These are the Best Fishing Reels Made in USA [Updated in 2023]

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Although reels may seem simple, those are actually very sophisticated and complicated devices. In order to perform well, they have to be perfectly made.

Because of that, many anglers are cautious when it comes to reels made in south-east Asia or China, and instead they want reels that are made in the USA, or technologically advanced countries like Japan.

There are many reel brands under American ownership, but do you know which ones sell fishing reels made in USA? Some of the best ones are Abel, Lamson, IRT, Avent, and, Aspen. But these are not the only ones.

Although many manufacturers that make their reels in the US make just fly reels, even those who are looking for a spinning or baitcasting reel can find an excellent local product.

But don’t be fooled, if you see that something is made in the USA, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all the components were manufactured there.

Here I will tell you more about American reel brands, and some other excellent brands which originate from different countries.

  1. What Fishing Reel Brands Are Made In The USA?
  2. These are the Best Fishing Reels Made in USA
  3. FAQs about Fishing Reels Made in USA
  4. Are American Made Fishing Reels Really so Good?
  5. What to Look for When Buying a New Fishing Reel?
  6. Conclusion



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What Fishing Reel Brands Are Made In The USA?

Although there are a lot of American fishing reel brands, that doesn’t mean that all of them really make their reels in the USA.

Some really do, while other just assemble them while using parts manufactured elsewhere. Also, some brands make only their most high-end models locally, while cheaper reels are made elsewhere. Outsourcing your manufacturing to countries where work is cheap lowers the final price of your product. But even those who use Asian factories, do the design by themselves. Some even use their own testing facilities to make sure that the product manufactured in China is still top quality.

So, you do not have to avoid brands that use factories in Asia. The ones to avoid are some no-name reels that come from China, or copies of popular brands. Reels have a lot of moving parts that have to work in harmony to deliver maximum performance, materials have to be good, and the assembly process has to be done well.

Fishing reels made in USA are almost always top quality, and although many of them are fly reels, even those who prefer baitcasting or spinning can find something that they will like.

USA made reels are: IRT, Penn, Seigler, Abel, Accurate, Teton, Hatch, Avet, Ross, Galvan, Lamson, and Aspen.

These are the Best Fishing Reels Made in USA

As you can see, you have many different manufacturers to choose from, but which ones are the best? The answer depends on your needs (fishing reel types), budget, and expectations, but no matter which American made reel you choose, you won`t be disappointed. Here are some recommendations based on fishing techniques.

Spinning Fishing Reels Made in USA

Spinning fishing reels made in USA are excellent, and there is one manufacturer that stands out among the rest. That is IRT. The company was created by people who worked at Penn, who wanted to make a better product and make sure that it is locally manufactured.

They may not have as many reel models and types like some large manufacturers, but their spinning reels are dependable, well-made, and excellent to use.

These reels are designed to withstand rough use, including saltwater fishing, but many anglers use them in freshwater because of their excellent performance.

You can choose among “medium” reel sizes, which cover the majority of freshwater species.

Fly Fishing Reels Made in USA

Fly fishing reels made in USA are a great option for passionate fly anglers. Besides, fly fishing is so popular in the US that local companies must know how to make the best possible reels.

You can choose among many different brands, but if you are looking for a reel that can be used in many situations, it is durable, dependable and well made, you will not go wrong with Lamson. These freshwater fly fishing reels will make every fishing adventure unforgettable.

The craftmanship behind them is great considering the affordable price of some models. It offers best price-performance ratio.

Saltwater Fishing Reels Made in USA

Saltwater fishing reels made in USA are meant to be used in harsh conditions without being damaged. These reels won’t let you down in crucial moments.

Importance of high-quality materials and anti-corrosion properties is extremely important when making saltwater reels.

You can choose among many different manufacturers, ang get a spinning one, a baaitcaster, or even a fly reel for saltwater.

Penn is one of those manufacturers that outsource the production of most of their reels, however, International series are still made in the US. These reels will get you even the biggest offshore predators and you will never have to worry about your reel performance.

Bass Fishing Reels Made in USA

Bass fishing reels made in USA are among the best probably because bass fishing is the most popular form of fishing in the country.

Depending on your skill level and personal preference, you can use both baitcasters and spinning reels for bass fishing.

If you are a beginner, you will probably go for spinning one, but baitcasters are a bit better. You can choose any of the suitable ones made by Avet, and you will be surprised how well they perform for a relatively low price.

