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Water Strider

What A Water Skater Eats: Water Skaters are predators,They get their food by capturing and eating other creatures. They eat newly hatched tadpoles and mosquito larvae (immature stage) that float to the surface. They eat dead insects. Sea skaters eat floating fish eggs and other protein sources. Water Skaters usually eat insects that fall into the water.

Habitat: Water Skaters usually inhabit calm waters. They also inhabit fresh water areas with insects and zoo plankton. Any water temperature lower than 22 degrees celsius is not favorable. Their habitat must contian several rocks or plants for the Water Skater to lay eggs. It is aswimmer.

Predators: They are preyed upon by birds and some fish. Some Water Skater are hunted by frogs, but they are not thier main source.

Status/Threats: The Water Skater has a few threats. Water Skaters are common, but might be hard to see s they move around quickly. Water Skaters are not endangered because they don’t have to live in water. If the water dries up, they can make their home in ditches or on the ground.

Life Cycle:: Water Striders go through the egg stage, five stages of nymphs, and then the adult stage. Each nymphal stage lasts 7–10 days and the water strider molts, shedding its old body through a Y-shaped part to the head and thorax. Nymphs are very similar to adults in behavior and diet, but are smaller (1 mm long), paler, and lack It takes approximately 60 to 70 days for a water strider to reach adulthood. (Made our own food web).

Survival Strategies: To escape predators, Water Skaters either diveunderwater orquickly go to another part of the pond.

Field ID: You can usually find Water Striders in ponds or lakes. You can identify a Water Strider in the benthic stage by looking at the legs. If the legs are wider open, it is immature. The adult, has more of a long body instead of fat.

Extra Information:

Social Behaviour: Both female and male adult water Striders hold separate territories, though usually the male territories are larger than the female.. During the mating season, Water Striders will emit warning vibrations through the water and defend both their territories and the female in it.

Water Skaters can also skate on flowing/running water.

Water Striders have hair.

Water Skaters make noises.

Ability To Walk On Water: Water striders are able to walk on top of water due to several factors. Water striders use the high surface tension of water and long, legs to help them stay above water.

The legs of a water strider are long and slender, so it can stretch out more. The legs are strong, but have flexibility that allows the water striders to keep their weight evenly distributed and flow with the water movement.

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