Walleye Fishing in Canada: Most Important Facts and Information

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Walleye Fishing in Canada: Most Important Facts and Information

To ensure your fishing vacation in Canada is exciting, you need to learn walleye fishing. Canada receives over 3 million tourists annually most of whom vacation in Canada to catch walleyes.

Canada boasts of having the best walleye fish globally in regards to size and health. Canada also has some of the best trophy fishing lodges in the world i.e. Oak Lake Lodge. So, if you’re planning on taking a fishing vacation in Canada, here’s what you need to know about walleye fishing.

Finding walleye fish

To be able to catch walleye fish in plenty, you need to know how to locate the fish. First and foremost, walleye fish are highly mobile and usually travel for miles searching for spawning locations.

It’s also worth noting that the fish move vertically in water. This is usually the case since such movement provides the best oxygen content and water temperature for the fish.

Which season is the best to fish walleye in Canada?

Walleyes thrive during winter which makes it the best time to find and catch big walleye. The first ice period of winter is the best time for fishing walleye since the fish tend to be plenty and present in shallow waters for weeks. Walleyes are also in plenty during mid to late winter although they bite bait best during the first ice period.

If you happen to go for a fishing vacation in Canada during spring, it’s worth noting that walleyes start spawning migration during this season. Spawning takes place in shallow waters at night over gravel or sand bottoms.

The walleye usually remain in shallow waters (under 15 feet) to feed and can do so the entire day. Spring is, therefore, ideal for walleye fishing although winter is the best period since this is when you can catch the largest walleye.

During summer, the water temperature increases as well as the light from the sun. Since walleyes thrive in low temperatures and dim light, you need to cast your fishing line deeper (15-30 feet) during summer to catch walleye.

You can also consider fishing very early in the morning or late in the evening since walleyes move to shallow areas to feed during these times.

Walleye fish have light sensitive eyes.

This is partly why winter is an ideal time for walleye fishing. Spring is also ideal since spring sun isn’t harsh. To have the best chance of catching walleyes, consider fishing at dawn or dusk as opposed to midday.

Favourite Walleye locations in natural waters.

Walleye fish love shallow and extended weed flats as well as reefs. These locations (especially the edges) are usually densely populated with walleyes during spring and fall. Gravel rubble also attracts walleye fish since such rubble offers suitable ground for spawning.

Deep reefs, humps as well as man-made cribs are great locations for fishing walleye in summer especially if they are connected to saddles or other structures.

During the transition period from summer to fall, walleye thrive in sharp drop-offs in lake basins. Break lines with numerous irregular features are also popular locations for walleyes in natural waters.

When you choose a remote lake like Oak Lake, you don’t have to worry about seasons. Oak Lake is one of the most popular walleye fishing grounds. The lake waters are protected so, there’s plenty of large walleye fish to catch throughout the year regardless of the season.

Walleye bait

Walleyes love live bait the most notable being night crawlers and minnows-leeches.

To increase your chances of catching walleyes, you need to use certain bait every season. For instance, walleyes love minnows; large shiners, small suckers and red tail chubs during winter. During spring, walleyes love fatheads and small red-tail chubs.

During summer, use night crawlers and leeches. Winter bait also works during fall.


Walleye fishing in Canada is bound to be easy and fulfilling if you consider the above information. Although there’s much more about walleye fishing, the above information is bound to give you a great start. You should, however, consider visiting a walleye fishing hotspot in Canada i.e. Oak Lake Lodge to get the best fishing experience.

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