Procure at the right prices with our Purchase Finance solutions

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Cheaper procurement

Pay your suppliers upfront and get raw materials at the best rates

Pay your suppliers upfront and get raw materials at the best rates

Manage your working capital better by solving cash flow issues

Apply for credit line online with a few clicks.

The unsecured working capital does not require land, property, BG or any other collateral

Reduce your input cost and book more profits

Receive funds against submission of supplier invoices instantly

The interest rate would be charged only for the exact amount and duration of use

60-120 days rotation cycle to meet working capital needs

Check your loan eligibility

Complete a 100% online application form

We will evaluate your application and propose a fair sanction

Get disbursements within 2 days of sanction

Savings upto 3% on raw material purchases

Unsecured working capital

Affordable interest rates

No foreclosure charges

No part-payment charges

No minimum utilization charges

No new bank account required

Convenient repayments

Approval within 48 hours

One-time processing fee

Digitized process

Purchasing Finance is the working capital financing solution provided to SMEs. Due to a lack of cash flow, SMEs are forced to buy
raw materials at higher prices and tend to lose opportunities from reputable customers. In such situations, SMEs can consider
purchase finance solution to bridge the working capital gap. It will help the SMEs get cash discounts on raw materials by making
upfront payment to suppliers and also aids in the growth of the enterprise both on the bottom line and on the top line. Purchase
financing solution enables enterprises to meet short term finance needs.

Oxyzo, the SME-centric RBI-registered NBFC, offers smart business financing solutions such as purchase finance to its clients at low-interest rates. It is a 100% digitized hassle-free process with no hidden charges.

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