Spray and Forget Reviews: Does it Really Works?

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Last Updated on September 3, 2022

Spray and forget sells their products with a satisfaction guarantee with 100% money-back offers. The products mostly come in concentrated forms that are to be diluted for usage. Many surfaces can be cleaned with patios, stones, roofing, landscaping walls, decks, and walkways.

Other products include formulas coming in small spray bottles for outdoor and indoor usage. Most of the products suit metal, concrete, stucco, fiberglass, and plastics. In the reviews below, the formulas will be described according to their prime functions.

If the product is labeled as ‘roof,’ it will be a roof cleaner with excellent performance there. Similarly, all critical information like bottle sizes, square feet coverage, and precautions will be provided below:

Spray and Forget Comparision
Editor’s PickSpray and Forget Revolutionary LATEST PRICE →
Spray and Forget House and Deck Cleaner Concentrate LATEST PRICE →
Spray and Forget SFESQ01 32 ounce Spray Trigger Bottle LATEST PRICE →

Spray and Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaning Concentrate, Outdoor Cleaner, Mold, and Mildew Remover

According to the mixing ratio and application methods, the one-gallon bottle of Spray and Forget concentrated roof cleaner makes around 10 gallons. The average balance for easy stains on the roof, 5:1, is perfect. If maintenance is required, then the ratio should be converted to 9:1 for water and concentrate. The bottle will easily clean 2000 square feet.

Is it economical?

The gallon bottle comes in economic costs when merged with the handling and shipping costs. The mixing criteria to yield more product provides value for money and decreases the cost peruse.

Usage tips:

You should always apply it with a pump, garden-type sprayer, and not with a hose. Hose attachments provide incorrect dilutions for the formula and decrease the effectiveness in general. The grass and plants that come under the roof line should be protected with plastic. The same goes for any surface that may get damaged.

With steep or high-pitched roofs, it is advised to take precautions, mainly on the moss stains. If you are in doubt of the work, hire a professional for the task.

How to protect yourself?

Although the product is eco-friendly with a non-corrosive finish, it is still allergenic and might not suit all plants. Similarly, all those allergic to fumes or those with breathing disorders must refrain from direct contact. Use protective gear, including gloves, facemask, and eyewear, before applying it on any surface.

Be very cautious while using this product; you will need to climb ladders, so common sense is necessary to avoid mishaps. Never go to your roof over furniture or hazardous items. Similarly, do not go alone or unsupervised if the roof is steep and you are unfamiliar. The product makes the top very slick and might lead to a fall.

Do we recommend this product?

Like any other product for stain removal, this cleaner will not be the best for all sorts of problems. Similarly, you cannot expect immediate results with it. You can, however, see gradual results over time. A variety of factors can determine the duration it takes to show results.

Moreover, it works for a lot of stains when used as per directions. You will be spending way less per application as compared to a professional fee. If you do not like the results, the company also provides a money-back guarantee, with responsiveness to your queries.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Works on an extensive range of surfaces
  • Perfect for stains of mold and moss
  • Easy usage
  • It doesn’t harm most plants
  • Doesn’t contain lye, heavy metals, phosphates, or bleach.


  • It might not suit everyone
  • Repeated applications needed for specific areas
  • Harmful for delicate plants
  • The dangerous application process on roofs
  • Only used with pump-type sprayers rather than hose attachments.

Spray and Forget House and Deck Cleaner Concentrate, Outdoor Cleaner for Mold and Mildew

This formula suits all outdoor surfaces, be it a deck, walkways, or patios. If you wish to use it on concrete, brick, stone, or wood siding, the cleaner will magically clean them too.

Ease of usage:

This cleaner is specially designed to work where moisture has struck after recent rainfall. You need to spray the formula on the area that needs cleaning and go ahead do your chores. The cleaner will do the job for you.

If the surfaces are horizontal, brush the unwanted mold and mildew for best results. It will work fine for lichen, algae, mold, moss, and mildew. Due to the diluted concentration, you can use the cleaner with a bare garden pump sprayer but not a garden hose spray-on.

Is it economical?

Every gallon of this bottle can quickly produce up to 5 gallons of formula to serve the purpose efficiently. The mixing ratio preferred is mostly 5:1 initially, then maintenance can account for almost 9:1. This way, the results will be steady and according to your need. This will let you produce enough product to deal with 1000 square feet area with squeaky clean results.


The precautions being given to you depend on a variety of different factors. These may include the user’s sensitivity to such products, the fumes produced, and the environment you are using it. If the area is a storm drain, 1000 feet swimming pools, natural water sources, it is better to avoid its usage. Need liquid drain cleaners to remove hindrance in the flow of water? Checkout reviews on our site.

