a home improvement project, visit our stores to find just what you need!

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