What trailers are allowed to be towed on the Garden State Parkway?

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We answered questions from readers about which trucks are too big to use Garden State Parkway north of Exit 105, but what about moving trailers, boats on trailers and mobile homes?

A reader specifically asked if the Parkway has any bans on car or pick-up truck pulled trailers.

The question was posed after the reader said he passed a variety of car-pulled trailers on the Parkway.

Q: Are there any restrictions on trailers pulled by cars and light trucks on the Garden State Parkway?

A: While there are some weight and length restrictions, non-commercial car and pick-up truck-pulled trailers are allowed on the Parkway, said Thomas Feeney, a New Jersey Turnpike Authority spokesman. The Authority runs the Parkway.
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“Generally, campers and attached non-commercial trailers and semi-trailers are permitted on the Parkway, even north of (Exit) 105,” he said. “Cars, vans and pick-up trucks pulling trailers are not prohibited.”

Turnpike Authority rules said that non-commercial tow vehicles and trailers up to 45 feet in length may use the Parkway. Recreational vehicles towing trailers also may use the Parkway as long the total length doesn’t exceed 62 feet. Weight restrictions, based on the number of axles on a trailer, also apply.

Commercial trailers and semi-trailers are prohibited from using the Parkway north of Exit 105, the same as large trucks that weigh over 10,000 pounds gross weight.

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