The Best Aluminum Welders (Including from Brands Like Lincoln and Hobart)

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The Best Aluminum Welder, According to 2,000+ Customer Reviews


Welcome to the Thomas guide to the best aluminum welder 2023. Thomas has been connecting North American industrial buyers and suppliers for more than 120 years. When you purchase products through our independent recommendations, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Welding is a powerful technique capable of repairing and melding a wide range of materials together. Between bendy plastics and thick steel bars stands aluminum, a weldable metal that’s present in many projects. Though it’s popular, the right welding machine is needed for welding aluminum.

best aluminum welder

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Aluminum is lightweight and malleable, making it a great metal for the welding process in some respects. There are other traits, though, that frame it as a tricky material to work with and incompatible with some forms of welding.

Here is a list of the best aluminum welders, followed by a buying guide to help you select the best aluminum welder.

Thomas’ Top Picks for the Best Aluminum Welder 2023

MIG, TIG, stick—what’s the best welder out there for aluminum-heavy tasks? Discover the best aluminum welders in this list, which includes MIG and TIG machines that simplify and better the welding process when working with aluminum and other materials like mild steel and cast iron.

Best TIG Welders for Aluminum: YESWELDER TIG-250P 250 Amp AC/DC Aluminum TIG Welder | Buy Now

Best Aluminum MIG Welder: Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process Welder | Buy Now

Best Budget Welding Machine to Weld Aluminum: Reboot 5-in-1 Welder | Buy Now

Best Value Welders for Aluminum: LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MIG Welder with Free Spool Gun | Buy Now

Best Welder for Aluminum Projects: Hobart Handler 500553 210 MVP MIG Welder | Buy Now

Best Beginner MIG Welder for Aluminum: Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 Flux-Cored/MIG Welder | Buy Now

Best Investment Welder for Aluminum: Klutch MP230SiDV LCD MIG Welder with Multi-Processes, Spool Gun, LCD Display, and Dual-Voltage Plug | Buy Now

Scroll down to read more about these top picks for the best aluminum welders according to many happy buyers.

*Prices listed in this article were as shown in US$ on (USA) and as of May 2022

1. Best TIG Welders for Aluminum—YESWELDER TIG-250P 250 Amp AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welding Machine

For a balance between quality and price, many reviewers recommend YESWELDER’s TIG welders. This 250-AMP TIG welder is capable of Square Wave welding, which is notably superior when working with aluminum. Smart temperature control and an automatic cooling fan are both built into this TIG welding machine to prevent overheating. This set doesn’t come with a foot pedal, but though it’s not required, they can be useful accessories to have.

“I’ve been trying to find the ideal unit to do some aluminum welding,” wrote one intermediate welder. “I looked around and tried a few different options. This YESWELDER was the final and best answer… Been welding thin and thick aluminum; no problem, no hiccups… Definitely recommend this welder for anyone wanting to work aluminum at a reasonable price.”


Power: 250 amp

Duty Cycle: 60%

Material Types: On top of aluminum, this is great for welding mild steel, nickel alloy, stainless steel, titanium, and copper

Included Components: TIG-250P AC/DC Welder, 13-foot torch, 10-foot electrode holder, brush, gas hose, three collets and collet body, alumina ceramic cups, and back caps

BUY NOW: US$699.99, Amazon

2. Best MIG Welder for Aluminum—Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process Welder

Contractors and anyone just starting out can both benefit from investing in Lincoln’s 210 MIG welders. Shop owners and small businesses will save time with the simple set up and the screen and dials make it easier to adjust settings for materials like aluminum. This machine is completely user-friendly, according to buyers, even for those who aren’t familiar with how to MIG weld aluminum.

“I was making great aluminum welds with this unit within an hour and I’ve never used a spool gun in my life,” described one customer. “The onboard computer makes it easy to get the settings in spec, then you can dial them in to fine-tune. I can’t speak to the TIG, as this unit doesn’t have it, only the spool gun. Great unit!”


