The 7 Very Simple Rules of Wearing a Scarf With Style

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The 7 Very Simple Rules of Wearing a Scarf With Style

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    Pick The Right Weight

    Don’t pull the trigger on the heavy-duty stuff in October, when it’s still quite warm outside. Your scarf game, like your jacket game, should play out over time.

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    Play with Contrast

    Don’t just grab the same scarf over and over as you walk out the door. Look for striking combos—like denim and black—that elevate your whole outfit.

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    Know How to Layer It Up

    Always wear bulkier scarves with sturdier jackets and silk and cotton scarves with lighter jackets. Never be the guy who’s wearing a huge winter scarf and a T-shirt indoors.

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    Learn How to Tie It

    Knowing a few different loops is important. A casual loop dresses everything down a bit, while a wrap-and-tuck move gives your outfit a preppy, collegiate twist.

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    Don’t Let it Swallow You Up

    Your scarf should never be as big as Lenny Kravitz’s here, but too small is also bad for business. The ideal length scarf is easy to loop around your neck loosely just twice.

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    Keep It Neat with a Suit

    When you’re all dressed up, don’t let that tangled bodega scarf drag you down. Opt for a cashmere or merino scarf in a neutral color, and keep the wrap (if any) dead simple.

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    Know When to Skip It

    Got a turtleneck on under a perfectly fitted, buttoned-up jacket? You may not need a scarf at all. Think of a scarf more like an accessory and less like a necessity and you’ll win at this game.

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