Watercraft Insurance: Yachts, Sailboat & Boat Insurance Coverage

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A photo of a small boat docked in the backyard of a luxurious Florida home.

Watercraft Insurance

For your vessel and the valuables within it

Whether you own a sailboat, luxury yacht or something in between, our comprehensive Watercraft policy is designed with you and your boat’s unique needs in mind and includes broad navigational limits to protect you in domestic and international waters.

Notable watercraft insurance coverage features

Agreed Value Provides Certainty

In the event of a total loss, we’ll pay the Agreed Value listed on your Watercraft policy without a deductible,1 and for most smaller losses, we’ll pay for repairs without subtracting depreciation.

Coverage for Tenders & Personal Items

Coverage for tenders is automatically included in your policy. And if your personal property or fishing equipment is damaged or stolen, we will pay to replace it, up to the agreed upon limit.

Emergency Towing and Assistance

If your watercraft becomes disabled, we will pay the towing and emergency assistance costs without a deductible.

Coverage for Damage While on Land

If your vessel is damaged while being transported, during dry-docking or while undergoing maintenance at a marina, we will pay to repair it up to the limit on your Watercraft insurance policy.

Use of Temporary Substitute Watercraft

If your watercraft is damaged due to a covered loss and is out of use for more than 14 days, we will cover the cost of a similar temporary watercraft.

Hurricane Haul Out & Storage

In the event of a severe storm, we will reimburse you for haul-out and storage expenses, up to the limit on your Watercraft insurance policy.

Liability Protection

If you are sued or held liable for an incident involving your vessel, we provide coverage for legal defense costs, damages, pollution clean-up and containment, wreck removal and Jones Act coverage for paid crew.

Coverage for Search & Rescue

If you or one of your passengers are lost at sea, we will cover up to $25,000 for search and rescue operations from a government entity.

Marina as an Additional Insured

The marina or yacht club where your vessel is docked, moored or stored is included on your policy as an additional insured.

Medical Payments & Uninsured Boater Coverage

If one of your passengers is injured on your vessel or in an accident involving an uninsured vessel, your policy includes coverage for medical expenses.

Occasional Charter Coverage

Coverage for occasional boat charter is available by endorsement and includes Loss of Charter Hire income.

1. A Named Storm Deductible may still apply if damage is caused by a hurricane, tropical storm or other named storm.


Trouble at sea

PURE members set sail from Rhode Island, headed south to Antigua. During the trip, a storm brought rough waters and heavy winds which caused significant damage to the vessel’s mast, sail and rigging equipment. Thankfully the vessel was still operable and the couple made it safely to Bermuda.

PURE’s claims adjuster arranged for initial repairs during their stay in Bermuda which allowed them to continue to their final destination before inclement weather would impact their travel. PURE’s adjuster monitored the members’ location through a marine traffic system to ensure they arrived safely and arranged for a local repair shop to finalize repairs once they reached Antigua.

A stylish couple walking together outside in a tropical location.

A service experience to make your life easier

A Proactive Approach to Risk Management

As part of your boat insurance coverage, PURE Member Advocates® can provide advice on hull inspections, help find qualified hurricane shelters, assist with background checks on crew members and provide guidance on a hurricane or severe weather plan.

Exceptional Claims Service

All claims are reported to PURE’s licensed claims professionals, meaning you only have to tell your story once and the claim process can begin right away. Your PURE Member Advocate will be available during and after the claim to help locate another vessel for you to use while yours is being repaired, research surveyors and repair shops, replace lost items and more.

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