The Best Bear-Proof Coolers in 2023

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If you ask experienced campers, they’ll probably say the most important part of camping is having a top-notch food and drink supply. We’re sure a safe and comfy spot to sleep ranks up there too, but food can be make or break. And to keep said food safe for consumption and safe from other hungry bellies in and around the campground, a solid cooler is a must.

While there are tons of coolers on the market, you should think of investing in one that’s bear-resistant, specifically one that’s certified as such by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). Since the 1980s, the IGBC has been doing its part to minimize the number of conflicts and incidents between humans and bears by testing and certifying outdoor gear and equipment for safety, effective storage of attractants, and overall bear resistance. The result is an IGBC certification that campers may want to pay attention to when purchasing coolers ahead of a summer camping trip.

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To help move things along and get you to that campsite that much faster, here’s a quick look at some of the coolest bear-proof coolers for your next camping trip.

The Best Coolers for Camping

Looking to get the best bang for your buck? This 55-quart bear-proof cooler is where it’s at.

Yeti coolers are effortlessly cool, and this is certainly no exception.

The light weight of this cooler is unmatchable.

With all-terrain tires, an IGBC-certified body, and 10 days of ice retention, this cooler is built to go where you go.

This model is ideal for long treks with its sturdy set of wheels.

While we love the compact size of this cooler, it also comes in a 55-quart version, perfect for a big crew.

This smaller edition of the first cooler is just as bear-proof and sports the sweetest baby blue color.

With a 20 qt capacity, the Pelican Elite cooler promises excellent ice retention and superior cooling for every one of the 15 beverage cans it can hold.

Cordova ice chests feature a top-facing latch, they’re certified bear-resistant, and ice retention ranges anywhere from five to 10 days.

Engel’s high-performance cooler features compression latches for an airtight (and bear-proof) seal, and 2 inches of insulation all around, all of which contribute to extreme ice retention — 10 days to be precise.

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