Power: 120V or 230V

Duty Cycle: 25%

Material Types: Aluminum

Included Components: Welder, spool gun, dual gauge regulator

BUY NOW: US$2,529, Amazon

3. Best Budget Welding Machine to Weld Aluminum—Reboot MIG Welder Equipment

Reboot’s MIG welders are budget-friendly options for companies looking to train employees or small shops that need backup welders. The comprehensive aluminum MIG welder set comes with torches, nozzles, clamps, and wire. The brand has a higher-priced model (US$349.99, Amazon) that is well-suited for the aluminum welding process, but an additional nozzle has to be purchased. Customers liked both machines, and the only issue some noted is that the user manual isn’t quite up to par.

“Awesome welder; couldn’t be happier,” described a customer. “The action on the stick and MIG are very smooth. It is extremely powerful and I was able to penetrate 5/8 steel with both. I don’t have the tig torch and haven’t tried gas yet with it but gasless works excellently. I taught a couple beginners on it without issue.”


Power: 220V

Duty Cycle: 60% at 160A; 100% at 108A

Material Types: Aluminum, mild steel, carbon steel

Included Components: Nozzles, clamps, hoses, and wire

BUY NOW: US$269.99, Amazon

4. Best Value Welders for Aluminum—LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder with Free Spool Gun

LOTOS’ welder comes at a higher price point but is still fairly inexpensive in comparison to other welding machines out there. It’s great for any aluminum welding project, including tasks that require welding thin aluminum sheets or thicker surfaces. With an “incredible” bead quality on a variety of metals overall, this option is great for business owners and contractors who want quality and accurate aluminum welding.

Though it doesn’t have dual voltage, it does have dual-frequency. “I needed to weld aluminum and typically, you need an AC Tig welder,” explained one customer. “Due to company budget, I opted for a DC Mig welder with a spool gun. Easy to set up and once I got it dialed in, it worked great.”


Power: 220V

Duty Cycle: 60% at 90A

Material Types: Aluminum and other metals

Included Components: Welder, MIG torch, spool gun, cable, welding mask, argon regulator, gas hose

BUY NOW: US$520.30, Amazon

5. Best Welder for Aluminum Projects—Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

Welding aluminum is no tough task with the Hobart Handler MIG welder, which some reviewers have compared to Miller brand welders save for the high price. Its clean arc, decent penetration, and intuitive adjustment dials are a few features that make this one of the best welders for aluminum. One beginner was even able to get the hang of the machine after 10 minutes.

“Bought this for an aluminum project along with the matching spool gun,” wrote a buyer. “After a couple test welds to set it up it runs great, welded some 1/4″ aluminum plate together and had plenty of amps to spare. Built a boat trailer and modified my welded boat and never had a problem with it.”


Power: 115/230V

Duty Cycle: 30% at 230V

Material Types: Can weld steel (stainless steel, alloy steel) and aluminum

Included Components: Flux core welding wire, ground clamp, gauge regulator and hose, and aluminum spool gun

BUY NOW: US$1,039.99, Amazon

6. Best Beginner MIG Welder for Aluminum—Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 Flux-Cored/MIG Welder

Getting the hang of MIG and TIG welding requires a decent machine. For MIG welding, the Lincoln Electric Easy MIG auto wire feed welder is a great place to start. Automotive welders, aerospace engineers in training, small shop owners, and shop class students have all relied on this machine to successfully help them get the gist of welding with aluminum wire.

“I have only used [it] a couple of times so far but it worked well beyond my expectations,” commented a reviewer. “I had never used a small welder like this before with flux-core and I was quite surprised at how well it worked.” Another person noted that the light weight made it perfectly “accessible [for] many locations.”


Power: 120V

Duty Cycle: 20% duty cycle at 90A

Material Types: Aluminum, wrought iron, steel

Included Components: Welder, 10-foot cable gun, contact tips, gasless and gas nozzles, spindle adapter, shielding gas apparatus, sample spool of MIG wire, and a sample of flux cored welding wire

BUY NOW: US$699.99, Northern Tool + Equipment

7. Best Investment Welder to Weld Aluminum—Klutch MP230SiDV LCD MIG Welder with Multi-Processes, Spool Gun, LCD Display, and Dual-Voltage Plug

This kit from Klutch is equipped with everything needed for aluminum welding. Experts and novices alike can tweak the settings depending on the project through the LCD screen and dials. It also comes with the necessary tools for fluctuating between different welding methods (i.e. MIG, arc, TIG, and flux-cored. The 33-pound weight makes it easier to carry to and from shops and off-site jobs, too.

