Processed Meats and Gout – Are Processed Meats Bad for Gout?

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Gout is associated with excruciating pains and stiffness. It goes away relatively fast with some lifestyle changes, but it can always occur when least expected – these changes should become part of your life then. Painkillers can help against gout pains as well, but they do not represent an actual cure. Now, in terms of dieting, there are foods you can have and foods you should avoid.

Red meat is a top contraindication, but what about other types of meats then? Are there any connections between processed meats and gout? Can processed meats affect the condition? Here is everything you need to know.

Understanding processed meats

Processed meat is meat that has been treated. There are more options out there. Dried, fermented, salted, cured or smoked meat is considered processed. When it comes to more common products, sausages, beef jerky, hot dogs, ham and bacon are processed meats. Just like anything else, processed meats can be bad for your health in heavy amounts. How about gout then?

Generally speaking, meat is rich in purines – especially red meats. Purines lead to uric acid, which causes the gout to reappear. Now, processed meats are associated with even more dangers. To most people, processed foods imply semi cooked foods. They can be finished in the microwave or the oven. Foods like ham or bacon are not always associated with processed meats, yet they belong to this category.

The prevalence of processed meat and its high availability exposes gout sufferers to various dangers without them even being aware of it. All in all, apart from the above mentioned processed meats, you should also be cautious about salami, corned beef, dried meat, pepperoni, chicken nuggets, patties, canned meat and meat based sauces.


Are processed meats bad for gout?

Processed meats and gout do not go hand in hand. Meat in general is a trigger for gout, especially when eaten in heavy amounts. Red meat in particular is heavier on purines than other alternatives, but it does not mean that you can have industrial amounts of other foods. When it comes to processed foods, the processed they go through will not necessarily alter the amounts of purines, so the meat is still a bad choice.

In fact, processing meat may help with its shelf life or taste, but it will bring in even more compounds that can harm your body – many of them with carcinogenic properties. Bottom line, gout sufferers need to keep away from meat – both fresh and processed. Should you really crave for meat, a small serving (not red meat) once a week will be more than enough.

Processed meats and gout explained

Meat is not really indicated if you suffer from gout. It is rich in purines, which are the main things you have to pay attention to. On the other hand, red meat is worse than other options due to even higher amounts of purines.

Now, processed meats go even further than that. In theory, there is not much more to worry about when considering processed meats and gout. You get similar amounts of purines. Red meat is highly contraindicated, while other meats should be eaten in small amounts – that if you truly need to eat meat. The processed profile does not necessarily affect the gout, but it can cause other issues.

Processed meats are rich in nitrites – a bit of saltiness and a pink color. Nitrites also prevent food poisoning. But at the same time, nitrites are carcinogenic and can lead to cancer related compounds around the body, hence the necessity to avoid them. Their risks become even more severe when the meat is cooked.

Alternatives to processed meats

If you do not feel like giving up processed meats, there are more alternatives that are both tasty and healthy – grilled chicken breast, for example. Canned tuna or salmon represent better choices when it comes to processed meats, but they are also rich in purines and should be avoided. A serving a week will not kill you though, but moderation is key.

Tofu is a good alternative to meat as well and more and more people turn to it. It represents one of the best choices for vegans and vegetarians – relatively similar to meat if cooked correctly. (more about tofu and gout here)

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