Rid X Septic System Treatment 24 Oz

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Rid X Septic System Treatment 24 Oz

No. 1 septic treatment brand. 1 dose for a 1500 gallon tank. Helps prevent septic backup! Contains bacteria and enzymes to digest: fats, oils & grease, protein & starches, and paper! Safe for all pipes. Use a full box every month to help prevent septic backup. Why you need Rid-X septic system treatment: The septic tank or cesspool needs bacteria to break down and liquefy a portion of the solid organic waste which can accumulate in the septic tank, such as detergents, soaps, grease and paper so that it can be dispersed harmlessly into the ground. What causes a septic to fail? Septic systems and cesspools need bacteria to function properly. If this delicate balance of bacteria is disrupted, waste breakdown becomes less efficient, which can lead to the organic waste remaining solid instead of liquefying. Over time this waste can build up, possibly resulting in offensive odors, slow drains, clogged pipes, or even worse, waste backing up into your basement or saturating your lawn. Some of the common causes that flush out or kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic or cesspool include: Excessive use of water caused by large families or guests. Additional water in septic tank caused by snowmelt or flooding. Use of certain household chemicals such as bleach or liquid drain opener. How does Rid-X work? Rid-X Septic System Treatment contains billions of 100% natural active bacteria and enzymes that have been scientifically proven to digest household waste. By adding Rid-X, you restore the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that are needed to help keep your system operating at full efficiency. Each box of Rid-X contains the following ingredients scientifically proven to break down household waste: Lipase: Fats, oils and greases. Protease: Proteins. Amylase: Starches. Cellulase: Paper, vegetable matter, shampoo thickeners and some food. Safe for pipes.

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