The Charles Ritz Parabolic Rod series

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A quick reference guide for the Parabolic series of rods available in the 1960’s. This may be of use to collectors and users alike.

World renowned hotelier and angler Charles Ritz designed his set of rods tested by Pierre Creusevant and other leading anglers of the day.

The first production rod came out of the factory in 1938. The rod action forms a “parabola” when casting, showing no weakness or excessive stiffness throughout the cast. The curve is always uniform with no risk of the vibration frequently experienced with other maker’s rods.

The series is comprised of;

The Sawyer Nymph. Designed from a very particular specification submitted by Frank Sawyer. An 8’10” rod suited to a Farlow Farlight or similar 3-1/2” reel with Kingfisher No1 silk line.

The Sawyer Still Water, built for reservoir or lake fishing 9-6” two piece and balanced with a Farlow Grenaby 3-1/2” reel. No3 DT silk line.

The Fario Club, the penultimate design featuring a staggered ferrule joint, the tip being 7-1/2” longer than the butt giving superior casting action. An 8’5” rod suited to Farlight reel and No2 silk line.

The Power Plus Creusevant, 8’3” more powerful and stiffer than the Fario Club.

Designed by Pierre Creusevant for his particular tournament casting style for long distance events.

The Ritz, an 8’2” two piece all-rounder, supple action and similar in spec to the Supreme Normale below.

The Skish, an 8’2” rod, gets its name from the tournament event for which it was designed. Competing in Distance and Accuracy tests, it’s a very powerful rod achieving great distance with standard equipment.

The Speciale Normale & Supreme Normale, two types of rods to suit all tastes, The Speciale having the softer action. The Supreme more suited to the dry fly fisherman with the stiffer action. Lengths 8’ 8’6” and 9”, all suited to Farlight reels and Halford or Air Cel lines.

These rods have undergone a bit of a fashion revival and are popular with both collectors and users.

Should you have any fine examples no longer required, get in touch to trade or sell.

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