What does a Shed Ferry look like?

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Like most blogs, nobody reads this one… The Shed Ferry realizes he’s not going to compete with Arianna Huffington. In fact, the only person that read my inaugural blog was the owner of Reeds Ferry Sheds. After reading the blog he said, “Thank you Shed Ferry, but try not to make us look like a bunch of idiots.” I appreciated his confidence in me…

Yet despite having a blog audience of zero, the internet is like putting a note in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean; you never know who might accidentally stumble upon your ramblings. This was proven to me when 2 days after my first post I received an anonymous email. The sender was compelled to reply to my first post with a well thought out question. It read: “What does a Shed Ferry look like?”

Excellent question. The problem is I can’t answer it. That’s because I’m an apparition. Ferries, Specters, Elves, Gremlins, leprechauns, and other assorted spirits are all apparitions. From time to time we appear visible, but unfortunately we do not reflect natural light through a camera lens so I can NOT be captured on photographic film or digitized into jpg form. This is why you never get a photo Christmas card from a Ferry.

I understand the need of the public to validate my existence, so to satisfy them I arranged to have Larry, the head of Reeds service department, pose in my stead as the Shed Ferry.

Larry as the Shed Ferry

Here’s Larry in his rented Ferry garb. People think he’s somewhat of a curmudgeon, but his loyalty to Reeds Ferry Sheds runs so deep he was more than willing to take one for the team. (Note: The wings are fake, and the leotard Larry is wearing is cliché. I don’t wear a leotard; most Ferries don’t, but it’s what people expect and demand.)

Remember, if you’d like to see the actual Shed Ferry in person simply stop into Reeds Ferry Sheds just over the Mass border on Rt 102 in Hudson New Hampshire. Walk up to the desk and ask our girl to see the Shed Ferry. But be aware she will likely give you a strange look… She doesn’t read this blog either

– The Shed Ferry

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