Baitcast Reels Made in USA

Baitcast reels made in USA are not so common as fly reels, however, Accurate has some excellent models. But those come at a price. They even have some state-of-the-art spinning reels if you prefer those. No matter what you get from them, it is excellent, dependable, durable, and as the name itself suggests, accurate and precise.

These reels are made from premium materials and assembled with extreme precision. If you have some money to spare, think about them.

Ice Fishing Reels Made in USA

If you are ice fishing lover, you probably want ice fishing reels made in USA. As you already know, you can use any kind of reels that you would usually use for techniques like jigging, trolling and similar. While fishing under ice, there is no need for accurate casting, and those features are not so important.

As a beginner, you can choose any American made spinning reel that goes with your ice rod and choose a size that corresponds the fish size.

FAQs about Fishing Reels Made in USA

Fishing reels made in USA are a dream of many anglers, so before you buy one, and sometimes that is not cheap, find out are they really made in the US.

Are Shimano Reels Made in the USA?

Shimano is a Japanese brand that makes its premium reels in Japan, while all of the other models are made in south-east Asia. However, the quality of all their reels is amazing.

Shimano is popular around the world, and you can find it anywhere. Spare parts and repair shops are available across the world, including USA.

Are Daiwa Reels Made in the USA?

Daiwa is another Japanese brand, and same as Shimano, only their premium reels are made in Japan.

Cheaper, entry-level, models are made in south-east Asia. Both Daiwa and Shimano have strict quality control and they deliver excellent product, no matter the origin.

Are Penn Reels Made in the USA?

Penn is an American company, but that doesn’t mean that all of their reels are manufactured in the US.

International and Senator series are locally made, but other models are made overseas.

Some parts of these premium reels are made in the US, while some are imported. Those made in the USA are excellent.

Are Pflueger Reels Made in the USA?

Pflueger reels are all made in China. None of the models (like President) is produced in the US, or in any other technologically advanced country like Japan.

The company is American, and very popular, but local ownership unfortunately doesn’t guarantee local production.

Are Abu Garcia Reels Made in the USA?

Abu Garcia has some excellent reel models, and the good news is that Ambassadeur series (C3 and C4) are being made in Sweden.

All other models are made in Asia. Ambassadeur is an excellent reel, and it comes at a relatively low price, which is excellent!

Are Kastking Reels Made in the USA?

And lastly, we have KastKing. None of their reels are made in the US, although some people think they are. The confusion comes from the fact that they make certain fishing lines in the US, and they are an American company.

Who knows, maybe they decide to make some reels in the US and make it a premium one.

Are American Made Fishing Reels Really so Good?

Well, that depends. Some are excellent, but same as many other excellent models of reputable brands, they come at a high price.

Entry level ones are not necessarily that good, and you may even find better models made by some other manufacturer within the same price range.

Manufacturing in the US is not as cheap as in China, so if American made reel costs a few dollars, that means that it is not top of the line.

But, some US brands really make extraordinary reels and they are worth the price. If the reel is made from components manufactured in the US and skilled workers worked on assembly, then you can rest assured that the reel is excellent.

What to Look for When Buying a New Fishing Reel?

This question has many answers, but the truth is, you have to look at features that are important to you, considering your prefer fishing technique.

That will determine the speed, size, drag, line capacity, and similar. However, there are some features that every angler should consider and those are the following:

Ball bearings – most people think that the more ball bearings reel has, the better it will be. And if all ball bearings were the same quality, that would be the truth. However, it is better to have a lower number of well-made ones, than a lot of bad ones.

Drag – It has to be smooth and dependable, easy to adjust. There is nothing worse than a drag that can’t be trusted.

Materials – Avoid plastic, and materials that corrode easily, especially if you are going to use it in saltwater. In addition to that, make sure that sealings are well made. Don’t forget to clean it correctly.

Weight – The lighter the reel, the easier it will be to hold it in your hands all day long. This is especially important for techniques like spinning.

The feeling – if you can, take the reel and try it. If it feels right, it is probably good for you.


American reels are among the best, and I completely understand anglers who want nothing but top quality, and that is why they buy fishing reels made in USA. However, if the reel was manufactured overseas, that doesn’t mean that it is bad. That makes it cheaper and accessible to everyone.

For a beginner, cheaper reels can be good learning tools, before upgrading to more premium products.

No matter where the reel was made, always make sure to buy from reputable manufacturers and known brands. That will ensure availability of spare parts, reel service, and you will know that you are buying a dependable product.

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