Similarly, the product can significantly damage all the newly grown grass or trees, delicate plants, and climbers, so covering and protecting them is advised. Children and pets should be strictly kept off the area of usage until the product has dried completely.

If you have concerns regarding the results of this material in a specific area, you can spot test and check after several days. This way, you can decipher the adverse reactions before you opt for full clearance.

Do we recommend it?

As the other products stated, it is seen that this product is not for all situations and every stain. You can see negative reviews, which call it an ‘ineffective’ formula. However, if you do not let the product show its magic for several days, you, too, will be disappointed.

Instantaneous results are not possible with this product and are not expected with any other Spray and Forget product. It is likewise seen that the product is easy to manage, economical, and long-lasting. With its 100% money-back guarantee, the company provides a sense of reliance as well. Lastly, prompt customer service aids in the prediction of sustainable purchases with better results.


  • It can be used easily with a garden pump sprayer
  • Economic on the pockets
  • Very safe for the environment, especially landscaping plants
  • Excellent customer service
  • Money-back guarantee


  • It doesn’t work efficiently as expected
  • May not suit all situations, even if used repeatedly
  • It doesn’t work in drought areas

Spray and Forget SFESQ01 32 ounce Spray Trigger Bottle, Outdoor Cleaner:

This cleaner is not updated and new, with the older version becoming nearly unavailable in the market. You can use this outdoor cleaner for all the small tasks that arise in your yard. These may include flowerpot cleaning, driveway, patio or walkway stains, and patio furniture maintenance.

Checkout best vinyl siding outdoor cleaners review.

Ease of usage:

This cleaner comes mixed and is supplied to be used directly with no separate mixing. There is no need for rinsing when it comes to this cleaner. You should, however, check the compatibility of your patio furniture cushions before you opt for a complete treatment of the area.

Although safe for usage on all outdoor surfaces, it is necessary to try and test it on delicate corners and surfaces. Spot testing is only advised to refrain from unnecessary damage. The bottle is perfect for at least 200 square feet area.

Do not overspray!

The area where moving the object to be cleaned is not possible; put protective covering over plants and any areas that may suffer. You can use sheeting or drop cloth for it. It is advised to keep the product away from pets and children.

Although the product doesn’t require gloves and masks for personal protection, you can use them for your comfort. There are chances that people allergic or breathing issues to such products might be affected by this one.

Any surface designed for food preparation or eating should not be sprayed with the Spray and Forget SFESQ01. It can be hazardous and cause troublesome reactions.

Do we recommend it?

If you want small jobs to get done with no hassle, this is the perfect choice for you. Some people dread the idea of mixing the concentrate with water in parts, and this is precisely the product they are searching for. Since it is all mixed, it also is easy to manage with the spray trigger bottle. Similarly, it would help if you did not think of it as a quick fix, so for those desiring excellent results, go for the products mentioned before.

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  • Easy to use, spray and forget
  • The formula is mixed already, ready to go
  • Precise application is possible with the spray bottle
  • Money-back guarantee to a 100%
  • It can be used on a vast range of surfaces


  • It doesn’t show efficient results
  • It doesn’t suit every situation
  • It is unresponsive in areas of drought


What do the products work on?

The Spray and Forget products are designed to remove all black and green stains, be it new or old. You can use it on any surface outdoors, but it should be avoided for indoor cleaning. These products do not contain bleach, phosphates, and lye that are thought not to disrupt the environment, avoiding indoors.

How is this a helpful formula?

The prime benefit of this formula is the ease of its usage. You do not have to scrub and repeatedly rinse to reach a particular result. Spray the stained area, then forget about it. It will be activated by rainfall, and with time the stain will wash away magically.

What role does the weather play?

You cannot expect all stains to be gone in just one application. Those areas exposed to sunlight 27/4 might get good results, but those with little exposure suffer more. Sites with heavy vegetation in the periphery, like lichen or moss, scrape the material away with roots remaining.

If you are comfortable with the growth, soak the plants well for optimal results. Once the roots die, they will start pulling away, and the formula will make its way towards the breakdown of the underlying stain.

How is the concentrate helpful?

One more benefit is the price of the products. One-gallon bottles are usually mixed with water at a ratio of 5:1 for the first application. As per the purchase, it depends on what cost is applied to deliver it, showing the difference of economic advantages.

You will have to read the label to find out the estimated square foot area that one formula will help you clean so that the final decision you make for the product will be according to the job you are about to do.

Can you use it other than the labels?

The roof cleaner does not limit the usage to only roofs but other areas with an excellent square foot range. The waiting period for their result is too much, and people find it annoying. It is seen that green stains show massive improvement over three days, but black stains require at least six days.

If the conditions are dry, they will affect the results. There are dry and hot surroundings, and the stains are wet down every week to help release the product. Compound stains or too much rain may also hinder the effectiveness of the product to almost zero.

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