Snell hook Rig 5/0 Pre Made Fishing Tied 50lb Leader Running Snapper Rigs.

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Snell Hook Rig Are Awesome For Targeting Snapper Mulloway and a Range of Fish. Tied on 50lb Leader Fluorocarbon this Fishing rig is ideal for Bay And Offshore fishing. Sold In Packets of 5. Pre made with Suicide Beak red Hooks. Great for anglers bait fishing . Designed for drifting down whole baits. Tie on your rig with lead ball or bead Sinker it will be running sliding down the Leader . A Lumo Bead Between the Hooks & the weight to protect the knots.

Snapper Rigs How to Tie : Fishing Rig Video How to Tie a hook Snapper Fishing Rig using uni knot Snell Hooks.

I tie a Uni Knot Then a Snell Knot This Fishing Rig is Widely Used & Is One Of My Favorite’s to Fish in Australia When Spring / Winter Fishing For Australian Snapper . The Video Contains Step By Step Hand Tying The Uni Knot & The Snell Twin Rig Part .

I use this rig for winter snapper As you Can see in the Intro we Have Excellent Result’s I fish Port Phillip bay.

Unit Knot : I Tied the Uni Knot First because it gives your Bait Pilchard Protection the Snell part of your Rig.
Full Rig tying Guide Below For PPb.

This fishing rig is commonly used in Australia Bay’s Such as Melbourne Port port Phillip Bay in Spring Snapper Season . Brisbane Offshore Coastline and Morton bay in Queensland for winter snapper. Also a hot favourite tying this rig Perth W.A Reds .

Snapper Rigs Tied On 50lb Leader Pre Made Running Snell Hook Rig

Save Big Dollars On Snell Twin Hook Rigs When shopping Online.

Perfectly Presented Pilchard Bait on a Snell Rig.

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