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Everyone knows the frustration of dealing with glare on the water and not being able to see the fish we are targeting. But did you know that there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to get the same benefits offered by competitors. Sure, we are all subject to brand loyalty and what we feel the most comfortable with – but the truth is we can still enjoy top quality at a lower price with brands like Calcutta.

Last week on our episode of GSD News, Justin Ritchey spoke with us about some of the benefits that Calcutta Sunglasses can provide you. Calcutta Sunglasses are both scratch resistant and delamination resistant giving them an advantage on the water. To add to that their new Discover series offers a flex-like fit that molds to your face and provides a more secure fit than what can be offered by traditional frames.

Typically lens colors will enhance the colors that are absorbed. So, for offshore fisherman a blue lens is typically preferred where as an inshore guy may choose green or yellow. Either way, the quality of polarization is not an issue with Calcutta. If you\’d like to learn more check out what Justin teaches us on GSD News below and what he wants you to know transcribed here!

\”When it comes to the world of Polarized Sunglasses, the amount of options available in the market today can be daunting. In 2019, Sunglasses can cost over $200, often being a direct correlation to the imposed value on a set of shades based off how well they are \”Marketed\”. The common misconception is that in order to have a high-quality, performance grade pair of Polarized Sunglasses, the consumer needs to spend an aggressive amount of money to receive all the cool \”Tech\” that has been packed into shades in Today\’s market. While this is true to a degree, this assumed ratio of \”Amount Spent Vs. Value Provided\” is an unbalanced equation. Behind all of the smoke and mirrors, the truth behind quality Polarized Sunglasses is this: they all work the same. Or in other words, all polarized sunglasses help cut glare from light refraction over multiple surfaces (water, tinted windows, reflective glass, etc.). By filtering out this reflective light, polarized sunglasses help us view the world more clearly, and help make for a more enjoyable day on the water.

Calcutta Outdoors focuses on creating products that offer a trifecta of function, value and style. Our Original Series Sunglasses are Polarized 1.0mm Triacetate lenses offer a substantial level of clarity and durability, cutting out nearly 100% of both UV-A & UV-B rays that cause damage to the eyes and surrounding skin. We offer multiple lens colors & mirrored lenses for all different applications: driving (Gray), fishing inshore (Amber/Brown), offshore (Blue/Green) and lenses specific to Low/High light conditions (Silver). As a Tournament Angler, performance is my #1 Priority. Being able to see fish under a multitude of conditions is the utmost importance. In a side-by-side comparison to many competitor branded Sunglasses, the Calcutta Original Series proved to offer the same level of clarity & visibility as some sunglasses that exceeded $200 MSRP.

Here\’s the Best Part: All Calcutta Original Series Sunglasses retail for around $25, including a Lifetime Warranty for any damaged/scratched/blemished sunglasses when out on your adventures. With that kind of savings, you could fill up the boat, load up on new gear and STILL have a competitive edge in today\’s fishing world. With over 30 different frame styles and 70 combinations to choose from, you have to try them on yourself and compare to see the difference. You will not be disappointed…\”

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