What are those? Circulation devices appear on Lake Redman

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What are those? Circulation devices appear on Lake Redman

New solar-powered devices installed on Lake Redman will help improve water quality — and maybe even the fishing.

York Water Co. installed five water circulators called “Solarbees” on Lake Redman at the end of April. Much of the circulator apparatus is below the surface of the water, but three floats and the solar panels are visible.

According to Jeffrey Hines, CEO and president of York Water Co., the circulators were installed to get the “source of our water as clean as possible” before it heads to the filtration plant. The circulators will help control blue-green algae growth in the lake by mixing cooler water from the bottom with the warmer surface water and increasing the amount of oxygen in the water, a benefit to the aquatic life.

Currently water flows through Lake Redman and Lake Williams before being pumped from the south branch of Codorus Creek. When the new pump house, currently under construction on the north shore of Lake Redman near the dam, becomes operational, water will be drawn directly from Lake Redman and sent to the filtration plant.

Not only will the Solarbees provide a cleaner starting point for York’s drinking water supply, but fishermen could see improvements in their catch thanks to the circulators. The devices provide more oxygen and cooler water temperatures, and the Solarbees will provide floating habitat for game fish species.

Hines says that boaters are asked not to interfere with the circulators’ operation but expects they will become popular fishing targets.

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