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Tackle Warehouse total disappointment

I’m a bass fisherman from Spain and after reading a lot of good comments about Tackle Warehouse online shop so I decided to create an account and place two orders primarily for crankbaits and jerkbaits. The first one received on the expected delivery time with no issues, the second one still waiting and …..a complete disaster!
During the second purchase something happened, maybe a bug in the TW security system, maybe not, but the fact is that my c.card data was stolen! After placing the 2 order, after 2 weeks, I saw a fraudulent transaction in my bank app.
Now, please read really carefully that:
I blocked the c.card and asked to my bank for a refund since the fraud transaction was made in Amazon US and since I never had an A. account I also informed Amazon to check, they confirmed that was a fraud since they found the transaction and the guy or account who made it.
Now, the strange thing begins… the place where the fraud purchase was made (I mean the address where it was made) is the exactly the same address of Tackle Warehouse bank or office, I double checked and verified the two orders I’ve made and the fraud one, all the 3 ones were made in the same location/address!!! Strange? Maybe TW is owned by Amazon now? They are sharing customers personal infos? After that I tried to contact TW attaching the 3 screenshots of the transactions, asking to check what happened and never said they stolen to me, NEVER asking for a refund. I sent 2 mails just to inform them, maybe a bug in their security payment system, maybe not …I really don’t know, but they NEVER, NEVER answer to me, NEVER! What a disappointing company TW, and they supposed to be the number one and most important web shop for bass tackle in the US or even more.

Date of experience: December 02, 2020

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