“I have 35+ years experience as a welder and have used all major brands of machines and this competes very favorably with all of them,” explained one customer. A retired welder and hobbyist added, “This unit will not disappoint it’s everything needed for mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum fabrication.”


Power: 120/230

Duty Cycle: 40% at 90A (120V); 20% at 200A (230V)

Material Types: Aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel

Included Components: Welder, MIG torch, TIG torch, spool gun, electrode cable, ground clamp, gas hose, dual gauge regulator, flux core nozzle, MIG nozzle, contact tips, power cord adapter, and foot pedal

BUY NOW: US$1,079.99, Northern Tool + Equipment

The Best Aluminum Welders—Summary

Welding aluminum is notoriously tricky but with practice and quality welders, it can become an efficient and quick process. For those comfortable with managing wire speed control, a TIG welder, such as the YESWELDER TIG welder (US$699.99, Amazon), is perfect for working with aluminum.

If a TIG welder holds too high a learning curve, a great MIG welder from Hobart (US$1,039.99, Amazon) or flux core MIG mix, like Lincoln’s Easy MIG (US$699.99, Northern Tool + Equipment), is worth a try.

Choosing the Best Aluminum Welder—Buying Guide

Learn more about what types of welding are needed for welding aluminum and shop the best welders for aluminum, such as TIG welder and MIG welder options.

Welding Aluminum

What makes aluminum so difficult to weld? The answer to that is its brittleness and how easy it is to burn through. Without care and proper knowledge, welding machines can melt through the material and cause damage so care must be taken and there is a bit of a learning curve.

Aluminum Characteristics and Categorization

Aluminum is separated into two categories and several different grades and classes. Cast alloys are labeled with names that have four numbers with a decimal separating the third and fourth. The first will be a number from one to eight and the others will vary and indicate traits such as corrosion resistance and finishing.

Wrought alloys are the other type. Like cast alloys, their first number will range from one to eight with what kind of metal is mixed in with the aluminum (if any). Then the others will indicate different traits. The main difference in the naming convention is a lack of decimals.

Finding a Welder for Aluminum Welding

The list of welding techniques out there is long and varied, ranging from stick welding to electron beam welding.

MIG welding and TIG welding (metal inert gas and tungsten inert gas welding) are the recommended methods when it comes to welding aluminum. They fall under the category of arc welding and are best performed on 1xxx and 3xxx-6xxx aluminum alloys.

There are similarities and differences between MIG and TIG welding. They both use heat and electricity to melt and melt metals, but the type of gas and rods involved vary. MIG welding is mechanized and there is no need to manually feed the electrode as the machine works it into the pool for the user.

To weld aluminum, MIG welding is great because it’s a simpler process and more efficient. If a MIG spool gun is used to weld aluminum, an attachment usually has to be purchased to close the distance between the feeder and the MIG gun.

Alternatively, TIG welding uses tungsten rods (hence the “T” in its name), which aren’t consumed during the process. The feeding of the rod through a TIG welder isn’t mechanized, therefore it takes a higher level of skill to use both hands and a foot pedal in some cases.

Though it’s more complicated, it’s typically the cleanest and most precise welding method in this category and for aluminum welding. Some machines built for welding aluminum combine several machines into one, whether it’s a TIG stick welder or a MIG welder with flux core capabilities.

Friction welding and torch welding are other forms that can be used with aluminum, though they’re not the most common. All the following machines are perfect for working with aluminum, but they’re suitable for welding steel, cast iron, and other thick and thin materials.

Accessories to Consider for Better Welding Performance

There are some givens when it comes to MIG, TIG, stick, and other welding forms (like filler rods). Different welding processes will require different tools though and some accessories will help better the user experience.

Shielding gas, a foot pedal, a wire brush, a gas regulator, and a separate welding rod are worth considering when MIG or TIG welding aluminum to up the welding quality. An extra MIG or TIG torch can be useful to have on hand, too.

We hope our review of the best aluminum welders has been helpful. For more suppliers of related products, including electron beam welders, engine-driven arc welders, automatic arc and submerged arc welders, and thermocouple welders, consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.


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