Tackle Box CF-X Black Edition Spod Rod 12ft 4.5lb (50mm)

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The ‘Black Edition’ these are the very same blanks, although there has been some new additions, we have freshened the cosmetics and used the latest black on black components available, however, our rod builders can create your own masterpiece. This cosmetic upgrade to the stock rods has given us the opportunity to fit the new glass fibre reinforced Sea Guide XDPS reel seats and anti-frap tip guides

The meaning of CF-X is explained here.

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12ft 4.5lb Spod Rod 6ft 3lb Tree Rod
12ft 3.75lb S&M Rod

The 12ft CF-X Spod was voted ‘Best in Test’ amongst 20 other spod rods by Carpology.

The CF-X Spod rod has been designed to cast a spod or spomb as far as possible. It has a fast stepped-up action, which a good casting technique will help to get the best from. If you require a spod rod that is easier to cast, don’t overlook the CF-X 12ft 3.75lb Marker Rod, which has a more progressive action and is ideal for middle to long distance spod work. As with the CF-X Marker, the CF-X Spod has attractive tippet whippings spaced at one and two foot intervals above the top of the reel seat to enable accurate depth finding.

This rod has been designed as a fast action blank aimed at casting spods a long way, but without neglecting features or appearance. The blank itself is created from a multiple blend of carbons to provide a distinctive and attractive 3K weave and is finished with a stainless steel butt cap and green whippings.
The Statistics
Test curve: 4.75lb
Length of rod: 12ft
Butt ring size: 50mm
Suggested use: All-round spod rod

Key Tester Comments
Adam: “Again, this rod was an animal, and in the right hands it would hit 140-150yds easily and was super-accurate when casting at our three marker floats – effortless at hitting the 100yd spot and a very nice looking rod too.” “This was a really nice, well balanced rod,” adds John. “It was light, comfortable, responsive and looks great – coping with all the distances and further easily.” “I really like the look of this rod as well,” agrees Wayne. “The blank and the fittings, and the rod was very well balanced and accurate – I was casting within inches of the markers; one of my favourites so far.”

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