Spectra Braided Fishing Line, 100Lb, 300Yds, Green

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Robust strength-to-size ratio and abrasion-resistance are just two of the many features that define Spectra® Braided Fishing Line.

PowerPro constructed this braided line with Spectra® fibers for its strength and lightweight durability. This type of fiber is one of the strongest available and is braided with PowerPro’s Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) creating a round, smooth and sensitive line that angler’s dream of. By reducing line friction on the spool and through the rod guides, this braided line allows you to cast farther while lessening line noise.

Key Features

  • Built with Spectra® fibers for lightweight strength that is 10x stronger than steel
  • Features PowerPro’s EBT process for stronger, rounder and smoother line
  • Reduced line friction and line noise for a quieter line
  • Smoother line means you can cast farther
  • EBT process includes resin management for long lasting line life and color
  • Braided line is structurally built to reduce wind knots and guide and tip wraps
  • Offers no reel memory and will pack better on any reel
  • Smooth line won’t cut guides or bury in the spool
  • Features nearly zero stretch for superior sensitivity

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