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Shad is a month-long program for grade 10 & 11s. Pan-Canadian classrooms with university level STEAM and entrepreneurship content and access to mentors. Selection process in place. Limited spots available.

At Shad students participate in hands-on learning, collaborate in design teams, explore post-secondary institutions, engage with academic and entrepreneurial mentors, experience vulnerability training, and meet some of the most passionate dreamers in Gen Z.

At Shad students collaborate and build meaningful relationships outside of their home province. Each campus, and each design team, has a mix of rural and urban participants from diverse economic backgrounds. Students learn the value of their own perspective and the differing perspectives of those around them.

Community goes beyond diversity and requires inclusivity. We are purposeful about reaching students in Black, Indigenous and 2SLGBTQ+ communities and students with disabilities that are traditionally underrepresented. We make sure there are multiple perspectives and diverse strengths in a learning environment like no other.

Partnership with Pathways to Education and Minerva and connections with regional school boards, educators, guidance counsellors and STEM organizations help us recruit students from all parts of Canada. And thanks to supportive donors we can provide $1-million in bursaries most years.

We equip youth to take on social and economic challenges with a STEAM lens. Each campus tackles the same real-world problem and designated design teams, with assigned mentors, develop STEAM-based solutions. Products, pitches, presentations to panels, this is an entrepreneurial experience with a social impact twist. And one of the most loved aspects of our program.

The #Shadpride lives on years after the program is complete. Program participants join Shad’s Alumni Network. With 20,000 members, this group has access to exclusive scholarships, events and career nights. And like typical professional networks it is a breeding ground for career advice, business opportunities, sharing knowledge and like-minded friendship. Nice perk.

Darlene Lim has spent the past 16 years leading field investigations in deep oceans, deserts, lakes, polar regions and volcanic landscapes. Despite taking place all around the world, the projects are actually more telling about life far beyond our borders, even our planet.

Darlene Lim is a Research Scientist at the NASA Ames Research Center in California. With expertise in geobiology, space science and science operations, her work aims to help astronauts conduct scientific exploration as they return to the Moon and move onwards to Mars.

Shad alumni across North America, and around the world, are leading businesses, making discoveries, innovating and using STEAM as a force for good. Meet some of the alumni in our Network who are making a difference.

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