The best version of the Snell Knot – animated and illustrated

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Easy Snell Knot

How to tie the Easy Snell Knot for snelling a hook. The Snell Knot provides a reliable straight-line pull when setting the hook. There are several ways to snell a hook and we have found this version to be the easiest and best way. This method is recommended by professional bass fisherman Kevin Hawk of the Elite Series (pro bass tour). Good enough for a guy whose living depends on knots, good enough for us!

Learn at least one of the three methods we show here on Netknots as the Snell Knot is a good knot for all fishermen to have in their arsenal of go-to knots.

Scroll to see Animated Easy Snell Knot below the illustration and tying instructions.

Easy Snell Knot Tying Instructions

  • Run tag end through hook eye toward point of hook, form a small loop and bring tag end behind hook shank. You will want about four inches of tag to work with.
  • Begin wrapping the tag end around the hook shank and the line working from the point to the eye. Make 5 -7 wraps and then feed tag out through loop, from underside to topside.
  • While holding wraps in place, pull the tag end to tighten. Make sure wraps are nice and neat on the hook shank and pull both ends very tight. Clip tag end.

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