What’s that floating in the middle of Lake Redman?

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What’s that floating in the middle of Lake Redman?

Roy Kroner of Shrewsbury noticed the shiny equipment floating in Lake Redman several weeks ago while hiking at the park.

“We were wondering what they were, and of course, we were all speculating,” he said, adding that they came up with idea “that it’s monitoring the water.”

The pieces of equipment are called SolarBees, and they are circulating the water to help inhibit the growth of algae, said Jeff Hines, president of the York Water Company. It’s being done as a proactive measure.

“We want to be ahead of any issues,” he said.

Five of them were installed in the lake in the spring, Hines said. Some of them are visible from Interstate 83, and occasional passersby have called 911 because they think a boat has overturned, said Mark Walters, a spokesman for York County.

York County 911 dispatches emergency responders to the lake to check on it, although authorities are aware that it might be one of the SolarBees.

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Some places use fountains to help prevent algae, Hines said. The new pieces of equipment are solar-powered and are tethered to the bottom of the lake. They pull cool water up from the bottom and diffuse it on the top.

Kroner, who scuba dives, is aware of such “thermocline,” and he can see why it would be important to mix the cool water with the warm water at the top because warm water is more conducive to algae growth.

Joe Koester and his daughter, Chelsea, saw the new contraptions while out on the lake on Monday evening, and they, too, wondered about them.

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“I actually thought at first that they were there to clean up garbage,” he said.

Koester, of Chanceford Township, said they could see the equipment spinning underneath the water.

The water company just asks those who are fishing not to snag their hook on one of the SolarBees, Hines said.

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