Top 4 Propane Cylinder Tips

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Top 4 Propane Cylinder Tips

As the weather heats up, the first thing on many of our minds is, “Let’s fire up the grill!” But before you dress the greens or rub the ribs, check out these propane cylinder tips.

1. Don’t get caught empty! Check how much propane is left in the tank:

  • Disconnect the tank from the grill.
  • Pour a pail of warm water on the tank from top-to-bottom and side-to- side.
  • Feel the tank – it will feel cooler at the level where there is propane and stay warm above where there’s none.

2. After you connect the hose to the propane tank, check for leaks by using water and soap.

  • Pour liquid dishwashing soap in a spray bottle with water.
  • Adjust the spray tip to be a straight stream, not a mist. As another option, you can also pour soap on a wet cloth and wipe down the tank.
  • If there are bubbles when you open the tank valve, there is a leak.

3. Check your tank closely. If it’s severely rusted, dented or damaged (for example, the protective collar is bent or broken), replace it with a new one to be on the safe side. Turn in outdated or damaged propane cylinders to your local Co-op so they can be properly recycled.

4. Wondering if your cylinder can be refilled? Take your propane tank out of storage and check the date stamp on the collar of the cylinder. All cylinders must be inspected and recertified or replaced every 10 years from the date (MM/YY) stamped on the collar prior to being refilled. Note that it is still safe to use a cylinder that is more than 10 years old if it contains propane but it must be recertified as per federal regulations before it can be refilled.

Stop in at your local *Co-op Gas Bar to refill, exchange or buy a brand new propane tank for your barbecue.

For a full list of safety tips on filling, handling, transporting and storing cylinders, check out the Canadian Propane Association’s Barbecue Safety for Propane Users.

Did you know: Your propane cylinder refills and exchange purchases count towards your Co-op equity and cash-back membership?

*Select locations.

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