Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reels

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I purchased two 7’10” Greenwaters a couple of years ago and tried pairing them Stradics in size 5000. The reels were brand new but had been sitting on my shelf for 20 years. Unfortunately, the older reels were too heavy for the rods and they made the combo uncomfortable to fish with. I spent almost a year trying to figure out what reel to pair with the rod Twin Power? Van Staal? Certate? “Settled” on the new Stradic FL in 4000 size – 2 reels for the price of one of the others I was considering. Loaded the reels with 15lb braid. My wife and I got an opportunity to fish the new reels on the rods the last week of June. Fished sugar reef. I was throwing a 9 inch sluggo in squid and my wife was throwing a Hogy in amber. Fishing was pretty steady, between the 2 of us we caught about 20 schoolies in the 22 to 26 inch range. The rods are now balanced perfectly and the rods are now a pleasure to fish with. The one knock I have on the reel is Shimano has eliminate the anti-reverse switch which makes it a little difficult to get used to. A great reel IMHO. A quick word about Peter and Saltwater Edge. Could not be happier with the great assortment of tackle they offer for light tackle fishing in the northeast and the personalized approach and service they offer.

The FK was a great reel. The only real weakness was the line roller bearing. That has been addressed in the FL. All the same features and then some. Beautiful reel. SWE was the only one who had what I needed in stock. Thanks again for hooking it up!

Great fast service. Ordered on a Friday at about 3PM regular shipping. Delivered to my house on Long Island the next day. Very pleased as always with Saltwater Edge.

I am a first time shimano reel buyer after getting a bunch of penns and daiwas in the same price bracket. This reel just stands, far and away, as much more premium yet durable product. Saltwater edge was super fast shipping and good price. Will continue to patronize them

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