Shimano Brand Tackle Used in 60 Percent of World Record Catches Made in 2021

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In 2021, Shimano brands took top honors in the International Game Fish Association’s (IGFA) annual compilation of world record tackle, attesting to the powerful advantages anglers leverage with Shimano, G. Loomis and PowerPro products.

The IGFA added an eye-popping 422 new records to its 2021 IGFA World Record Game Fishes book, documenting angling achievements across 28 countries. Notably, record-setting anglers relied on products from Shimano, G. Loomis, and PowerPro for 262 new world records – over 60% of the total records established in 2021.

IGFA maintains world record categories for freshwater and saltwater gamefish in All-Tackle, Line Class, Tippet Class, Junior, Smallfry and Live Release categories. IGFA has documented angling records for 83 years – since 1939.

Shimano has 100 years of design behind its reel innovations and technologies that are well-respected by anglers worldwide. That’s clearly shown by their use of the company’s products, most notably reels.

Shimano’s reliability and drag designs are widely acclaimed, helping fishermen set 102 IGFA records in the Saltwater reel category. Among the notable records set in 2021 is the 711-pound black marlin caught by angler Lily Sims using a Shimano Tiagra T1130A reel. Sims’ fish topped the previous record marlin by over 300 pounds. Her IGFA black marlin was caught near Cairns, Australia in mid-October, 2021.

Freshwater also tallied 60 IGFA records in 2021 using Shimano reels. One notable catch was made by Texas angler Wyatt Frankens who set the All-Tackle world record for smallmouth-largemouth bass hybrid at 7-pounds, 9-ounces using a Shimano SLX DC bait-casting reel.

Anglers used Shimano conventional rods to set 42 IGFA records in the saltwater rod category and G. Loomis fly rods to establish eight tippet-class records in the Saltwater Fly Rod category. Shimano and G. Loomis freshwater rods combined to help anglers set 20 additional IGFA world records, making Shimano-family conventional and fly rods responsible for 70 new IGFA records in 2021.

PowerPro braided lines enabled anglers to push tackle and to set 30 new world records across the Saltwater and Freshwater Line categories.

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