Pully rigs

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Posting from phone sorry .I know of two spots , that I kid you not , a pulley rig works exponentially better than any other rig . I have toyed with a few adaptions ome more successfull than other . W have mainly fished it with circle hooks with flotation , and have been like I said very successful .Hello guysI recently changed a lot of my rigs to pulley rigs just to give it a shot and for some odd reason is getting more fish. This will apply to scratching and eds.Could it be of the free movement of the bait? I also use more flotation then before and I find this way better with more action.Can any one comment or is it just the luck of the draw?

Hi LennyCan you please post some pic’s and spec’s of the pully rig for scratching and other ed’sThanx

Will post a pic of mine . Just saw , rm trace areDifferent from mine.

Quote from: Lenny on September 22, 2015, 03:38:07 PMWill post a pic of mine . Just saw , rm trace areDifferent from mine.Yinne tog jy word oud…. http://www.ultimateangling.co.za/index.php?topic=14151.msg224906#msg224906

Hi Lenny – I think I might just have stumbled upon your little secret regarding the effectiveness of your pulley rig….My theory is that the wine bottle cork you use is soaked in that potent wine you okes get down your way – there is no other way those kobbies could land on their sides like that….Just kidding…. Lol one of the particular spots are so filthy , that one should dip that cork in disinfectant .No seriously , ask any one who fishes the sh t pipe . Lol Nice tut and thanks for sharing.

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