Reeds Ferry Sheds

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Everything went smoothly, no nonsense everybody seemed to know their job very well

Reeds Ferry has a good selection of sheds. The installation team was very professional and friendly too. Eric explained the procedure and we discussed the options for the placement of the workbench and the shelves. Excellent job, thanks.

I had to make several changes to my shed after I initially purchased it. The team was great about helping me get the changes made and I was so happy with my final shed. Every person I worked with throughout RF was professional, knowledgeable, not pushy and actually NICE!!

Very pleased with entire experience

This was the most flawless experience with a company I have ever had.

Areas Of Satisfaction – Great experience. Friendly staff – very responsive and knowledgeable

Problem Resolution – No problems

Installation Crew – Awesome crew! Very professional and made sure I was happy with everything.

Areas Of Satisfaction – Excellent quality shed; friendly work crew (and fast!)

Professional & Organized – The crew that came to our house were fabulous.

They were great.

Staff Communication – Great experience from the call to order the shed, to having it in the yard.

Recognized Excellence – The crew that worked July 20, 2020 that came all the way down to Wareham, MA, particularly the crew chief. Like I said it was the hottest day of the year. It rained in the morning so they all got soaked for an hour setting up. The rain was soon followed by an unrelenting sun. So it was just a bad combination of humidity and heat for them to work during but they did a great job regardless. My shed wasn’t small either…

Areas Of Satisfaction – Extremely professional and friendly staff. The process was excellent from ordering to installation.

Excellent product and service couldn’t be happier

The customer service was fanatic, all the way from ordering to delivery and service. The shed looks great and I am very happy with it.

Excellent shed! Excellent efficient staff that was speedy,great quality, and durability.

The shed completed by Reeds Ferry Sheds went up quickly with exceptional quality material.

We are completely satisfied with our Reeds Ferry Shed from the first phone call right thru installation and now after having the shed for some time.

I really enjoyed the helpfulness of all of the staff. From ordering the shed to delivery everything was well explained. It was nice to be able to customize to fit our needs and understand the different options. We also appreciated that Reeds Ferry was willing to return to our property to install the ramp once we further leveled our ground. This was a really nice touch.

They were friendly and had good service. So far it has been good quality.

This is my 2nd go around with them great work both times.

The shed is darling and holds so much gardening and lawn equipment! The installation crew were professional and quick.

Very expenstve

They were very professional in the installation and very efficient in construction time.

I highly recommend them for your next shed. The quality of work was excellent.

This is my 2nd Reeds Ferry Shed. I love the quality and service!

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